MTR.2008.1 Mountaineer Annuals

The Mountaineer Annuals are now digitized and available online here.

The Archival Copies column below shows the number of annuals held permanently in the Mountaineers Archives on shelves N6. (There are 77 archival boxes.)

Index to Mountaineer Annuals, 1907-1966 (PDF, 6MB)

Index to Mountaineer Annuals, 1967-1980 (PDF, 4MB)

There is a complete reference set of hardbound annuals in the Mountaineer Archives in stack C3NT.

We also have an incomplete set of hardbound annuals with the following years: 1908-1909, 1908-1911 (no covers), 1910-1913, 1915-1920, 1918-1921, 1922-1929 (no covers), 1928-1940 (some w/o covers), 1941-1945 (1945 annual incomplete), 1950-1959, 1962-1976.

NOTE: The count of Archival Copies shown below includes an extra copy for each year that was used for digitization of the annuals. The digitization set has been separated out, unbound for digitization, and is stored in separate boxes in the archives. So, the number of copies in archival boxes on shelves N6 is one less than shown in the "Archival Copies" column below.

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IDTitlePublishedArchival Box(es)Archival CopiesNotes
2008.1.1aThe Mountaineer, Vol 1:1, Mar 19071907MA1-01a4This issue was published separately.
2008.1.1bThe Mountaineer, Vol 1:2, Jun 19071907MA1-01a3This issue was published separately.
2008.1.1cThe Mountaineer, Vol 1:3, Sep 19071907MA1-01a2This issue was published separately.
2008.1.1dMountaineer Annual, Vol 1:1-41908MA1-01a/b11Includes 1907 and 1908 portions of Vol. 1.
2008.1.2Mountaineer Annual, Vol 21909MA1-02a/b11-
2008.1.3Mountaineer Annual, Vol 31910MA1-03a/b11-
2008.1.4Mountaineer Annual, Vol 41911MA1-043-
2008.1.5Mountaineer Annual, Vol 51912MA1-052-
2008.1.6Mountaineer Annual, Vol 61913MA1-069-
2008.1.7Mountaineer Annual, Vol 71914MA1-0711-
2008.1.8Mountaineer Annual, Vol 81915MA1-08a/b11Only 7 archival copies have map.
2008.1.9Mountaineer Annual, Vol 91916MA1-0910-
2008.1.10Mountaineer Annual, Vol 101917MA1-1011-
2008.1.11Mountaineer Annual, Vol 111918MA1-1111-
2008.1.12Mountaineer Annual, Vol 121919MA1-1291 archival copy has no cover.
2008.1.13Mountaineer Annual, Vol 13:11920MA1-1311-
2008.1.14Mountaineer Annual, Vol 14:11921MA1-1410-
2008.1.15Mountaineer Annual, Vol 15:11922MA1-1511-
2008.1.16Mountaineer Annual, Vol 16:11923MA1-1611-
2008.1.17Mountaineer Annual, Vol 17:11924MA1-1711See box MA1-19 for special 1924 club room copy.
2008.1.18Mountaineer Annual, Vol 18:11925MA1-1811-
2008.1.19Mountaineer Annual, Vol 19:11926MA1-1911Box MA1-19 includes special 1924 club room copy.
2008.1.20Mountaineer Annual, Vol 20:11927MA1-2011-
2008.1.21Mountaineer Annual, Vol 21:11928MA1-2111-
2008.1.22Mountaineer Annual, Vol 22:11929MA1-2211-
2008.1.23Mountaineer Annual, Vol 23:11930MA1-2311-
2008.1.24Mountaineer Annual, Vol 24:11931MA1-2411-
2008.1.25Mountaineer Annual, Vol 25:11932MA1-2511-
2008.1.26Mountaineer Annual, Vol 26:11933MA1-2611-
2008.1.27Mountaineer Annual, Vol 27:11934MA1-2711-
2008.1.28Mountaineer Annual, Vol 28:11935MA1-2811-
2008.1.29Mountaineer Annual, Vol 29:11936MA1-2911-
2008.1.30Mountaineer Annual, Vol 30:11937MA1-3011-
2008.1.31Mountaineer Annual, Vol 31:11938MA1-3111-
2008.1.32Mountaineer Annual, Vol 32:11939MA1-3211-
2008.1.33Mountaineer Annual, Vol 33:11940MA1-3311-
2008.1.34Mountaineer Annual, Vol 34:11941MA1-3411-
2008.1.35Mountaineer Annual, Vol 35:11942MA1-3511-
2008.1.36Mountaineer Annual, Vol 36:11943MA1-3611-
2008.1.37Mountaineer Annual, Vol 37:11944MA1-3711-
2008.1.38Mountaineer Annual, Vol 38:11945MA1-3811-
2008.1.39aMountaineer Annual, Vol 39:11946MA1-39a11-
2008.1.39bMountaineer Annual, Vol 39:131947MA1-39b11-
2008.1.39cMountaineer Annual, Vol 39:141948MA1-39c11-
2008.1.40Mountaineer Annual, Vol 40:131949MA1-4011-
2008.1.42Mountaineer Annual, Vol 42:131950MA1-4211-
2008.1.43Mountaineer Annual, Vol 43:131951MA1-4311-
2008.1.45Mountaineer Annual, Vol 45:131952MA1-4511-
2008.1.46Mountaineer Annual, Vol 46:131953MA1-4611-
2008.1.47Mountaineer Annual, Vol 47:131954MA1-4711-
2008.1.48Mountaineer Annual, Vol 48:131955MA1-4811-
2008.1.50Mountaineer Annual, Vol 50:11956MA1-50a/b11-
-No annual was published in 1957----
2008.1.51Mountaineer Annual, Vol 51:41958MA1-517-
2008.1.52Mountaineer Annual, Vol 52:41959MA1-517-
2008.1.53Mountaineer Annual, Vol 53:41960MA1-537-
2008.1.54Mountaineer Annual, Vol 54:41961MA1-537-
2008.1.55Mountaineer Annual, Vol 55:41962MA1-557-
2008.1.56Mountaineer Annual, Vol 56:41963MA1-557-
2008.1.57Mountaineer Annual, Vol 57:41964MA1-577-
2008.1.58Mountaineer Annual, Vol 58:41965MA1-577-
2008.1.59Mountaineer Annual, Vol 59:41966MA1-597-
2008.1.60Mountaineer Annual, Vol 60:51967MA1-607-
2008.1.61Mountaineer Annual, Vol 61:81968MA1-617Archival box includes 2 copies of shorter volume.
2008.1.62Mountaineer Annual, Vol 62:61969MA1-627-
2008.1.64Mountaineer Annual, Vol 64:121970MA1-627-
-No annual was published in 1971----
2008.1.66Mountaineer Annual, Vol 66:71972MA1-667-
2008.1.67Mountaineer Annual, Vol 67:71973MA1-667-
2008.1.68Mountaineer Annual, Vol 68:71974MA1-687-
2008.1.69Mountaineer Annual, Vol 69:61975MA1-687-
2008.1.70Mountaineer Annual, Vol 70:71976MA1-707-
2008.1.71cMountaineer Annual, Vol 71:71977MA1-71c7Club edition, 226pp.
2008.1.71rMountaineer Annual, Vol 71:71977MA1-71r7Retail edition, 124pp. Archival box contains one 1977 club edition.
2008.1.72aMountaineer Annual, Vol 72:81978MA1-727Two-part annual published in 1978.
2008.1.72bMountaineer Annual, Vol 72:91978MA1-727Two-part annual published in 1978.
2008.1.73Mountaineer Annual, Vol 73:81979MA1-737-
2008.1.74Mountaineer Annual, Vol 74:91980MA1-747Archival box contains one 1979 volume.
2008.1.75Mountaineer Annual, Vol 75:81981MA1-757-
2008.1.76Mountaineer Annual, Vol 76:71982MA1-767-
2008.1.77Mountaineer Annual, Vol 77:71983MA1-777-
2008.1.78Mountaineer Annual, Vol 78, 1983-901991MA1-787-
2008.1.79Mountaineer Annual, Vol 79, 1991-921993MA1-787-
2008.1.80Mountaineer Annual, Vol 80, 1993-941995MA1-807-
-No annual has been published since 1995---See the Northwest Mountaineering Journal.
2008.2.1 Index to Mountaineer annual issues, 1907-1966 (PDF, 6MB)-MAX-0130Indexes are stored with the archival collection of annuals.
2008.2.2 Index to Mountaineer annual issues, 1967-1980 (PDF, 4MB)-MAX-0230Indexes are stored with the archival collection of annuals.