MTR.2009.1 Othello Phillip Dickert Photographs

Mountaineers catalog number: MTR.2009.1

These notes are by Lowell Skoog. (Boxes 1 and 2 are the most interesting.) See also MTR.2009.2 Othello Phillip Dickert Papers and MTR.2018.1 Agnes Dickert Papers.

Box 1

Album Pages

Unbound photo album pages from 1920s-30s, mostly scenes around the Mountaineers Snoqualmie Lodge (both summer and winter). There are a few loose photos and some photocopies of pictures. Photos depict Snoqualmie Pass area hiking, climbing and skiing. There are a few portraits of Mountaineers and scenes of people relaxing or partying at the lodge. Noteworthy portraits include:

  • Forrest Farr
  • Jim Martin
  • Ben Spellar
  • Paul and Gertrude Shorrock
  • Art Winder

Mountaineer Players

This box also contains a small number of B&W prints from early Mountaineer Players productions (perhaps 1940s) and a larger number of color prints from two productions in the 1980s. One of the productions is "Lil' Abner" in 1981.

Misc. Negatives

  • 1945 outing to Dutch Miller Gap area peaks.
  • 1983 Mountaineers club event.
  • Mountaineer players.
  • Copy negatives of old album pictures.


Box 2

Photos in this box have been organized by subject into folders.

Othello Phil Dickert

Selected photos of Othello Phil Dickert (1 folder).

Wolf Bauer and Jack Hossack rock climbing in 1930s

Historic photos of Wolf Bauer and Jack Hossack practicing roped climbing techniques (location unknown) around the time that Bauer established the first Mountaineers Climbing Course in the mid-1930s (1 folder).

Mt Goode First Ascent, 1936

The first ascent of Mt Goode by Wolf Bauer, O.P. Dickert, Joe Halwax, Jack Hossack and George MacGowan (2 folders).

Mt Challenger First Ascent, 1936

The first ascent of Mt Challenger by O.P. Dickert, Jack Hossack and George MacGowan (2 folders).

Fred and Helmy Beckey rock climbing in the Olympic Mountains, 1940s

Fred and Helmy Beckey climbing on the Sawtooth Ridge of the Olympic Mountains in the 1940s (2 folders).

Climbing and climbers

Three folders contain selected photos of climbing scenes and climbers, including (but not limited to) the following people:

  • Wolf Bauer
  • Ome Daiber (negative, 1934 at Hoh River in Penguin sleeping bag)
  • Bill Degenhardt
  • Andy Hennig
  • Jack Hossack
  • Dave Lind
  • George MacGowan
  • Dwight Watson
  • Karl Wolfe

and the following locations:

  • Mt Rainier, Gibraltar Ledges
  • Mt Rainier, Kautz Glacier
  • Wedgwood Rock, Seattle
  • Monitor Rock, Seattle

Skiing and skiers

Most photos depict skiing around Snoqualmie Pass, including Silver Peak and some ski jumping. There are a few photos taken at Chinook Pass or around Mt Rainier. Two photos show Dick Durrance and Hannes Schroll skiing in the 1935 U.S. National Championships on Mt Rainier. (3 folders)


Interesting old buildings (1 folder), including:

  • Mountaineers 8th and Pike Street clubroom in Seattle
  • Summit cabin on Mt Adams or St Helens
  • Mining sites
  • Mt Baker Lodge (before 1931 fire)
  • Paradise parking lot
  • Settlement beneath McClellan Butte, west of Snoqualmie Pass

Teton Range, 1939

Two folders contain medium and medium-small B&W prints from a Mountaineers outing to the Teton Range in Wyoming in 1939. Also a newspaper photocopy about a new route climbed on the Grand Teton by Jack Hossack and George MacGowan. There is a fine portrait of Hossack and MacGowan and another protrait of Paul Petzold.

Wind River Range, 1946

Two folders contain medium and medium-small B&W prints from a Mountaineers outing to the Wind River Range in Wyoming in 1946. There are also a few negatives.


Box 3

This box contains many medium photos (5x7 inches) of mountain scenes and people, with some of the people identified. There are portraits of Mountaineers (some identified) apparently from an Annual Banquet in 1981. The box also contains large photos (8x10 inches) of a rescue, mountain scenes, and people (most are not identified).


Box 4

This box contains hundreds of small photos (about 2 by 3-1/2 inches), mostly mountain scenes in Washington. The box also contains many medium-small photos (4x5 inches), mostly mountain scenes in Washington or unidentified people. A folder contains medium-small photos from an outing in the Canadian Rockies, probably in the 1940s.