MTR.2011.1 Bob and Ira Spring Boxes

Summary of boxes in this collection.

BoxNegative Numbers (roughly)Time spanBox Description
N015-66961940s-1951White file box
N023-22991940sYellow Kodak
N032302-33821946-48Yellow Kodak
N043412-53131949-50Yellow Kodak
N055319-65001950-52Yellow Kodak
N066508-119951952-54Yellow Kodak
N076700-9200c1940, 1952-53White file box
N089201-124191952-55White file box
N0912001-159981955-56Yellow Kodak
N1012420-172891955-58White file box
N1115005-179891956-58Yellow Kodak
N1215026-193061956-59Yellow Kodak
N1317306-19999, 22001-22110, 28507-298651958-64White file box
N1418901-19987, 24864-28545, 32852-348461959-62Yellow Kodak
N1525886-284981961-63White file box
N1623908-25722, 30001-34000 1940s, 1959-65White file box
N1734031-367201965-66White file box
N1850000-50879, 51500-524991967-68White file box
N1954151-576181970-74White file box
N2052500-54147, 57617-586991968-70+White file box
N2158700-60994, 63736-640421977-79White file box
N2222091-22331, 24405-25735, 63000-635421940s, 1959-80sWhite file box
N2361003-637321980-82Sierra Trading Post
N24Negatives (by subject)Not chronologicalBrown unlabeled box. As of 4/28/2014, this box is still held by John Spring (TBD).
BoxShow Prints (8x10) Numbers (roughly)Time spanBox Description
SP019-6551, 22503-23491, 23916-249171946-52, 1960sWhite file box
SP026551-8022, 12754-171991952-1958White file box
SP038025-12799, 50007-521431952-55, c1968White file box
SP0417173-19999, 22010-22465, 23498-23714, 26796-28862, 30306-303081958-62, 1944White file box
SP0515160-16522, 25004-26788, 29171-29717, 30002-34983, 36516-367051957, 1960-65White file box
SP0651702-51955, 52162-552721968-72White file box
SP0753520-56792, 57764-640761973-1980sWhite file box
SP08B&W show prints (by subject)Not chronologicalWhite file box
BoxContact Prints (4x5)Time spanBox Description
CP01B&W contact printsNot chronologicalWhite file box
CP02B&W contact printsNot chronologicalWhite file box
CP03B&W contact printsNot chronologicalWhite file box
CP04B&W contact printsNot chronologicalWhite file box