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240cmWood, edgeless, very little curve at tip, very slight sidecut, decorative engraving on top surface.Mortise through ski for toe strap, one leather toe strap (laced), leather boot plates (deteriorating).Archives, between N4 and N51910s or earlier?
197cmWood, ridgetop, edgeless, "nipple" tip.Norwegian toe irons (screw mounted), remnants of leather heel strap.Archives, N3Circa late 1920s or early 1930s. Donated by Harriet Taylor Tiedt.
203cmWood (hickory), Dartmouth Cooperative Society label, ridgetop, edgeless, heavily used.Toe irons (stamped "Hanover Binding"), designed for heel straps but none present.BasementCirca 1930s. Borrowed from the archives by Lowell Skoog in 2009 to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of skiing on Mt Rainier.
190cmWood, ridgetop, edgeless.Dovre toe irons, leather toe straps, binding designed for heel straps but none present.Archives, N3Circa 1930s.
190cmWood, Ranger brand, ridgetop, edgeless, "nipple" tip, little used.Kandahar front-throw cable binding, leather toe straps.Archives, N3Circa late 1930s.
217cmWood, Northland brand, screwed-on edges, painted-on base (red). Bases have silver wax residueNorthland front-throw cable bindings.Archives, N3Circa 1940s. Classic long alpine skis.
165cmWood, edgeless, painted-on base.Suwe ("soo-vay") brand front-throw cable bindings.Archives, N3Circa 1950s, kid's skis.
185cmWood, screwed-on edges, painted-on base (black).Anderson-Thompson "Zephyr" front-throw cable binding, one leather toe strap.BasementCirca 1950s.
180cmMetal, Head Standard, steel edges, painted-on base. S/N 60M22383Northland front-throw cable binding, SkiFree releasable toe piece, leather safety straps with boot lace clips.Archives, N31950s or 1960s.
Ski length 195cm, width 90-74-80mm, thickness about 1 inch. Bindings are 140mm wide max.Wood, edgeless, "nipple" tip, old mortise through ski is filled with wood plug, "A.M.G." is painted on forebody.Anderson-Thompson side-throw bindings with leather heel straps intact.On loan to WSSSM

Circa 1930s. Skis were donated with canvas climbing sleeves  (MTR.2009.6.2). Owned by Anne Margaret ("Nancy") Goodfellow. Donated by son Bill Walker.

205cmRossignol telemark skis with metal edges and grooved ptex base. Dimensions: 63mm, 55mm, 58mm (tip, waist, tail width).Rottefella 3-pin bindings with heel pads.On loan to WSSSMEarly 1980s. Donated by Michael Koerner.
180cmK2 Mt Baker Superlight alpine touring skis. Dimensions: 123mm, 87mm, 107mm (tip, waist, tail width).Dynafit Tri-Step bindingsOn loan to WSSSM2000s skis donated by Bram Thrift. 2000s bindings formerly owned by Carl Skoog and donated by Lowell Skoog.

233cmJohansen & Nilsen (of Norway) wood jumping skis with triple-grooved bases. Width 80mm. Notched and drilled sidewalls indicate the skis were previously mounted with different bindings.The older, Eriksen-style toe irons are Thorleif Haugs brand, with side bolts that might have accommodated leather heel straps. The toe irons have been supplemented with newer-style Gresvig Kandahar cables.Archives, N3These are Wolf Bauer's jumping skis, possibly used as early as the 1930s. The cable bindings suggest they may have been used into the 1950s or beyond. Donated by Wolf's daughter-in-law Ingrid Fabianson, courtesy of Lynn Hyde.

N/ABroken ski tip found on Muir Snowfield near Moon Rocks in 2007. Ski dates from the era of the Silver Skis races, or before.NoneLowell Skoog's houseSki tip has no edges and is not made of laminated wood. Ski base has residue of wax and/or shellac. Found by Seth Waterfall (RMI Guide) in late summer 2007 and donated shortly thereafter to Lowell Skoog.

83cmNorthland "Clif Taylor Short-ee" skis. About 9cm wide and remarkably heavy for their length.Osborne and Ulland (O&U) toe pieces with Tiesler adjustable heel plates. Long-thong safety straps.Lowell Skoog's houseDonated by Steve Zellerhoff.

The following items are of lesser interest and are currently stored in the basement:

MTR.2008.8228cmWood, edgeless, "nipple" tip, little or no sidecut, single groove, mortise through ski for toe strap, apparently unfinished and unused.None.BasementLike planks. Jumping skis?