MTR.2014.2 Mountaineer Annual Photo Plates

This collection contains selected photo printing plates from the Mountaineer Annuals. These plates were selected from a much larger collection of plates in 2008 before The Mountaineers moved out of the lower Queen Anne clubhouse in Seattle. Plates not selected for this collection were later discarded.

Here is an especially attractive plate, from the end sheet (inside-back-cover) of the 1938 Mountaineer Annual. The black-and-white image on the right shows how the illustration was printed in the annual. The illustration is by Clark E. Schurman.


Box 1 (photos)

1907-08 p29, Mountains from a high ridge

1907-08 p32, Steep snowy mountain

1907-08 p35, Mountain scene

1907-08 p45, Rock pinnacle

1907-08 p48, Snowy mountainside

1907-08 p56, Line of climbers on snow with alpenstocks

1907-08 p61, Attaining a summit

1907-08 p66, Mountaineers on rounded summit

1907-08 p70, Steep mountain face

1907-08 p77, Two men atop a peak

1907-08 p96, Three men, mountains in distance

1907-08 p99, Large climbing party negotiates a crevasse

1907-08 p110, Mountain flowers

1907-08 p141, Mt Rainier from northwest

1907-08 p145, Mountain reflected in lake

1910 front, Glacier Peak

1910 p7, Hikers at timberline

1910 p13, Line of climbers with alpenstocks

1910 p26, Man stands on a crevasse bridge

1910 p26, Man stands on rocks with an ice axe

1910 p34, Hikers cross river on log

1910, Hikers in forest

1910 p72, Tenpeak Mtn, telephoto

1910 p72, Climbers on Glacier Pk, Tenpeak beyond


Box 2 (photos)

1911 p22, Line of climbers ascends slope

1911 p25, Climbers with American flag on summit

1911 p32, Climbers among ice towers

1911 p59, Two horseback riders

1911 p60, Mt Rainier from Spray Park

1912 front, Mt Rainier from north

1912 p28, Climbers with alpenstocks in crevasse

1913 p4, John Muir portrait

1913 p53, Two men in Indian style canoe at Pacific coast

1914 p73, Climbers ascend Mt Stuart snow finger

1914 p74, Climber on Mt Stuart summit

1914 p89, Mt Stuart from north

1915 prospectus, Climbers descend crevassed glacier

1915 p21, Long line of climbers ascend Mt Rainier

1915 p71, Mt Rainier from southwest

1915 p90, Snoqualmie lodge, interior fireplace

1915 p91, Snoqualmie lodge in winter, exterior

1916 p19, Climbers with alpenstocks ascend Mt Shuksan

1916 p28, Mt Baker, Grant Peak, pen drawing

1916 p31, Mt Baker 1st ascent, pen drawing

1916 p47, Man atop precipice

1916 p75, Chair Peak

1916 p78, Snoqualmie lodge country in snow

1916 p79, Snoqualmie lodge country, panorama

1917 p1, Mt St Helens

1917 p15, Mt Adams

1917 p17, Climbers near summit of Mt Adams

1917 p21, Climber near large crevasse

1917 p32, Climbers near summit of Mt St Helens


Box 3 (photos)

1918 p9, Hikers with alpenstocks near ice cave

1919 p45, Snoqualmie lodge

1919 p47, Snoqualmie lodge

1920 p24, Line of climbers on glacier with alpenstocks

1920 p46, Elderly man at Longmire

1921 p11, Line of climbers zigzags up snow finger

1921 p51, Dedication of memorial seat

1923 p17, Glacier climbers with alpenstocks

1923 p63, Two snowshoers and a skier near Paradise

1924 p69, Mountaineer players

1925, Snoqualmie lodge in summer

1925, Edmund Meany and three others

1927 p9, Mountaineers camp with flag in Canadian Rockies

1927 p11, Mt Robson

1927 p14, Climbers stand next to a cairn

1927 p15, Line of climbers on glacier

1927 p22, Climbers cross glacier (or moraine)

1927 p25, Golden crowned sparrow, drawing

1927 p47, Snoqualmie lodge, winter scenes (4)

1927 p50, Mt Rainier ski ascent

1927 p54, Players, Alice in Wonderland

1928 p8, Magic Mtn and Pelton Peak

1928 p10, Cascade Pass peaks

1928 p16, Climbers with alpenstocks on crevassed glacier

1928 p18, View from Sahale Mtn

1928 p47, Meany ski hut


Box 4 (photos)

1929 p15, Climbers with alpenstocks on snow ridge

1929 p31, Skier on glacier

1929 p33, Skier striding

1929 p37, Skier kick turn

1929 p39, Skier touring near Matterhorn

1929 p41, Ski jumper

1929 p43, Skier side stepping

1929 p45, Mountaineer ski trophy winners (Giese)

1929 p45, Mountaineer ski trophy winners (Strizek)

1929 p47, Ski chase

1929 p49, Skiers skating

1929 p50, Skier parallel christie

1929 p51, Skier snowplow

1929 p55, People in snow next to Meany hut

1929 p60, Skier airplane turn

1929 p61, Skier pole spring

1930 front, Mountaineers party at the naming of Meany Crest

1930 p3, Climbers cross large crevasse

1930 p33, Ski trophy winner, female

1930 p49, Collection of six ski photos

1930 p50, Mt Baker ski ascent

1930 p51, Mt Baker ski ascent

1930 p57, Lengthening shadows, ski photo

1930 p60, Horse pack team on Mt Rainier snowfield

1930 p66, Climbers on a glacier

1931 p37, Colonial/Snowfield Peak photos

1931 p37, Colonial/Snowfield Peak panorama

1931 p34, Diablo area map

1931, Climber on Mt Shuksan

1932 front, Edmund Meany in color (4 plates, RGB & black)

1934 p17, Mt Goode from Mt Logan

1935 front, Edmund Meany in B&W


Box 5 (photos)

1938 p32, Monitor (Schurman) Rock climbing photos

1938, Players, Sleeping Beauty

1939 p7, Climbing equipment

1939 p25, Grand Teton from north

1940 p38, Terror Basin peaks

1941 p9, Skier on ridge crest

1941 p11, Skier on Tahoma Glacier

1941 p13, Roped skiers on Tahoma Glacier

1942 p17, Route of ascent, S Face Mt Waddington

1943 p18, Skier below Prusik Peak

1944 p7, Two people in Paradise ice cave (plate loose)

1944 p12, Climber near crevasee on Mt Rainier

1944 p40, Snoqualmie Lodge, interior/exterior

1948 p2, Skier near Paradise below Mt Rainier

1948 p26, Fred Beckey below Cashmere Crags chockstone

1948 p30, Construction of Snoqualmie and Stevens lodges (2 plates)

1949, Mountaineer players

1949, Mountain Rescue Council and helicopter

1951 front, Climber next to Mt Rainier crevasse

1952 p11, Mt Fury North Face

1952 p15, Eldorado Peak West Face

1952 p71, Mountaineer Players, "Green Valley"

1952 p88, Mountain Rescue, wheeled litter

1953 p32, Mt Logan (Yukon)

1953 p40, Sentinel Peak and Old Guard

1953 p41, Dome Peak

1953 p43, Happy high campers on Mt Rainier

1953 p45, Mountaineer players, "Warrior's Husband"

1953 p52, Looking SW from top of Bonanza

1953 p56, Ski touring at Meany

1953 p71, Mountain Rescue coordination


Box 6

1956, Grade "A" plates (inventory TBD)


Box 7 (photos)

1954 p25, Mountaineer players, "Androcles"

1957, Mountaineer players

1963, Powder snow skiing near Snoqualmie Lodge

1963, Finish line, 1936 Silver Skis

1963, Mountaineer ski team, 1936

1964 p8, Hammerly artwork, Mt Buckner

1964 p14, Hammerly artwork, Spire on Mt Logan

1964 p24, Hammerly artwork, Cache Col

1964 p28, 19th century expedition routes in North Cascades

1964, Explorers (Pierce, Goethals, Backus (3 plates)

1964, Liberty Bell from Washington Pass

1964, Jim Whittaker on Mt Everest

1964, Mt Buckner from Mt Logan glacier (Fremont)

1965 front, Hammerly artwork, Mt Adams from Killen Creek

1965 p28, Hammerly artwork, Mt Adams from Snowgrass Flats

1965 p40, 1907 Mt Olympus summit party

Undated, Stevens and Van Trump (elderly) hold American flag

Undated, Climbers with alpenstockes descend crevassed glacier

c1920s, Climbers ascend Pinnacle Peak with Mt Rainier beyond


Box 8 (maps, artwork, graphics)

1934 p13, 5x7 inch map, Lake Chelan Area

1953 p38, 6x8 inch map, South of Cascade Pass

Undated (1940s?), 5x7 inch map, Cashmere Crags

Undated, 6x7 inch map, "Route of 1st party to ascend Mt Rainier from north side"

Undated, 9x13 inch map, Mt Adams area

Undated, 9x13 inch map, Olympic Mountains

1937 end sheet, Mt Baker

1937 end sheet, Glacier Peak

1937 p8, C.E. Schurman, "1st Morning in Town" (bottom graphic only)

1937 Summer Outing, "Mt Baker, Shuksan, Glacier Pk"

1938 end sheet, C.E. Schurman, Relative elevations of major peaks

1939 pp34-45, C.E. Schurman peak sketches (11 of 12, missing p35)

1939 end sheets, Alpine Club insignias (two different plates)

1942 front, Military eagle

1942 front, Ice axe and climbing rope

1950 p20, Roped climbing techniques

1952 Campcrafters sketches

1954 end sheet, Walking skiers

1954 end sheet, Campfire

1954 p13, Music score, "The Old, Old Trail"

1955 p63, "The Lodge" cartoons by Bob Cram

1958, Sketch of Dome-Sentinel Peak glaciers

1959, Two sketches of Press Expedition members?

1963 p8, Silver Skis race course sketch

Undated, Mountaineers clubroom floor plan, Pike Street

Undated, Music score, "O Climb to the Mountains"

Undated, Mountain Rescue and Safety Council masthead

Undated (1950s), Miscellaneous small cartoons (6)

Undated (1955?), Nashie the Meany Hut cook

Undated, Mountaineer pinecone logo (2)

Undated, Mountaineer mastheads (5)

Undated, Fishing cartoon

Undated, Dragon cartoon


Box 9 (greetings, summer outing maps, other maps)

1917, 11x13 inch map, Snoqualmie Pass region (two copies?)

1931, 9x11 inch map, Snoqualmie Pass region (Strandberg and Morgan)

1952, 10x14 inch map, Snoqualmie Pass region

Various dates, Greetings to the Mountaineers (26)

Summer Outing sketch maps:


1912 (2)

1914 (2)