Map of the Archives

Cataloged materials may be found using location keys shown in the diagrams below (click to enlarge). Example: C2NT indicates stack C2, north side, top module.

A second tier of bookcases is stacked on top of the 'C' (central) cabinets. These are the 'T' (for "top") bookcases. They are labeled T1 through T5 with a north/south designation. (Ex: T1N is the first bookcase encountered on the north side of the stack.) There is also a single bookcase at the east end of this stack, labeled 'TE' (for top, east).

For a module with several shelves, the shelf may be indicated by appending a period and the shelf number (starting at 1 for the bottom shelf). Example: S1.1.

See Photocopying Materials in the Archives for suggestions on low-impact ways to copy materials in the archives.

For an interior view of the Archives Storage Room, click here. For an interior view of the Summit Room, click here.


Map of the Archives Storage Room

The Archives storage room is in an unfinished area upstairs. Key access is required. Inquire at the Mountaineers office.

Map of the Summit Room

The Summit Room is at the top of the stairs on your right after you enter the Mountaineers Program Center. Bookcases require key access. Inquire at the Mountaineers office.