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Seagate 2TB USB expansion diskDisk is named "Bob"Lowell Skoog's house

Digital archives MASTER disk. This disk should not be lent out. It is reserved solely as a backup for "Norma," the working disk.

Seagate 2TB USB expansion diskDisk is named "Norma"

Mountaineers Archives, N2

Duplicate of "Bob" disk. "Norma" may be lent out for project use.

Trivia: We started out with two disks named "Bob" and "Ira" after the famous Spring twins. "Ira" went to UW with the donation of the Mountaineers film collection, so we replaced it with "Norma" (the name of Bob Spring's wife).

See Digitization Guidelines when adding materials to the Digital Archives. Notes:

  • To date, we have not assigned accession numbers to items in our Digital Archives. (This should probably change.)
  • Instead, our catalog lists accession numbers of the physical objects from which digital materials have been created (when available).
  • Some items in our Digital Archives have been obtained in digital format only, with no corresponding physical object.

The following pages list the contents of our archival disks:

Digitized Documents

Movies In DVD Format

Oral Histories

Digital Photographs

Video Files, Raw

Video Files, Edited

Files in our Digital Archives should periodically be checked for data integrity. Refer to these pages:

Data Integrity Checking