Markers and Registers

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Camp sign

Camp sign (19" x 6-1/2") placed at Hayden Pass during the Mountaineers third outing (1920) to the Olympic Mountains.This outing is described in the 1920 Mountaineer Annual. The sign appears to be made from some sort of container that was cut open and flattened.

Archives, C1NTBob Brooks of Port Angeles removed the sign from Hayden Pass in the 1970s, at a time when the National Park Service was actively removing human structures and artifacts from the Olympics. Brooks took the sign to preserve it, and in 2017 he donated it back to The Mountaineers.

Camp signCamp sign (12" x 6") placed at Grand Park during the Mountaineers 1912 outing to the north and east side of Mount Rainier. This outing is described in the 1912 Mountaineer Annual.Archives, C1NTUnknown when this sign was donated or by whom. It was found among other uncatalogued artifacts in the Mountaineers Archives.

Register TubeMountaineers summit register tube #31. Tube is about 8-1/2" long and 2" in diameter.Archives, C1NTDonated to the archives by Kristina Ciari. According to a list of early registers obtained by Don Goodman from Lloyd Anderson in 1981, this register was originally placed on Three Fingers in 1932.

Linda Coleman memorial plaquePlaque (11" x 7") in honor of Linda M. Coleman, R.N., nurse for Swedish Hospital (1910-52), member of The Mountaineers, and nurse on Summer Outings, 1911-1951.Archives C1NTThe plaque was originally installed at the memorial picnic shelter near the Mountaineers Snoqualmie Lodge (see Kjeldsen, The Mountaineers: A History, page 93). Donated anonymously in December 2015.