Ski Accessories

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Climbing sleevesCanvas climbing sleeves for ski touring, Length 34 inches (86 cm), marked "6ft, 3in" and "A. Goodfellow", with leather straps.On loan to WSSSMClimbing sleeves were donated with wooden skis (MTR.2009.6.1). Owned by Anne Margaret ("Nancy") Goodfellow. Donated by son Bill Walker.
Ski repair tipAluminum ski tip for repair of broken wooden ski.Archives, N2, Box 20141127.2Wingnut adjusts width to slide the aluminum tip onto a broken ski and then tighten it.

Climbing sleevesCanvas climbing sleeves for ski touring. Length 39 inches (99 cm) not including pull tab at tail end. Incomplete strap system.Archives, N2, Box 20141127.2Sleeves have rubber strap holders but no straps.

Climbing skinSingle climbing skin with genuine fur. Skins are 163 cm long excluding straps. Canvas skin backing is 60 cm wide but skin itself is only about 50 mm wide. Skin is secured to ski using toe loop, one cross-strap, and Y-bridle around the tail.Archives, N2, Box 20141127.2

Possibly real sealskin.

Canvas straps have been protected with adhesive tape. Canvas skin backing seems to be impregnated with wax.


Climbing skinsAdhesive climbing skins, Montana brand with steel tail hook, rubber tip-fix, and storage bag. Skins are 50mm wide (straight-sided) and fit 205cm telemark skis (see MTR.2014.33).On loan to WSSSMCirca 1980s, donated by Ken Mackie.

MTR.2014.38.1 thru .6

Ski waxes

Six tubes of ski wax for climbing or gliding. Individual tubes include:

.1 - U.S. blue wax, for dry snow, made by American Grease Stick Co.
.2 - U.S. orange wax, for wet and granular snow, made by F. H. Wiessner
.3 - GB dry snow wax, made by Gerber Bros.
.4 - Rex Pohjavoide-Grundvalla, made in Finland
.5 - Rex Skiwax, for new and wet snow, made in Finland
.6 - Swix base wax, for alpine and XC skiing, made in Sweden

Archives, N2, Box 20141127.21950s or later, donated by Gary Rose.

Climbing skinSingle adhesive climbing skin, Ski Trab brand, probably mohair. Skin has been cut to fit MTR.2015.2 skis (about 180cm). Max skin width is 100mm.On loan to WSSSMDonated by Lowell Skoog. Skin has Black Diamond tip and tail hardware.
Climbing skinsSealskin climbers, Suwe brand (made in USA) in the original cardboard box. Skins are canvas-backed, 66 inches (168cm) long by 47mm wide. Skins attach to the skis using a tip loop, one fore-strap, and a Y-pattern tail strap. One of the skins has a fore-strap that was replaced by hand stitchingOn loan to WSSSMDonated by John Hansen, who said he purchased the skins in 1944 at Osborn & Ulland in Seattle. John was born in 1926 and after WWII he led the effort to revive the Mountaineers ski mountaineering course. The skins look almost pristine, but John said he definitely used them. At the time of this donation, John had been holding the skins for over 70 years.

Ski bindings

Iser brand Swiss ski touring bindings. Bindings switch from touring to downhill mode by bending the flexible sole plate. A rear plate, mounted on the ski, had a notch to hold the sole plate down. (The rear mounting plate is missing.) Bindings have been customized by adding ski brakes (Snowlife brand, made in Switzerland).

Lowell Skoog's houseBindings and ski brakes date from the 1970s. Donated by Chester Marler at the 2017 Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop in Seattle.

Rope tow gripper with beltA&T brand rope tow gripper with waist belt and tether cord. Belt includes a holster for stowing the gripper while downhill skiing.Lowell Skoog's houseOriginal donor unknown. Item originally held by Mary Hsue and transferred to archives by Stacey Kaiser (both Mountaineers staff).

Leather ski mittsLeather ski mitts reinforced for use on rope tows. Mittens are unlined with elastic at cuffs.Lowell Skoog's houseOriginal donor unknown. Items originally held by Mary Hsue and transferred to archives by Stacey Kaiser (both Mountaineers staff).

Climbing skinsEight pairs of climbing skins. Click link in left column for details, including photographs.Archives, N2, Box 20180921.1Donated by Bob and Margi Albrecht of Seattle.