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The Mountaineers have an agreement with the University of Washington (UW) in which the club transfers archival materials to the UW Library on an ongoing basis. This page documents some of the materials transferred in the past, with links (when available) to UW collection records. This page also lists materials donated to the UW by individual Mountaineers members, independent of the club.

THIS LISTING IS NOT COMPLETE. Researchers are encouraged to visit the UW Special Collections website and contact UW Library staff for a more complete search of Mountaineers-related materials.Try entering "mountaineer" in the UW Collection Guides search page. Also, see the following printed publication for older UW collections and make sure to browse its subsection, "North Cascades History Project Files."

Priestly, Marilyn (compiler), Comprehensive Guide to the Manuscripts Collection and to the Person Papers in the University Archives, University of Washington Libraries, 1980.

The Mountaineers - Club Records

UW Coll. No.NameDescriptionNotes
2885 Administrative Division Accident reports, policy manuals, operations manuals, correspondence, minutes, memoranda, committee files, financial records, real estate records, planning conferences, other records related to the administration of the club.-
2215 Alpine Scramblers Committee Climb data sheets, reports of outings, sign-up sheets, correspondence, minutes, lists.-
2013Summit RegistersArchive of summit register materials turned in by climbers-
2886 Conservation Division Correspondence, minutes, reports, subject files, financial records, writings, news releases, ephemera, clippings, subject files concerning environmental issues.-
5038 History Committee Oral history tape recordings.-
2887 Indoor Division Correspondence, reports, ephemera.-
5013 Juniors Teenagers group, photos.-
1584 Literary Fund Committee Drafts, manuscripts, correspondence, drawings, photographs, correspondence, galley proofs, page proofs, financial records, surveys, notes, ephemera. Tape-recorded interview with L.D. Lindsley.-
2896 Mountaineers Books Mountaineer Books was formerly called the Literary Fund Committee; changed to Mountaineer Books in 1978. Historical and organizational material, project/planning files, correspondence, minutes, financial records, stock inventories, lists, subject files.-
3980 Olympia Branch Special 25th Anniversary edition of the Olympia Branch newsletter, September 5, 1988 gives history of the branch and other general information.-
1838 Climbing Committee Photographs, reports, correspondence, training materials for climbing course, minutes, climb data sheets, ephemera, maps and air photographs apparently used for planning climbing outings.-
3494 Outings Coordinating Committee The Outings Committee was formed in 1973 as the Foreign Outings Committee with Don Dooley as chair. Memoranda, reports, policy statements, minutes, itineraries. Also, journals of annual summer outings.-
2987 President Records Files of selected presidents.-
2888 Properties Division Correspondence, minutes, financial records, subject files.-
2889 Publication Division Material deals with all aspects of Mountaineers publishing, especially the Annual and Roster. Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, legal documents, publications, notes.-
3710 Safety Committee Pamphlet: Mountaineering first aid, 1959. Excerpt from Mountaineering; Freedom of the Hills.-
3272 Ski Mountaineering Committee Correspondence, ca. 1935-1963; course manuals, 1942, 1949; trip guide 1939, trip elevation profile, undated.-
3642 Trails Advisory Committee Correspondence, mailings, reports, maps, clippings, ephemera. Subject series including conditioning and physical fitness, de facto wilderness, RARE II (Roadless Area Review and Evaluation II), Tiger Mountain and Issaquah Alps, more.-
3501 Trail Trips Committee Trip reports include itinerary, sketch map, notes regarding any unusual features of terrain, food taken, times and expenses, list of participants, followed by a report of how the trip turned out.-
2982 Trustees Board Records Board minutes, organizational features, correspondence, financial records, actions items, subject series.-

Photographs donated by The Mountaineers or their members

UW Coll. No.NameDigital Coll.DescriptionNotes
631 George H. Braas -Photographs of Mountaineers excursions to Mt. Rainier, including scenes of valleys and waterfalls of the Nisqually and Paradise Rivers, the Cowlitz and Nisqually Glaciers, the Tatoosh Mountains, Mt. Adams, and groups of climbers. The collection was transferred from The Mountaineers Photograph Album Collection, No. 341, in 2003.Donated to UW by The Mountaineers.
407 Asahel Curtis lantern slides -Glass lantern slides from the studio of Asahel Curtis (many hand colored). Images include the lumber industry, Mount Rainier National Park, ice caves, crevasses, Paradise Lodge, hiking, mountaineering, skiing (including women in summer outfits/bathing suits on skiis), daffodil fields, wildflowers, Olympic Mountains, Cascade Mountains, and unidentified residences.-
482 Asahel Curtis Photo Co. photographs Yes The Asahel Curtis Photo Co. of Seattle produced this series of prints for purchase by the University of Washington library in 1942. Most of them were taken by Asahel Curtis or his staff in the period 1901-1940. These "representative" photographs were selected by the studio for their wide regional historic interest and their visual appeal. On occasion, Curtis purchased the work of other photographers, and he also copied historical photographs taken by others; some of these other photographers are also represented in this series.-
218 Asahel Curtis -One oversize photo of Mt Rainier.-
489 Ralph Leber -Leber family mountaineering and leisure activities, "Kitsap cabin," outings circa 1918 (probably in the Snoqualmie area), and Snoqualmie Mountaineers Lodge.-
711 Carsten Lien -The collection contains images related to the political history, environmental protection, and public management of Olympic National Park and the Olympic National Forest. Special emphasis is placed on development activities, logging operations, and environmental activism in the 1940s and 1950s.-
548Lawrence D. Lindsley Yes Over 5000 images by charter member of The Mountaineers.-
132 Edmond S. Meany -Collection includes 5 albums depicting Washington, British Columbia and Alaska native peoples and their environment. Taken by Meany in 1902-1905. 1 album containing photographs of the Cascades. Loose photographs are portraits Edmond Meany and of family members and friends.-
341Mountaineers Photograph Album Collection Yes 126 albums (16298 prints) of The Mountaineers official annual outings and hikes/climbs by members from 1907-1951 showing camping and climbing activities, skiing and snowshoeing, equipment, portraits of members, train stations and transportation, pack horses, etc.Donated to UW by The Mountaineers.
TBDMountaineers Moving Image CollectionYes400+ movies from early Mountaineer outings, instructional films, and films produced by Charles and Marion Hessey, Charles Perryman, Bob and Ira Spring, and Dwight Watson.TBD: Need finding aid.
399 Hermann Ulrichs -Ulrich's bequest includes 81 photographs of the North Cascades in the 1920s-1930s, when he was a pioneer in the exploration of the area and in opening it to climbers and hikers. See also Ulrich's photographs in the Dwight Watson Collection.-
165 Dwight Watson Yes Primarily photographs by Watson of rambles and backcountry ski trips in Cascades and other western mountains, ca. 1924-1960.-

Papers donated by Mountaineers members

UW Coll. No.NameDescriptionNotes
0129 Edward W. Allen Mountaineers honorary member, influential in state parks.-
2648 Lloyd Anderson Climber, founder of Recreational Equipment Co-op. See also REI history papers.-
1669 Wolf G. Bauer Mountaineers honorary member, skier, climber, mountain rescue pioneer, kayaker, conservationist.-
1581 Fred W. Beckey Mountaineers honorary member, climber, historian and author.-
3979 Ellen Brooker Active member of Mountaineers; papers include card file of summit registers.-
2903 Richard Brooks Conservationist.-
TBD Irving M. Clark Conservationist.TBD: Need finding aid.
2060 Lois Crisler Writer, wife of filmmaker Herb Crisler.-
4058 Asahel Curtis Mountaineers charter member, photographer, regional booster.-
3592 Ome Daiber Climber, equipment inventor, mountain rescue pioneer.-
5372 William A. Degenhardt Mountaineers president, climber and skier-
TBD Polly Dyer Climber, conservationist.TBD: Need finding aid.
1776 Brock Evans Conservationist and civic leader.-
3043 Jesse Epstein Mountaineers honorary member, president.-
4193 Patrick D. Goldsworthy Mountaineers honorary member, conservationist.-
2295 Don Gordon Climber.-
4008 Harry Hagen Climbing committee chairman, ski mountaineer.-
1898 Emily Haig Mountaineers honorary member, conservationist.-
5031 William Halliday Mountaineers conservation division chairman.-
3488 Joseph T. Hazard Author.-
2265 Charles Hazlehurst Mountaineers member-
4263 Victor Josendal Mountaineers vice president, climbing and safety committee chairman.-
5527 Carsten Lien Mountaineers president, conservationist, author.-
2196 David Lind Climber.-
2179 Lawrence D. Lindsley Mountaineers charter member, photographer.-
3500 Jane MacGowan Climber.-
2097 Harvey Manning Author and conservationist.-
TBD Louise B. Marshall Conservationist, author, editor.TBD: Need finding aid.
4325 Grant McConnell Conservationist, author.-
0106 Edmond S. Meany Mountaineers president, historian, author.-
4578 Dee Molenaar Mountaineers honorary member, artist, historian, author.-
0100 Harry Myers Climber, collector of documentation of early Mt Rainier ascents.-
4035 Verna Ness Mountaineers employee and student of management.-
2161 Art Winder, et al Climbers Don Blair, Forest Farr, Norval Grigg, James Martin, Herbert Strandberg and Art Winder talk with Harry Majors and Karyl Winn in 1973.-
3818 John Osseward Mountaineers honorary member, conservationist.-
TBD Milnor Roberts Mountaineers charter member, skier.TBD: Need finding aid.
2181 John Roper Climber.-
2300 Otto Trott Climber, mountain rescue pioneer.-
2138 Hermann Ulrichs Climber.-
5223 Harriet Walker Mountaineer thespian.-
TBD John Warth Conservationist, author.TBD: Need finding aid.
2170 Dwight Watson Skier, mountaineer, photographer.-
1944 Norman Winn Mountaineers president, climber, conservation committee chairman.-
1991 Robert L. Wood Author.-
3773 Philip Zalesky Climber, conservationist.-