MTR.2009.5 Lloyd and Mary Anderson Collection

This collection consists of three parts, as detailed below. The first two parts (REI history and Lloyd Anderson climbing notebook) are contained in a single three-ring binder. The binder was given to Mary Hsue (Mountaineers Director of Development) by Sue Anderson in May 2017, in preparation for a memorial celebration for Mary Anderson. PDF copies of the binder contents (MTR.2009.5.1 and MTR.2009.5.2) have been saved in the Mountaineers History Committee Digital Archives (Documents folder).

MTR.2009.5.1 - The History of Recreational Equipment, Inc. by Lloyd Anderson

This is a photocopy of a typescript copyrighted by Lloyd Anderson in 1980. The history is 87 pages and there are two appendices of 30 and 15 pages.

MTR.2009.5.2 - Lloyd Anderson's Climbing Notebook

This is a photocopy of a typescript copyrighted by Lloyd Anderson in 1980.

  • The main section of the notebook is about 131 pages. It describes the beginnings of the Mountaineer Climbing Course in the 1930s, climbs and outings by Lloyd Anderson between 1929 and 1979, Anderson family trips, and Mountaineers Campcrafters trips.
  • An addendum section (74 pages) includes climbing guides printed by Lloyd Anderson, printed material from the Mountaineers Climbing Course (1937-38), an inventory of early Mountaineer summit record tubes, and miscellaneous advice.

MTR.2009.5.3 Lloyd and Mary Anderson Photographs

This collection was acquired in two parts. The negatives in envelopes were donated to the Mountaineers Archives by Paul Robisch. The boxed prints were later donated by Gary Rose. These notes are by Lowell Skoog.

Negatives in Envelopes

This collection consists of original photos that were copied into Lloyd Anderson's Climbing Notebook (abbreviated "LACN" here). These photos were given by Mary Anderson to Dick Schneider to Paul Robisch to the Mountaineers Archives. The photos are in small envelopes which typically have the subject written on them as well as the LACN page where the photo was placed.

  • 1930, Climbers with alpenstocks (2 negs, LACN p. 4).
  • 1941, Climbers Group practicing on Glacier Boulder (Wedgwood Rock, 4 negs, LACN p. 58).
  • 1941, South Howser Tower, Bugaboos, 1st ascent (8 negs, LACN pp. 66-67).
  • 1945, Anderson family Christmas card (neg, LACN p. 78).
  • 1947, Anderson family Christmas card (neg, LACN p. 82).
  • 1949, Kinnerly Peak, Glacier NP (neg and print, LACN p. 85).
  • 1949, Mt Reynolds, Mt Wilbur, Glacier NP (neg and print, LACN p. 86).
  • 1950, Anderson family at a lake (neg, LACN p. 28).
  • 1952, Anderson family Christmas card (print of an Ira Spring photo, no negative, LACN p. 90).
  • 1955, Oregon Cascades (2 slides, LACN p. 94A).
  • 1959, Jungfrau, Switzerland (color neg and print, LACN p. 104).
  • 1959, Lloyd Anderson atop Jungfrau, Switzerland (color neg, LACN p. 105).
  • 1959, 1961, Visits in Austria (3 slides, LACN pp. 111A, 112).
  • 1961, Switzerland (11 slides, LACN pp. 105-107, 109, 111).
  • 1961, Lloyd and Mary at Swiss train station (slide, LACN p. 110).
  • 1961?, Switzerland? (internegs, LACN pp. 102, 104, 105, 107, 114).
  • 1962, Orizaba (2 slides and 4 internegs, LACN pp. 99, 100).
  • 1963, Mt Etna, Sicily (2 slides and 2 internegs, LACN pp. 113, 114).
  • 1969, Norway (5 slides, LACN pp. 115-117).

Prints in a Buck Knives Box

This collection was given by Mary Anderson to Gary Rose and then to the Mountaineers Archives. The collection consists of several dozen small B&W prints. The following subjects are included:

  • Lloyd Anderson, mug shot and in mountains (5 prints)
  • Glacier climbing practice on Mt Rainier, late 1930s or early 1940s (about 25 prints)
  • Diablo Lake area (2 prints)
  • Teton Range, 1939 (about 4 prints)
  • South Howser Tower (1 print)
  • Prototype tents, climbing gear (about 10 prints)
  • Mt Rainier, Puyallup Glacier, 5/31/1941 (4 prints)
  • Mountaineers Snoqualmie Lodge, exterior (2 prints)
  • Forbidden Peak, April and June 1940 climbs (5 prints)
  • Monitor Rock (a.k.a. Schurman Rock) climbing, West Seattle, 3/23/1941 (4 prints)
  • Park ranger holding a snake
  • Jack Hossack belaying on rock
  • Jack Hossack driving a tractor
  • George MacGowan placing a piton in rock (2 prints)
  • Miscellaneous mountain scenes, including Mt Rainier, Glacier Peak, Olympics (about 14 prints)
  • Miscellaneous climbing/scrambling scenes (about 8 prints)
  • Miscellaneous other (about 5 prints)