MTR.2018.2 John Pollock Papers

Mountaineers catalog number: MTR.2018.2

These notes are by Lowell Skoog.

John Pollock was chairman of the Mountaineers literary fund committee and was hired as the first paid director of The Mountaineers Books in 1978. He served in that role until 1982.

File Folder - "Guidebook"

  • Offset specifications for paperback book - A Climbers Guide to the Olympic Mountains
  • Correspondence with Fred Beckey (and others) related to Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol. 1, 1st Ed. - 1970-72.
  • Correspondence related to A Climber's Guide to the Olympic Mountains
  • "Why Do I Climb?" - a one-page essay by Fred Beckey (author's name is not indicated on this copy)

File Folder - "Clippings/Correspondence"

  • Blank form to submit information for new guide to the Washington Cascades being developed by Fred Beckey.
  • Schwartz, Susan, "Fred Beckey tracks down misnamed mountains," Seattle Times Magazine, Nov 6, 1977, p. 6.
  • Connelly, Joel, "Forty Years of Reaching Peaks," Seattle Post-Intelligencer NORTHWEST, Jan 8, 1978, p. 8.
  • Potterfield, Peter,. "The Gospel According to Beckey," (CAG Vol. 3), Pacific Northwest, Sep 1981. p. 58.
  • Beckey, Fred, "Major Study of Northern Cascade Mountains, Exploration Underway by Oregon Historical Society Researcher," Oregon Historical Society News, August 1988, p. 5. (Range of Glaciers)
  • Guntheroth, Warren, "Beware of Beckey" (letter to the editor), The Mountaineer (monthly bulletin), December, 1988, p. 2.
  • Feb 15, 1989 letter from Fred Beckey to Mountaineers President Carsten Lien stating Beckey's reasons for resigning from the Mountaineers club at that time.
  • Krakauer, Jon, "Warning! Fred Beckey is Still on the Loose," Outside Magazine, July 1992, p. 48+.
  • May 20, 1994 Letter from Donna DeShazo (Director, Mountaineers Books) to Fred Beckey about a proposed book, "Beckey's 50 Favorite Climbs"
  • Patagonia catalog, Late summer 2007 - Fred Beckey is pictured on the cover during a climb of Touchstone Wall, Zion NP, Utah.
  • Invitation from Megan Bond to "John & Marcia" for Fred Beckey's 86th "Birthday Bash" in Seattle on Saturday, January 24, 2009 (the year is not stated on the invitation).

Other Materials

  • Bethell, Thomas N., "The Stormy Conquest of Mount Seattle," Seattle Magazine, July 1966, p. 26. (copy signed by Fred Beckey). The climbing party included Beckey, Eric Bjornstad, Don Liska, Herb Staley, Jim Stuart and Art Davidson.
  • Dec 15, 1975, 42-page (sometimes heated) response by Fred Beckey to comments by Harry M. Majors on Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol. 1.