MTR.2011.1 Bob and Ira Spring B&W Photographs

Mountaineers catalog number: MTR.2011.1

This index was compiled by Lowell Skoog between April 2010 to July 2012.


  • The photos were indexed in the boxes as I received them from the Spring family. I did not reorganize them.
  • I don't know why images from a given project/trip were often split into different boxes.
  • For negatives, the photo numbers have been taken from storage envelopes, not the negatives themselves.
  • Image numbers of the form "1183-1196" indicate a series of photos. The series will typically have gaps.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the photographs generally show summer scenes.
  • Firm dates (no "circa" designation) are generally derived from information written on the photos or storage envelopes.
  • Prints often have captions on the back identifying people and location.
  • Negatives sometimes have date and overall project identification (but this is sparse).
  • "100 Hikes" means images probably used in Mountaineers Books hiking guides.
  • I started out entering information in the Notes column below, but soon gave it up.
  • The quickest way to get a feel for the collection is to look at the contact prints. But this is a poor way to find specific images.
  • Chronological prints have been stacked in boxes from low number to high number, when facing up.
  • Some miscellaneous images haven't been indexed.
  • While the collection is fairly complete, there are definitely gaps, because the Spring family withdrew some materials and because there are probably more boxes to be found.

Reference Books

  • Kjeldsen-1998, The Mountainers: A History
  • Spring-1951, High Adventure
  • Spring-1955, Camera Adventuring on Mount Rainier
  • Spring-1959, High Worlds of the Mountain Climber
  • Spring-1961, This is Washington
  • Spring-1968, Northwest Ski Trails
  • Spring-1969, The North Cascades National Park
  • Spring-1970, The Key to Our Environment: Cool, Clear Water
  • Spring-1998, An Ice Axe, a Camera, and a Jar of Peanut Butter
  • Spring-2004, High Rocks and Ice
  • Whittaker-1994, Lou Whittaker: Memories of a Mountain Guide
  • Whittaker-1999, Jim Whittaker: A Life on the Edge


N01White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 5-6696 (B&W negatives) 
N01Negatives5-69c1940sSeattle area, boats, UW, aquarium, public market 
N01Negatives96-114 Farm scenes, eastern Washington? 
N01Negatives123-128 Seattle waterfront 
N01Negatives805-818 Skiing, Mt Baker ski patrol 
N01Negatives855-873 Mt Rainier, Mt Adams scenes 
N01Negatives875-877 Eastern WA, Columbia River 
N01Negatives893-905 Climbing on Mt Shuksan, rock and ice, Fisher Chimneys areaKjeldsen-1998-p77, Spring -1951-ch3
N01Negatives917-925 Skiing, Mt Baker, Paradise 
N01Negatives927Jan 1948Mt Rainier, skier above Paradise in powderSpring-2004-p8, original
N01Negatives929-963 Mt Rainier, skiing at Paradise 
N01Negatives982-1130 Logging and milling operations, fiberboard (Simpson Co.) 
N01Negatives1140-1149 Farm scenes 
N01Negatives1160-1165 Central WA College, petroglyphs, archaeology 
N01Negatives1183-1196 Seattle, Olympia, Puget Sound area scenes 
N01Negatives1228-1239 Rural scenes, farm 
N01Negatives1240-1260 Washington coast 
N01Negatives1274-1278 Darrington farm, forest road 
N01Negatives1279-1351 Mt Rainier, climbers on Emmons, Winthrop, Carbon glaciersSpring-1951-ch4
N01Negatives1359-1361 Mt Rainier, south side, flowers 
N01Negatives1362-1379 Eastern WA, Columbia River, wheat farming 
N01Negatives1386-1401 Mt St Helens, Spirit Lake, plus critters 
N01Negatives1415-1439 Logging and milling operations 
N01Negatives1466 Olympia, WA, capitol building 
N01Negatives1468-1482 Skiing, Mt Baker, Artist Point area 
N01Negatives1494-1497 Boy and dog (Snead) 
N01Negatives1501 Rock climber at Castle Rock, Tumwater Canyon 
N01Negatives1509-1520 First Baptist Church, Montlake crew race 
N01Negatives1525-1547 Sandra Foss tugboat 
N01Negatives1572-1589 Mt Baker ski area, Artist Point skiing 
N01Negatives1592-1600 Tacoma daffodil parade 
N01Negatives1606-1616 Deception Pass bridge, misc 
N01Negatives1624-1628 Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
N01Negatives1631-1633 Flower fields 
N01Negatives1636-1690 Gingko Petrified Forest, Museum, etc 
N01Negatives1701-1710 Olympic Mtns ski trip, Mt Gladys areaSpring-1998-p23
N01Negatives1741-17471937-41Mt Rainier, various scenes 
N01Negatives1750-1760July 1941Mt Rainier, Nisqually Glacier, crevasses and climbers, Camp Muir 
N01Negatives1764-1767 Snow scenes above Paradise, Mt RainierSpring-2004-p6
N01Negatives1772-1774 Mt Olympus vicinity, aerials 
N01Negatives1779-17821940Home Sweet Home ski trip, OlympicsSpring-1998-p30
N01Negatives1783-17901938-40Flapjack Lakes skiing and cabin, OlympicsSpring-1998-p29
N01Negatives1792-1794 Upper Lena Lake, Boy Scouts? 
N01Negatives1796 Norma and Bob Spring 
N01Negatives1801-1812 Lake Cushman dam, Olympics, misc 
N01Negatives1826-1991 Misc Washington scenes, plus flowers, critters, rocks 
N01Negatives2003-2004 Mt Stuart climb 
N01Negatives2012-2017 Ellensburg rodeo 
N01Negatives2102-2111 Mt Hood, Timberline Lodge, skiers 
N01Negatives2107 Ira Spring skiing at Mt Hood 
N01Negatives21261946Ice Follies, skating 
N01Negatives2151-2172 Flowers 
N01Negatives2183-2194 Duckabush Valley, Olympic Hot Springs? 
N01Negatives2201-2210 Deer Park, Hurricane Ridge, road, deer, cabins 
N01Negatives2225-2226 Stampede Pass, weather station 
N01Negatives2242-2276 Mt Baker skiing, Artist Point, ski patrol 
N01Negatives2251 Patricia Spring with skis at Mt Baker 
N01Negatives2301 Mt Hood, south side climb 
N01Negatives2308-2312 Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
N01Negatives2321-2336 Gingko Petrified Forest 
N01Negatives2341-2343 UW crew house, Montlake 
N01Negatives2351-2385 Misc, Tacoma, Wenatchee, Seattle 
N01Negatives2391-2394 Climbers rappeling and in campSpring-1951-p42
N01Negatives2420-2449 Rain forest, Olympics, Kalakala ferry 
N01Negatives2452-2454 Greenlake, Ballard fishing boats 
N01Negatives2462-2477 Ice skating 
N01Negatives2487-2499 Flowers, bicycle touring 
N01Negatives2508-2509 Columbia River, eastern WA 
N01Negatives2518-2519 Deception Pass bridge 
N01Negatives2520-2531 Scenes with boats, probably Bellingham (old town hall) 
N01Negatives2542-2584 Lake Chelan, Holden area 
N01Negatives2593-2604 Old farm houses, probably eastern WA 
N01Negatives2609-2641 Misc Washington scenes 
N01Negatives2654-2656 Ski jumpers 
N01Negatives2678 Skier and plane crash 
N01Negatives2681-2699 Coastal fisherman with nets 
N01Negatives2704-2709 Lady skiers at Chinook PassSpring-1968-p152
N01Negatives2716-2737 Crab fishing by boat, wheat farming 
N01Negatives2752-2768 Foldboating, river touring 
N01Negatives2779-2799 Ski jumper, Hyak snow train 
N01Negatives2806-2816 Victoria, B.C. 
N01Negatives2846-2889 Canadian Rockies 
N01Negatives2893-2937 Miscellany, western Canada? 
N01Negatives2946-2961 Fishing from platforms with nets 
N01Negatives2963-2997 More fishing, Holmes Harbor herring 
N01Negatives3001-3002 Lake Cushman dam 
N01Negatives3013-3032 Spring hike to a shelter, Olympics? 
N01Negatives3042-3083 Logging operations 
N01Negatives3105-3107 Climbers on a glacier 
N01Negatives3152-3222 Mt Rainier, hikers (west side) and glacier climbers (east side) 
N01Negatives31811946Line of climbers crosses Winthrop GlacierSpring-2004-p17
N01Negatives3255-33241946Mt Olympus climb via Hoh Lake 
N01Negatives3329-33371947Lake Crescent road, Olympics 
N01Negatives3376-33931949Rock climbing, Lighthouse Tower, The Chisel, Cashmere CragsSpring-1951-ch3
N01Negatives3411-3510 Victoria, B.C., Vancouver Island, lake fishing, log cabin 
N01Negatives3531-3544 Deer Park, Olympic Peninsula 
N01Negatives3550-3591 Fishing, Washington coast, possibly Indians, some logging 
N01Negatives3593-3600 Columbia River, eastern WA 
N01Negatives3606-3616 Mt Rainier, south side, marmot, etc 
N01Negatives3616-3620 Ballard Locks, tugboat 
N01Negatives3626-3629 Fire lookout, probably Miners Ridge 
N01Negatives3634-3656 Mountaineers Summer Outing, Lyman Lake, Glacier Peak climbSpring-2004-p75
N01Negatives3702-3762 San Juans, Victoria, sailing cruise 
N01Negatives3786-3794 Maryhill Castle, southern WA 
N01Negatives3806-3825July 1949Climbing Mt Baker from the east 
N01Negatives3842-3853 Mt Baker skiing, Artist Point 
N01Negatives3856-3862 Snow in Skokomish Valley 
N01Negatives3901-3953 Misc WA scenes, tugboat, Mt Rainier, totem pole, misc 
N01Negatives3980-3994 Van Trump Park, igloo, ski trip 
N01Negatives4003-4032 Logging operations 
N01Negatives4240-4447 Misc WA scenes, capitol dome and flowers 
N01Negatives4504-4519 Old fashioned shake splitting 
N01Negatives4521-4548 Salmon fishing (boats) and cannery 
N01Negatives4549-4564 Shipyard, dry dock 
N01Negatives4584-4586 Seattle downtown buildings with snow 
N01Negatives4589-4598 Ice on Hood Canal 
N01Negatives4603-4605 Deception Pass bridge 
N01Negatives4608-4636 Logging, log drive 
N01Negatives4652-4655 Peshastin, WA 
N01Negatives4669-4696 Goldendale sheep, Ft Walla Walla, Indian paintings 
N01Negatives4702-4796 Canada misc, Victoria to Lake Louise 
N01Negatives4801 Mt Baker, young girl on skis with dog 
N01Negatives4809-4831 Misc, Canada? 
N01Negatives4856-4890May 1950Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
N01Negatives4909-4915 Removing snow from Paradise Inn roof, skier watchesSpring-2004-p87
N01Negatives4924-4928 Climbers, crevasse work 
N01Negatives4934-4946 Columbia River, Oregon border 
N01Negatives4949 Fred Beckey rock climbing 
N01Negatives4957-5024 San Juan island hopping 
N01Negatives5031-5044 Mt Rainier climbers, crevasses and ice workSpring 2004-p20
N01Negatives5058-5069July 1950Foldboating, river touring 
N01Negatives5081-5091 San Juans Islands, aerials 
N01Negatives5116-5140 Canadian Rockies, climbers, Athabaska Glacier 
N01Negatives5141-5201 Canadian Rockies, Mt Robson, etc, climbing, horse packing 
N01Negatives5221-5235 Goat Rocks 
N01Negatives5258-5259 Mt Rainier, south side 
N01Negatives5266-5299 Mt Rainier, Klapatche Lake, boy in pack tied to tree 
N01Negatives5314-5317 Canadian Rockies, Mt Robson, horse packing 
N01Negatives5341-5343 Climbers on a glacier 
N01Negatives5354-5384 Hiking Pasayten country, Holman Pass etc 
N01Negatives5401-5408 Thanksgiving dinner 
N01Negatives5413-5423 River fishing, water activities 
N01Negatives5436-5440Nov 1950Terry and Christmas tree 
N01Negatives5442-5496 Mt Rainier winter, Paradise, ranger station, ski tourers 
N01Negatives5498-5509 Crab fishing by hand, at night 
N01Negatives5523-5534 Skier jumping at Paradise 
N01Negatives5553-5564 German exchange student skis on Mt RainierSTimes-1951-May-13, Spring-1968-p17,32
N01Negatives5571-5582 Tandem foldboats, river running 
N01Negatives5592-5595 Bridges, Tacoma Narrows, Lake Washington 
N01Negatives5599-5626 Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
N01Negatives5629-5632 Hood Canal rhododendrons 
N01Negatives5647-5698 Cattle ranch, cattle drive 
N01Negatives5711-5757 Logging, log drive 
N01Negatives5766-5795 Washington coast, beaches and headlands 
N01Negatives5807-5832 Mt Rainier climbing, crevasses and seracs, Lou WhittakerSpring-2004 page x
N01Negatives5851-5864 Eastern Washington farming country 
N01Negatives5866-5875 Ocean beach, clam (geoduck) digging 
N01Negatives5878-5894 Misc Olympic Peninsula? (lakes, beaches) 
N01Negatives5902-5908 Mt Rainier, Klapatche Lake 
N01Negatives5923-5942 Darrington WA, logging festival, dugout canoes 
N01Negatives5962-5967 Columbia Icefield, igloo building (skiers), crevasse jumps (climbers)Spring-2004-p68
N01Negatives5982-5989 Fish hatchery 
N01Negatives5994-6029 La Push, WA, rain forest, fishing 
N01Negatives6032-6040 Misc Olympic Peninsula? 
N01Negatives6048-61291951Mountaineers Summer Outing, Olympics, glacier climbingKjeldsen-1998-p93
N01Negatives6151-6190 Fishing at La Push, hooks not nets 
N01Negatives6191-6225 Washington coast, Indian fishing from motorized canoes 
N01Negatives6227-6260July 1951Mt Rainier, Reflection Lakes camping, Chinook PassSpring-1998-p68 (similar)
N01Negatives6263-6273 Woodland Park Zoo 
N01Negatives6274-6285 Logging in the Olympic Mtns 
N01Negatives6291-6295Fall 1951Glacier Peak scenes 
N01Negatives6301-6337 Cattle ranch, sheep farm (Goldendale) 
N01Negatives6364-6379 Seattle, Elliott Bay tugboat race 
N01Negatives6380-6388 Beacon Rock, Oregon 
N01Negatives6407-6408 Fred Beckey rock climbing, Tyrolean traverse 
N01Negatives6411-6414 Loggers at work 
N01Negatives6427-6445 Christmas tree harvesting 
N01Negatives6451-6452 Seattle street scenes 
N01Negatives6461-6475 Mt Baker, Artist Point skiers, Bill and Stella Degenhardt 
N01Negatives6476-6499 Mt Baker, ski cabin and skiers 
N01Negatives6507-6513 Mt Rainier, seracs and ice pinnacles, ice climber 
N01Negatives6522-6526 Crab fishing by hand, at night 
N01Negatives6533-6534 Mt Baker, Artist Point skiers 
N01Negatives6537-6578 Canadian Rockies, Mt Assiniboine skiing, ski plane 
N01Negatives6579-6584 Banff ski area, chairlifts 
N01Negatives6586-6608 Mt Baker (Mountaineers Lodge?), kids and snow play 
N01Negatives6611-6696 Logging, log drive 
N02Yellow Kodak 8x10x4 box: Photos 3-2299 (B&W negatives) 
N02Negatives3-71c1940sSeattle, Lake Union, various buildings, boats 
N02Negatives72-92 Rural scenes, dairy farm, orchards 
N02Negatives98-127 Washington holiday, Columbia River, Grand Coulee, various towns 
N02Negatives804-810 Skiing, Mt Baker ski patrol 
N02Negatives857 Mt Adams fisherman 
N02Negatives867 Granite Falls 
N02Negatives874-881 Eastern WA orchards, Columbia River, misc 
N02Negatives896-916 Climbers on glacier and rock 
N02Negatives917-922Jan 1948Skiing, Mt Rainier 
N02Negatives927Jan 1948Mt Rainier, skier above Paradise in powderSpring-2004-p8, not orig
N02Negatives928-941Jan 1948Skiing, Mt Rainier, Paradise Inn, Ski Shack 
N02Negatives942-947Jan 1948Skiing, Mt Rainier, action scenes 
N02Negatives950-965Jan 1948Skiing, Mt Rainier, interior and exterior scenes, rope tow, ski patrol 
N02Negatives986-1096 Logging and saw mill operations, etc (Simpson Co.) 
N02Negatives1136-1146 Farm scenes 
N02Negatives1180-1193 Seattle, Olympia, Snoqualmie Falls, etc 
N02Negatives1200 Skier on a glacier 
N02Negatives1202-1210 Logging and saw mill operations 
N02Negatives1215-1218 Fishing boats 
N02Negatives1229 Ice climber on seracs 
N02Negatives1231-1254 Kalaloch Beach, other outdoor scenes 
N02Negatives1261-1269 Mt Shuksan, Heather Meadows area 
N02Negatives1270-1273 Logging, farming 
N02Negatives1276-1321July 1948Mt Rainier, Mystic Lake, Emmons Glacier climb 
N02Negatives1322July 1948Dee and Lee Molenaar at Steamboat Prow bivi, climbSpring-1951-p73
N02Negatives1324-1335July 1948Mt Rainier, Mystic Lake, Emmons Glacier climb 
N02Negatives1356-1358 Mt Rainier from Reflection Lakes area 
N02Negatives1363-1377 Eastern WA, wheat fields 
N02Negatives1380-1391Aug 1948Mt Rainier, Paradise, ice caves 
N02Negatives1399-1400 Mt St Helens, Spirit Lake 
N02Negatives1409-1414 Seattle ferries, waterfront 
N02Negatives1418-1465 Logging and saw mill operations 
N02Negatives1467-14861948Mt Baker ski area, skiing 
N02Negatives1487-1492 Glacier climbing, self-arrest 
N02Negatives1502-1508 Tumwater Canyon rock climbing, Castle Rock 
N02Negatives1511-1523 First Baptist Church, Seattle buildings 
N02Negatives1524-1565 Sandra Foss tugboat 
N02Negatives1574-1590 Mt Baker ski area, skiing 
N02Negatives1591-1602 Tacoma daffodil parade 
N02Negatives1610-1623 Deception Pass bridge, UW crews, Arlington stump, rhododendrons 
N02Negatives16291949Shelton Forest Festival 
N02Negatives1634-1678 Gingko Petrified Forest, Vantage, Museum, Yakima Canyon, etc 
N02Negatives1711Dec 1938Ski trip, Upper Lena Lake 
N02Negatives1713-1722 Olympic Mtns, misc images 
N02Negatives1723-17521938-1940Mt Adams, Rainier, misc 
N02Negatives1754-1758July 1941Climbing, Nisqually Glacier, crevasses 
N02Negatives1759-17611938Climbing, Ingraham Glacier, Paradise ice cave 
N02Negatives1762-1763 Mt Rainier, Cowlitz Glacier and Willis Wall, aerials 
N02Negatives1769-1791 Mountains, misc 
N02Negatives1797-1820 Mt Rainier, Camp Muir, plus misc small negs 
N02Negatives1831-1833 Ocean beach 
N02Negatives1851-1874 CWCE teaching, sports 
N02Negatives1875-1894 UW athletics and living 
N02Negatives1960-1999 Miscellany (more UW living?) 
N02Negatives2001-2007 Mt Stuart 
N02Negatives2008-2011 Wenatchee apple festival parade 
N02Negatives2018-2024 Ellensburg rodeo 
N02Negatives2101-2117 Mt Hood, Timberline Lodge, skiers 
N02Negatives2127-21291946Ice Follies, skating 
N02Negatives2130-2132 Paul Bunyan 
N02Negatives2133-2146 Hoodsport parade 
N02Negatives2153-21801946Rhododendron trip 
N02Negatives2181-21991946Lake and Olympic Mtns 
N02Negatives2204-2213 Deer Park, road, deer, cabins 
N02Negatives2216-2224 Stampede Pass, Meany hut, skiing, dancing, ski train 
N02Negatives2228-2234Jan 1947Stampede Pass weather station, skiers 
N02Negatives2235-2268Winter 1946-47Mt Baker ski area, skiers 
N02Negatives2269-2285 Mt Baker ski patrol at work 
N02Negatives2286-22991947Mountaineers climbing class, Monitor Rock, Little Si 
N03Yellow Kodak 8x10x4 box: Photos 2302-3382 (B&W negatives) 
N03Negatives2302-2307 Miscellany, including W.T. Preston stern-wheeler 
N03Negatives2310-2320 Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
N03Negatives2323-23391947Columbia River geology, probably Gingko Petrified Forest 
N03Negatives2340-2350 UW crew, Lake Washington 
N03Negatives2354 Tacoma 
N03Negatives2355-2362 Spokane 
N03Negatives2364-2371 Wenatchee 
N03Negatives2372-2381 Eastern Washington, Columbia River, farming, etc 
N03Negatives2382-2389 Misc, including Seattle, Smith Tower 
N03Negatives2390-2407 Climbing Mt Shuksan, Fisher Chimneys, nailed boots 
N03Negatives2408-2410 Little Si, hikers and climber 
N03Negatives2419-2425 Mt Rainier climbers, crevasse rescue practice 
N03Negatives2427-2443 Olympic Peninsula loop 
N03Negatives2450-2461 Ballard locks, Kalakala ferry 
N03Negatives2467-2486 Figure skaters 
N03Negatives2491-2513 Lake Chelan bicycle touring 
N03Negatives2514-2551 Puget Sound area, men working, maritime 
N03Negatives2552-2596 Lake Chelan, Lady of the Lake, Lucerne 
N03Negatives2597-2606 Chelan, Wenatchee area 
N03Negatives2607-2619May 1948Wenatchee apple festival 
N03Negatives2626 Seattle, floating bridge, totem pole, etc 
N03Negatives2629-2631 Snoqualmie Falls 
N03Negatives2633-2635 Logging 
N03Negatives2636-2645 Puget Sound fishing boats 
N03Negatives2646-2653 Kids in Seattle's Woodland Park, zoo 
N03Negatives2655-2660 Ski jumpers 
N03Negatives2663 Flooded town from the air 
N03Negatives2664-2674May 1948Mt Rainier, Adams, St Helens aerials 
N03Negatives2675-2676May 1948Mt Rainier, Memorial Day climb 
N03Negatives2677-2682April 7, 1948Mt Pilchuck rescue, plane crash, skiers 
N03Negatives2685-2703 Olympic Peninsula loop 
N03Negatives2711-2718 Mt Baker miscellany, skiers, climbers, loggers, etc 
N03Negatives2719-2750 Crab fishing by boat, wheat farming 
N03Negatives2751-2774 Foldboating, river touring 
N03Negatives2780-2801 Ski jumper, Snoqualmie Pass in winter (snowplows, train, etc) 
N03Negatives2802-2945 Western Canada misc, Victoria to Canadian Rockies 
N03Negatives2947-2967 Herring fishing 
N03Negatives2968-2972 Stevens Pass winter scenes (from ridge) 
N03Negatives2979-2984 Mt Baker ski area, deep snows 
N03Negatives2986-3000 More herring fishing 
N03Negatives3003-3040June 1946Lake Cushman dam, Home Sweet Home trip, hiking on snow 
N03Negatives3041-3099 Logging 
N03Negatives3100 Mt Rainier, Nisqually Glacier 
N03Negatives3151-32311946Mountaineers summer outing around Mt Rainier, some climbing 
N03Negatives3232-3234 Mt Rainier scenes, including Emmons Glacier aerialSpring-1951-p48
N03Negatives3235-3283Aug 1946Mt Olympus climb, Olympic Peninsula scenes 
N03Negatives3293-3325 Olympic Mountains, Hoh Lake area 
N03Negatives3326-3344 Probably Olympic Peninsula, Lake Crescent area 
N03Negatives3346-3370Jan 1948Mt Rainier, Paradise ski area 
N03Negatives3375-3382 Lighthouse Tower climb, Beckey, Schoening 
N04Yellow Kodak 8x10x4 box: Photos 3412-5313 (B&W negatives) 
N04Negatives3412-35251949Victoria BC, Vancouver Island 
N04Negatives3526-3590July 1949Olympic Loop, Hurricane Ridge, WA coast, logging, auto trip 
N04Negatives3605June 1949Columbia River, auto trip 
N04Negatives3608-3615 Big Four Mtn from road 
N04Negatives3625 Ballard Locks 
N04Negatives3628-3632Aug 1949Miners Ridge fire lookout 
N04Negatives3633-3699 Mountaineers Summer Outing, Lyman Lake, Glacier Peak climb 
N04Negatives3700-3780 San Juans, Victoria, sailing cruise 
N04Negatives3781-3799 Maryhill Castle, southern WA 
N04Negatives3802-3840July 1949Climbing Mt Baker from the east 
N04Negatives3847-3855 Mt Baker skiing, Artist Point 
N04Negatives3860-3865 Snow in Skokomish Valley 
N04Negatives3866-3885 White Pass road construction 
N04Negatives3907-3908 Painting a totem pole 
N04Negatives3919-3974 White Pass, Chinook Pass, Stevens Canyon roads 
N04Negatives3975 State Rt 5, Cayuse Pass to Ohanapecosh 
N04Negatives3979-3999 Van Trump Park, skiing, igloo, foldable skis 
N04Negatives4009-4030 Logging operations 
N04Negatives4401-4417 Mt Baker skiing, Artist Point 
N04Negatives4424-4451 Lake WA floating bridge, Ballard Locks, Hood Canal 
N04Negatives4502-4520 Old fashioned shake splitting 
N04Negatives4525-4547 Salmon fishing (boats) and cannery 
N04Negatives4553-4570 Shipyard, dry dock 
N04Negatives4571-4573May 1949Olympia, WA 
N04Negatives4574-4581 Lake WA floating bridge, aerials 
N04Negatives4582-4587 Seattle downtown buildings with snow 
N04Negatives4588-4602 Ice on Hood Canal 
N04Negatives4604-4607 Deception Pass bridge 
N04Negatives4610-4645 Logging, log drive (copies at 13860) 
N04Negatives4646-4651 Woman and totem pole 
N04Negatives4656-4667 Penthouse Theatre 
N04Negatives4671-4700 Goldendale sheep, Ft Walla Walla, Indian paintings 
N04Negatives4706-4805 Canada misc, Victoria to Lake Louise 
N04Negatives4806-4846 Lake fishing, fishing boat 
N04Negatives4851-4854May 1950Foldboating class taught by Wolf Bauer 
N04Negatives4855-4899May 1950Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
N04Negatives4900-4922 Removing snow from Paradise Inn roof, skier watchesSpring-2004-p87
N04Negatives4926-4929 Climbers, crevasse work 
N04Negatives4933-4945 Car ferry, probably Columbia River 
N04Negatives4948-4952 Fred Beckey rock climbing 
N04Negatives4953-5030 San Juan island hopping 
N04Negatives5034-5055 Mt Rainier climbers, crevasses and ice workSpring 2004-p20 (similar)
N04Negatives5056-5080July 1950Foldboating, river touring 
N04Negatives5083-5115 San Juans Islands, aerials 
N04Negatives5126-5140 Canadian Rockies, climbers, Athabaska Glacier 
N04Negatives5143-5220 Canadian Rockies, climbing, camping, horse packing, etc 
N04Negatives5222-5252 Goat Rocks 
N04Negatives5256-5265 Mt Rainier, Paradise, Tatoosh climbers 
N04Negatives5294-5309 Mt Rainier, Klapatche Lake 
N04Negatives5311-5313 Climbing outing, unknown location 
N05Yellow Kodak 8x10x4 box: Photos 5319-6500 (B&W negatives) 
N05Negatives5319-5329 Mt Robson, Canadian Rockies, hikers and climbers, rustic cabin 
N05Negatives5331-5335 Wheat farming 
N05Negatives5337-5345 Bob Craig, Mt Rainier glacier climbing, crevasses 
N05Negatives5346-5348 Rock climbing, Pinnacle Peak rappel with Mt Rainier beyond 
N05Negatives5350-5380 Hiking Pasayten country, Holman Pass etc, Crest Trail to Canada 
N05Negatives5381-5386 Chinook Pass area, summer 
N05Negatives5391-5397 UW Stadium during football game 
N05Negatives5398-5415 Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Kalakala ferry 
N05Negatives5420-5430 Water skiing 
N05Negatives5432-5435May 1950Pinnacle Peak climb, Mt Rainier NP 
N05Negatives5441-5497 "Snow bound ranger" story, Paradise, Mt Rainier, skiers 
N05Negatives5499-5511 Crabbing, Whidbey Island 
N05Negatives5512-5534 Mt Rainier, Paradise, winter, ski tourers 
N05Negatives5545-5547 Zoo animals? Porcupine, goat, big cat 
N05Negatives5548-5550 Seattle ship canal 
N05Negatives5552-5570 German exchange student skis on Mt Rainier 
N05Negatives5610-56251951Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
N05Negatives5633-5646 Log salvage, deep sea diver 
N05Negatives5649-5710 Cattle drive 
N05Negatives5717-57651951Log drive, Clearwater River, Idaho 
N05Negatives5768-5799 Olympic Peninsula, coastal scenes, summer ski at Hurricane Ridge 
N05Negatives5803-5825 Mt Rainier, a few skiers, Lou Whittaker serac climbing 
N05Negatives5827-5832 Mt Rainier glacier climbing, Whittakers, Bil DunawaySimilar to Whittaker-1999-p39
N05Negatives5845-5850June 1951Blue Mountains 
N05Negatives5853-5865June 1951Washington-Idaho border farms 
N05Negatives5968-5877June 1951Geoducking 
N05Negatives5882-5900June 1951Log hauling, Olympic Peninsula loop 
N05Negatives5903-5915July 1951Klapatche Park, Mt Rainier 
N05Negatives5916-5925 Rural Issaquah, Washington 
N05Negatives5928-5960 Darrington Timber Bowl, loggers 
N05Negatives5968-5979 Canadian Rockies, serac climbing and ski camp 
N05Negatives5981-5990Spring 1951Issaquah salmon hatchery 
N05Negatives5993-6150Aug 1951Olympic Mountaineers outing, glacier climbing, helicopter rescue 
N05Negatives6152-6169 U.S. Coast Guard, Washington coast 
N05Negatives6198-6220 La Push, Washington coast 
N05Negatives6338-6343 Veterinarian story, farm animals 
N05Negatives6413-6421 Old-style logger using an axe 
N05Negatives6446-6450 Christmas tree farming 
N05Negatives6454-6500Jan 1952Mt Baker skiers and lodge 
N06Yellow Kodak 8x10x4 box: Photos 6508-11995 (B&W negatives, mostly extras) 
N06Negatives6508-6512 Climbers on Mt Rainier glacier 
N06Negatives6609-6610April 1952Mt Baker, family snow play, a little skiing 
N06Negatives6611-6720 Loggers, river log drive 
N06Negatives6747-6790 Mt Adams, north side views, some logging 
N06Negatives6799-6800 Problem bears 
N06Negatives6829 Alaska coast vacation, bush pilot, cabins 
N06Negatives6801-6830 Mtn rescue, Nisqually glacier crevasse trainingSpring-1959-p38
N06Negatives6831-6834 Bear trap 
N06Negatives6836-6910 Mountaineers Campcrafters, Canadian Rockies, camping, glacier climbing
N06Negatives6911-6950 Wheat farming, eastern Washington 
N06Negatives6957-6959 Lake scene, canoes and people 
N06Negatives6980-6999 Rhododendrons and peopleColor negs
N06Negatives7330-7340 Alaska Coastal Airlines, seaplane 
N06Negatives7343-7354 Alaska, Juneau 
N06Negatives7355 Alaska, Ketchikan 
N06Negatives7356 Alaska, Sitka to Seward 
N06Negatives7357-7363 Alaska, Kenai Penninsula 
N06Negatives7427-7430 Alaska, Nome flight 
N06Negatives7612-7630 Alaska, eskimos, mostly children 
N06Negatives7676-7685 Alaska, Nome, dredges, Fort Yukon 
N06Negatives7791-7895 Alaska Highway, various segments 
N06Negatives8247-8250Sept 1952Grand Coulee, Roosevelt Lake, with Byron Fish 
N06Negatives8253 Climbers among glacier seracs 
N06Negatives8260-8263 Loggers, Skykomish River 
N06Negatives8308-8340 Indian fishing, Celilo Falls, Columbia River 
N06Negatives8516 Jen-Cel-Lite mill 
N06Negatives8526-8545 Sun Valley, ID, Peter and Karol Kennedy, skaters, some skiers 
N06Negatives8546-8570 Sun Valley, ID, skiers, Jeanette Burr 
N06Negatives8577-8582 Mtn climbing course, Camp Long, Schurman Rock 
N06Negatives8659-8660March 1953Shelton Forest Festival preparations 
N06Negatives8693-8695 Mt Index, Skykomish River 
N06Negatives8723-87841939-1940Mt Rainier climbers, scenes, plus Flapjack Lake skiers 
N06Negatives8934-8950May 1953Clearwater River, Idaho, log drive, loggers 
N06Negatives8991-9009 Shelton Forest Festival, 100 years of logging 
N06Negatives9019-9121 Miscellany, some glacier climbers 
N06Negatives9101-9105June 1953Chilco Lake, B.C. flight 
N06Negatives9106-9175 Teenage climbers on Mt Rainier, Tatoosh rappelingSpring-2004-p30
N06Negatives9266-9344 Glacier National Park, MT 
N06Negatives9346-9350 Football player 
N06Negatives9351-9493 Mt Rainier, south side, with horses 
N06Negatives9542-9555 Glacier climbers 
N06Negatives9560-9589 Johannesburg mine, mine-to-market road 
N06Negatives9591-9650 Cascade Pass area scenics 
N06Negatives9715-9720Sept 1953Cape Alava, Cannonball Island, Washington coast 
N06Negatives9741-9743Oct 1953Mt Shuksan, Austin Pass, scenics 
N06Negatives9749-9750 Mountain Rescue Council, memorial truck 
N06Negatives9781-9785July 1953Foldboating to Sucia Island 
N06Negatives9837-98451952Oregon Coast 
N06Negatives9880 Glacier climbers 
N06Negatives9913-9944 Juneau Icefield research projectSpring-1998-ch14
N06Negatives9977-9980 Holden Mine operations, winter 
N06Negatives10059-100601953Christmas tree yards, Puyallup, WA 
N06Negatives10081-10166 Skiers, Snoqualmie Pass, Mt Baker 
N06Negatives10212-10215 Daffodils 
N06Negatives10226-10330 West Coast Airlines, ground and aerial shots 
N06Negatives10367-10370May 1954Columbia River, Hood River area 
N06Negatives10441-10450May 1954Shelton Forest Festival, loggers 
N06Negatives10593-10609 Misc glacier climbers, hikers, Mt Hood, etc 
N06Negatives10619-10655 Friday Harbor fishing school 
N06Negatives10662-10700 Puget Sound area, misc scenes 
N06Negatives10705-10769 Mt Baker, Coleman Glacier climb, teenagers 
N06Negatives10791-10825 Mt Rainier, south side, scenics and ice caves (2) 
N06Negatives10851-10918 Western WA misc 
N06Negatives10954-10956 Mt Rainier ice caves 
N06Negatives11028-11030July 1954Kenai Alaska homestead 
N06Negatives11188-11190 Alaska Fish & Wildlife Service 
N06Negatives113241954Katmai, Alaska, Dawn Holbrook guide 
N06Negatives11460-116001954Alaska, more 
N06Negatives11656 Port of Seattle from ferry deck 
N06Negatives11701-11800 Mt Rainier glacier climbing expedition, crevasses, campsSpring-1959-p96 (similar)
N06Negatives11822-11831 Nordic ski jumping, probably Leavenworth, WA 
N06Negatives11832-11879 Rogers Pass, B.C., winter ski camp 
N06Negatives11906-11935 Snake River bush pilot 
N06Negatives11990-11995 Misc logging operations 
N07White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 6700-9200 (B&W negatives) 
N07Negatives6700-6713 Loggers, river log drive 
N07Negatives6721-67291952Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
N07Negatives6740-6746 Football player, Don Heinrich 
N07Negatives6747-6784 Mt Adams, Trout Lake, lava tubes, ice caves, logging, farming 
N07Negatives6791-6798 Mt Rainier, problem bears 
N07Negatives6801-6826 Mountain Rescue Council, Nisqually Glacier crevasse, classic photos 
N07Negatives6833-6835 More problem bears 
N07Negatives6836-6901 Canadian Rockies, family camping, hiking, glacier climbers, wildlife 
N07Negatives6911-6944 Wheat farming, combines, probably Eastern Washington 
N07Negatives6951-6955 Indians in traditional dress, probably Goldendale, WA 
N07Negatives6960-6974 Columbia River Gorge, Bingen WA 
N07Negatives6976-6987 Loggers, girl with flowers near Hood Canal 
N07Negatives7001-7405 Alaska, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Juneau, Homer, Kenai, more 
N07Negatives7406-7744 Alaska, Nome, Eskimos, Fairbanks, Taku Glacier Lodge 
N07Negatives7495 Eskimo on the Alaska Airlines tail artwork? (not the same shot) 
N07Negatives7756-78141952Hart Highway, B.C. 
N07Negatives7815-7938 Dawson Creek B.C., Alaska (ALCAN) Highway, Whitehorse, etc 
N07Negatives8001-8122 Spelunking, Sun Lakes, Dry Falls, Grand Coulee Dam, Gifford Ferry 
N07Negatives8132-8227 Lake Roosevelt, North Central WA 
N07Negatives8251-8256 Mt Rainier, glacier climbers and crevasses 
N07Negatives8257-8262 Loggers working with chainsaws 
N07Negatives8264-8280 Mountaineer Players, Forest Theatre, "Paul Bunyan" perhaps 
N07Negatives8280-8293 Yellowstone, Glacier NP, Grand Tetons, scenics 
N07Negatives8300-8307 Mountain rescue, Mt St Helens body recovery 
N07Negatives8309-8338 Men fishing at river waterfall from platforms, probably Celilo Falls 
N07Negatives8341-8343 Gill net fishing 
N07Negatives8344-8358 Chinook Pass, Tipsoo Lake, Mt Rainier south side, summer 
N07Negatives8360-8461 Dakotas, miscellany, Mitchell Corn Palace, bison 
N07Negatives8466-8515195310 days at Camp Muir, winter, testing Jen-Cel-Lite garments, skiing 
N07Negatives8526-8562 Sun Valley, ID, Peter and Karol Kennedy, skaters, some skiers 
N07Negatives8572-8576 Tetons, winter and skiers 
N07Negatives8578-8603 Mountain Rescue Council, Ome Daiber, Castle Rock, Schurman Rock 
N07Negatives8625-8658 Shelton Forest Festival, 100 years of logging 
N07Negatives8661-8679 Sailboats (Lake Union?), ladies sunbathing on boats 
N07Negatives8681-8684 Winter snow camping, no tents 
N07Negatives8685-8699 Mt Index from Skykomish River, summer 
N07Negatives8700-8705 Snoqualmie Falls, log rafts 
N07Negatives8706-8729c1940Olympic Mountains, misc early photos 
N07Negatives8720, 87221940Skiers above Flapjack Lake cabin 
N07Negatives8730-8749c1940Mt Rainier, aerial, scenics, skiing, climbing, 1940 Silver Skis race 
N07Negatives8750-8775c1930s-1940Miscellaneous subjects, early photos 
N07Negatives8776-8789c1940Nature (mostly flowers), early photos 
N07Negatives8791-8794May 1953Dr. Roy Hostetler, country veterinarian, Goldendale WA 
N07Negatives8796 Skiers at Tipsoo Lake, Chinook Pass 
N07Negatives8801-8933 Loggers, river log drive, lots of manual labor 
N07Negatives8950-8959 Mountain Rescue Council, Navy helicopter 
N07Negatives8960-8969 White Pass ("Natches Pass") new road 
N07Negatives8970-8985 Sailboats 
N07Negatives8986-8989 Football player 
N07Negatives8991-9006 Shelton Forest Festival, loggers, parade, tree topping 
N07Negatives9010-9020 Fishing Skykomish River below Mt Index 
N07Negatives9024-9025 Mountaineer Players, Forest Theatre 
N07Negatives9026-9045c1953Paradise to White River traverse, "Skiing Above the Clouds" 
N07Negatives9048-9049 Times copy negatives, old Seattle pictures, apparently 
N07Negatives9050-9055 Misc NW scenes, Seattle from West Seattle 
N07Negatives9057 Norma Spring (lacing up hiking boots) 
N07Negatives9059-9062 Seattle scenes, fishing boats 
N07Negatives9063 Mt Rainier, Paradise ice caves 
N07Negatives9064-9073 Seattle aerials 
N07Negatives9074-9100 Fishing lodge reached by seaplane, unknown location 
N07Negatives9107-9165 Mt Rainier, ice climbing teenagers, "Ice Climbing Mt Rainier" film 
N07Negatives9176-9200 Photos for Great Northern Railroad, probably Glacier-Waterton Park 
N08White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 9201-12419 (B&W negatives) 
N08Negatives9203-9224 Logan Pass, Montana 
N08Negatives9227-9235 Waterton Lakes, Alberta 
N08Negatives9236-9265 East Glacier Park, MT (Indians and golfing) 
N08Negatives9266-9334 More Glacier-Waterton Parks (probably) 
N08Negatives9352-9380 Mt Rainier, Paradise, horses 
N08Negatives9381-9389 Grand Coulee Dam 
N08Negatives9390-9409 Jackson Hole, Tetons, WY, fishing 
N08Negatives9414-9425 Mt Rainier, Sunrise (car camp), Tipsoo Lake (canoe) 
N08Negatives9426-94751952Ellensburg rodeo 
N08Negatives9476-9115Sep 1953Mt Rainier, Paradise, some horses 
N08Negatives9516-9539 Port Gamble, Pope and Talbot celebration 
N08Negatives9540-9556 Mt Rainier, glacier climbers, ice caves 
N08Negatives9560-9614 Johannesburg mine, mine-to-market road 
N08Negatives9615-9630 Gobblers Knob, views of Mt Rainier 
N08Negatives9631-9643 Mt Rainier, Indian Henrys Hunting Ground 
N08Negatives9643-9665 Mt Rainier, Indian Bar to Summerland 
N08Negatives9666-9669 Snoqualmie Falls, fisherman 
N08Negatives9670 Dee Molenaar holds K2 painting 
N08Negatives9671-9714 Ozette, Olympic Peninsula 
N08Negatives9724-9740 Mt Shuksan and Mt Baker, reflection lakes and people 
N08Negatives9744-9748 Mountain Rescue Council truck 
N08Negatives9751-9780 Foldboating, WA coast 
N08Negatives9786-9855Oct 1952Vancouver Island, coastal scenes and towns 
N08Negatives9856-9865c1950Kettle Falls area towns, WA 
N08Negatives9876-9888 Little Tahoma climb, Mt Rainier 
N08Negatives9891-9941 Juneau Ice Cap, AlaskaSpring-1998-ch14
N08Negatives9945-9976 Holden mine operations, WA Cascades (winter?) 
N08Negatives9993-10003 Unknown town and mountains (Alaska?) 
N08Negatives10009-10015 Ski camp and traverse, southern Cascades 
N08Negatives10017-10050 Holiday wreath manufacturing, Christmas trees 
N08Negatives10051-100591953Kirk home and Christmas tree 
N08Negatives10061-10066 Toddler haircut 
N08Negatives10067-10073 Damaged houses in Seattle (earthquake?) 
N08Negatives10074-10080 Darrington, WA 
N08Negatives10081-10085 Denny Mountain ski tour 
N08Negatives10090-10120 Mt Baker ski area, kids, Austin Pass ski views 
N08Negatives10124-10133 Zoo gorilla 
N08Negatives10136-10140 Mountain rescue talks, Art Jessett memorial 
N08Negatives10141-10154 Christmas tree farm, cutting 
N08Negatives10155-10157 Skiers at Snoqualmie Pass? 
N08Negatives10158-10161 Mt Rainier, from Enumclaw area? 
N08Negatives10164-10170 Mt Baker ski area skiing 
N08Negatives10181-10199 Mountain rescue, high-angle rock, Monitor Rock 
N08Negatives10200-10210 Bill and Stella Degenhardt, ski touring, Canadian Rockies 
N08Negatives10211-10219 A parade and an auto wreck 
N08Negatives10220-10223Apr 1954Mountain rescue, Bill Degenhardt, Mt SnoqualmieSpring-1998-p100
N08Negatives10224-10226 Showboat Theatre, Lake Union 
N08Negatives10227-10287 West Coast Airline, prop engine plane, several aerials over WA 
N08Negatives10294-10304May 1954Seattle from the Smith Tower, Mt Rainier from Puget Sound 
N08Negatives10305-10310Apr 1954Mountain rescue, Bill Degenhardt, Mt Snoqualmie 
N08Negatives10311-10332 West Coast Airline, aerials of plane in flight 
N08Negatives10333-10347May 1954Wenatchee apple blossoms (orchards) 
N08Negatives10348-10365 The Dalles, Columbia River, dam, Mt Hood 
N08Negatives10371-10378 Seattle waterfront, ships, fishing wharf 
N08Negatives10379-10385 Mt St Helens climbers, Longview Ski Club cabin 
N08Negatives10386-10440 Shelton Forest Festival, parade and logger rodeo 
N08Negatives10461-10515May 1954Foldboating club, Nason Creek slalom, Lk Wenatchee surf 
N08Negatives10519-10520 Great Northern train, Mt Index 
N08Negatives10521-10576 Foldboating, river touring and camping, Lk Wenatchee area 
N08Negatives10577-10587 Fishing boats, wharf 
N08Negatives10588-10593 Climbers, crevasse practice, Mt Rainier 
N08Negatives10594-10618 Mt Hood climb via Eliot Glacier 
N08Negatives10620-10680 San Juans, ferries, marine studies, etc 
N08Negatives10682-10698 Lakeside campground, San Juans? 
N08Negatives10708-10762 Mt Baker, climb of Coleman route, crevasses 
N08Negatives10770-10773 Mt Rainier, Paradise Inn and visitors 
N08Negatives10774-10783 Mt St Helens, Spirit Lake boating 
N08Negatives10784-10830 Mt Rainier, Paradise, various scenes and activities 
N08Negatives10831-10880 Jervis Inlet BC, ferry, fishing, etc 
N08Negatives10882-10886 Mt Pilchuck, mountain rescue 
N08Negatives10887-10888 Mountain rescue stretcher, Merry Packer 
N08Negatives10891-10899 Racoons, kids at Mt Rainier, misc 
N08Negatives10900-10934 Olympic Peninsula, wide variety of scenes 
N08Negatives10941-10950 Mt Rainier, Eunice Lake 
N08Negatives10951-10960 Mt Rainier, Paradise ice caves 
N08Negatives10961-10970 Jervis Inlet BC, ferry 
N08Negatives10978-10999 Wooden boat building 
N08Negatives11001-11026 Rustic cabin living, Kenai Alaska 
N08Negatives11027-113251954Brooks River, Katmai, Alaska, fishing by bush plane 
N08Negatives11326-114151954Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Alaska 
N08Negatives11416-11499 Flight to Alaska, some mountain aerials 
N08Negatives11500-11561 More Alaska fish and wildlife pictures 
N08Negatives11651-11654Jan 1955Mt Baker ski area, Pan Dome chairlift 
N08Negatives11702-11800 Mt Rainier, teenage climbers, camp, crevasse workSpring-1959-ch5
N08Negatives11824-118821955ACC ski camp, Rogers Pass, BC 
N08Negatives11880-11882 Mt Baker ski area 
N08Negatives11883-11886 Chief Joseph Dam 
N08Negatives11893-11897 Grouse Mtn ski area, Vancouver BC 
N08Negatives11906-11939 Snake River bush pilot 
N08Negatives11940-11959 Snake River, boating, dam sites 
N08Negatives11970-11982 Opening day of boating season, Seattle, aerials 
N08Negatives11992-12035 Logging operations 
N08Negatives12046-12054 Lake Cushman, WA 
N08Negatives12056-12060June 1955Mountain rescue conference, helicopter, Stevens Pass 
N08Negatives12062-12096 Lummi Indians, ceremonial dress, longboat races 
N08Negatives12101-121951955California, Mt Whitney area, aerialsSpring-1959-ch3
N08Negatives12201-122471955Yosemite rock climbingSpring-1959-ch3
N08Negatives12248-122961955Yosemite scenicsSpring-1959-ch3
N08Negatives12301-123501955California, coast and San Francisco 
N08Negatives12351-124001955California, Mt Lassen, Shasta, Fort Ord, etc 
N08Negatives12401-12405 Mt Rainier, Carbon Glacier ski tripSpring-1968-155
N08Negatives12406-12414 Logging operations, Enumclaw WA 
N09Yellow Kodak 8x10x4 box: Photos 12001-15998 (B&W negatives) 
N09Negatives12001-12045 Logging 
N09Negatives12097-121001955Lummi Indian canoe races 
N09Negatives12145-12146May 1955California, Death Valley 
N09Negatives12197-122001955California, Mt Whitney and Lone Pine area 
N09Negatives12297-123001955California, Yosemite, scenic 
N09Negatives12415-12435 Logging, Mt Adams area 
N09Negatives12470-12550 Teton guides, Paul Petzoldt, Willi Unsoeld 
N09Negatives12580-12581 Mt Rainier, closeup from Curtis Ridge 
N09Negatives12587-12603 Logging, Olympic Mtns 
N09Negatives12672-12686 Cascade Pass, Cache col, climbers, scenic 
N09Negatives12682 Log round-up, mill pondDuplicated numbers
N09Negatives12743-12860 Columbia basin, Ephrata, Grand Coulee, Sun Lakes 
N09Negatives12861-12872 Mt Rainier, Tahoma and Puyallup Glacier, climbers, camp 
N09Negatives12878-12894 Youth hostels, Canadian Rockies, bicycles, lakes 
N09Negatives12910-12935 Sea-plane on Trapper Lake, North Cascades 
N09Negatives12990-13000Sept 1955California, Mt WhitneySpring-1959-p49
N09Negatives13083-12110 Columbia River, Puget Island, Astoria, Dalles 
N09Negatives13116-13152 Climber on Nisqually Glacier for Canadian Club ad, crevasse falls 
N09Negatives13153-13205 Deer hunting, autumn with snow, Methow Valley 
N09Negatives13266-13275 Tug boats and logs, also Deception Pass bridge 
N09Negatives13301-13339 Hikers, Cle Elum River, Cathedral Peak, Deep Lake 
N09Negatives13373-133801955Seattle, ship canal, Ballard locks, waterfront 
N09Negatives13442-13445Sept 1955Canada, foldboating, Kootenay and Columbia Rivers 
N09Negatives13470-134751955Canada, Canal Flats, Banff 
N09Negatives13500-135051955Canada, Big Bend of Columbia, Revelstoke, foldboat shot 
N09Negatives13589-13610 Rock climbing, Cathedral Rock, Mt Daniel, aid, pitons, boltsSpring-1959 frontispiece
N09Negatives13610 More rock climbing, Castle Rock, Don Claunch GordonSpring-1959-p33
N09Negatives13671-13680Aug 1955Morton loggers jubilee 
N09Negatives13707-13719 Logging, lumber mill, Trout Lake, WA 
N09Negatives13801-13813 Game wardens in winter on snowshoes 
N09Negatives13883-13900 Proposed Silver Basin (Crystal Mountain) ski area, aerials 
N09Negatives13947-13958 Snoqualmie Pass, Mt Baker ski areas 
N09Negatives13971-14150May 1956Oregon Coast 
N09Negatives14212-142201955Seattle Seafair Gold Cup hydroplane race 
N09Negatives14221-14239 Tolt River watershed 
N09Negatives14261-14289 Coast Guard, boats and helicopter 
N09Negatives14290-14309 Ray's Boathouse 5th annual kids fishing derby 
N09Negatives14312-14315 Mt Rainier, Paradise skier, snowplow 
N09Negatives14322-14336 Stevens Pass snow ranger, skiing, avalanche safety, Frank Foto 
N09Negatives14340-14360 Logging near Mt Rainier 
N09Negatives14361-14395 Mt Baker, Black Buttes, ski mountaineering trip 
N09Negatives14399-14422 Tree farm aerial views 
N09Negatives14435-14454 Tree farm 
N09Negatives14600-14620June 1956NE Oregon, rural scenes, lakes, cabins, mountains, Mt Hood 
N09Negatives14681-14689 Kids hiking 
N09Negatives14861-14920 Glacier National Park, MT 
N09Negatives14921-14956 Camp scenes, Canadian Rockies? 
N09Negatives14969-15007 Trail crew, Suiattle Pass area 
N09Negatives15024-15090 North Cascade aerials, Mt Index to Eldorado 
N09Negatives15091-15089 Climber in crevasse, cutting steps 
N09Negatives15090-15115 North Cascade aerials, Mt Baker eastward 
N09Negatives15116-15149 Civil Air Patrol, aerials over Sisters Range 
N09Negatives15151-15230Sept 1956BarBQ Ranch, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, dude ranch 
N09Negatives15257-15295 Oregon, east and west of Cascades, John Day country 
N09Negatives15296-15330 Mt Rainier, mostly near Paradise, some Sunrise 
N09Negatives15331-15360 Cascade Pass, Koolaid Lake, climbers on Magic Mtn, scenics 
N09Negatives15361-15410 Mtn rescue, Mountains Don't Care, Cascade Pass, Koolaid Lake 
N09Negatives15411-15475 Mt Rainier south side, Goat Mountain near Mt Baker 
N09Negatives15486-15498June 1956Mt Lincoln (Olympics) rescue, Stokeski 
N09Negatives15514-15540 Long Beach Penninsula, WA coast 
N09Negatives15542-15584 Small power boats, Puget Sound, Ballard Locks 
N09Negatives15586-15595 Spelunking, Cave Ridge, Snoqualmie Pass 
N09Negatives15601-15622 Sailboats 
N09Negatives15660-15750Sept 1956Western Oregon, Portland, Willamette Valley, Jacksonville 
N09Negatives15803-15810Sept 1956Western Oregon, Eugene to Sisters to Albany, car camping 
N09Negatives15815-15820July 1956Goat Lake near Monte Cristo 
N09Negatives15823-15890 Skiers at Mowich Lake in winter, cabin (Ruth and Louis Kirk) 
N09Negatives15905-15910 Skiers near Paradise, Mt Rainier 
N09Negatives15951-15962 Winter aerials, Chimney Rock to Mt Daniel 
N09Negatives15980-15994 Seattle, boating 
N09Negatives15996-15998 Stella Degenhardt, Gary Rose ski near Cascade Pass 
N10White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 12420-17289 (B&W negatives) 
N10Negatives12420-12445 Logging, spar pole, hauling, mill pond, etc 
N10Negatives12447-12448 Farm scene near Mt Rainier 
N10Negatives12449-12489 Colorado, Longs Peak, East Face, rock climbers, Bil DunawaySpring-1959-p53
N10Negatives12490-12540 Wyoming, Grand Teton, rock climbers, Paul Petzoldt, Willi UnsoeldSpring-1959-p64
N10Negatives12551-12570 Helicopter brush spraying with 2,4-D 
N10Negatives12571-12586 Mt Rainier, N and NE sides, campers and glacier climbers, snow worms 
N10Negatives12588-126051955Logging, machines, Weyerhaeuser 
N10Negatives12606-12626 Rock climbing, Tyrolian traverse, Rockies, Canadian Club adSpring-1959-p63
N10Negatives12628-12671 Logging, tug boats and log rafts, Weyerhaeuser 
N10Negatives12671-12689 Cascade Pass climbers, some numbers overlap with logging 
N10Negatives12690-12724 Mt Rainier, S and E sides, scenics, also guided group glissading 
N10Negatives12725-12731 Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia River 
N10Negatives12732-12742 Mt Rainer, S and SW side, scenics 
N10Negatives12743-12762 Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia River, irrigation, aerial photos 
N10Negatives12763-12812 Eastern WA, Ephrata, agriculture and irrigation 
N10Negatives12825-12853 Columbia River, Sun Lakes, Dry Falls, Grand Coulee, recreation 
N10Negatives12860-12877 Mt Rainier, Tahoma Glacier, climbers 
N10Negatives12878-12902 Canadian Rockies, bicycle touring and scenics 
N10Negatives12903-12905 Sheep farming 
N10Negatives12906-12909 Mt Rainier bears 
N10Negatives12910-12959 Chelan Airways, seaplane and fishing on Trapper Lake, some aerials 
N10Negatives12960-12964 Crop dusting, airplane 
N10Negatives12966-12989 Mt Whitney, horse pack and hiking trip, Sierra Club? Lots of people shotsSpring-1959-p49
N10Negatives13001-13082 Astoria, Beacon Rock, Columbia River, Oregon 
N10Negatives13116 Twin Rocks, Monument Valley? 
N10Negatives13117-13152 Glacier climbers, crevasse bridge falls, Canadian Club ad? 
N10Negatives13198-13229 Deer hunting, autumn with snow, Methow Valley 
N10Negatives13231-13265 Logging, tug boats and log rafts, Weyerhaeuser 
N10Negatives13276-13280 Apple harvest, central Washington 
N10Negatives13281-13284 Nisqually Glacier snout 
N10Negatives13285-13294 Columbia River, dam, fisherman, etc 
N10Negatives13297-13314 Camping equipment and hikers, near Cathedral Rock, Cle Elum River 
N10Negatives13315-13345 Salmon La Sac, guard station, cabins, etc 
N10Negatives13346-13374 Ballard Locks, ship canal, Seattle waterfront 
N10Negatives13381-13400 Climbers and aerial shots, Mt Whitney, Hood, Rainier, Columbia River 
N10Negatives13401-13415Summer 1955Foldboating, Yakima River 
N10Negatives13416-13441 More foldboating, probably Kootenay River 
N10Negatives13446-135301955Camping, foldboating, touring, Okanogan area, B.C. 
N10Negatives13531-13545Oct 1955Mt Rainier from lowlands to the NW 
N10Negatives13548-13605 Pete Schoening, Don Gordon, rock climbing, Castle and Cathedral Rock 
N10Negatives13611-13670Aug 1955Morton, WA, loggers jubilee, logging festival 
N10Negatives13681-13692 Aerial views of log rafts, shoreline, above Shelton, WA 
N10Negatives13693-13738 Mt Adams, Trout Lake, winter, sawmill and logging 
N10Negatives13741-13772 Northwest miscellany, no specific location or subject 
N10Negatives13802-13818 Herding deer in winter 
N10Negatives13824 Dr. Otto Trott during a rescue, by Joseph Scaylea 
N10Negatives13827-13860 Priest River log drive, copies 
N10Negatives13861-13875 Mt Rainier aerials 
N10Negatives13876-13894April 1957Proposed Silver Basin (Crystal Mountain) ski area, aerials 
N10Negatives13913-13940July 4, 1955Mt Baker, Heather Cup ski race, Slush Cup, ski jumping 
N10Negatives13941-13945Jan 1956Hood Canal and Puget Sound, winter 
N10Negatives13946-13950Dec 1955Snoqualmie Pass ski area 
N10Negatives13951-13970Mar 1956Mt Baker ski area, scenics and some skiers 
N10Negatives13971-14045 Oregon Coast, Cape Foulweather, Washington coast too? 
N10Negatives14046-14141 Astoria, Sea Lion Caves, more Oregon Coast 
N10Negatives14151-14152 Mt Rainier from lowlands to the NW 
N10Negatives14154-14159c1956Hood Canal bridge 
N10Negatives14160-14175April 1956Tulips near Orting, WA 
N10Negatives14176-14185May 1956Rhododendrons, probably near Hood Canal 
N10Negatives14186-141951955Seattle Seafair Aqua Follies, probably at Green Lake 
N10Negatives14240-14254 Miscellany, Snoqualmie Falls, Digging for geoducks 
N10Negatives14255-14259 Winter camping, north side of Mt Rainier 
N10Negatives14262-14286 Coast Guard story? Rescue practice on ship 
N10Negatives14290-14305 Fishing derby? 
N10Negatives14310-14319 Mt Rainer, winter, some skiers 
N10Negatives14321-14339 Stevens Pass snow ranger, Frank Foto 
N10Negatives14340-14356 Logging, trucks and machines 
N10Negatives14361-14398 Mt Baker, Black Buttes ski mountaineering trip 
N10Negatives14401-14416 Clearcuts near Mt Rainier, aerial views 
N10Negatives14428-14434 Mt Rainier aerials 
N10Negatives14436-14450 Tree farm, forestry 
N10Negatives14457-14578 Historic Oregon Trail, family touring and car camping 
N10Negatives14579-14599 Columbia River, Mt Hood, fishing from platforms 
N10Negatives14621-14697 Family camping, snow hiking, Flapjack Lakes, Olympic Mountains 
N10Negatives14711-14725 Men with ice axes wearing shorts, Paradise, Mt Rainier 
N10Negatives14726-14745 East Glacier Park, Montana, Indians in traditional dress 
N10Negatives14746-14919July 1956Glacier National Park, for Great Northern RR 
N10Negatives14924-14965Aug 1956Suiattle River, Miners Ridge, Image Lake, Glacier Peak, horse trip 
N10Negatives14966-14990Aug 1956Glacier Peak Mining Co., Miners Ridge, helicopter and miners 
N10Negatives14991-15008 Horse packers on Miners Ridge, Glacier Peak 
N10Negatives15028-15110 North Cascade aerials, Monte Cristo to Mt Baker (wow) 
N10Negatives15157-15277 Rural scenes, cattle ranch, kids, dude ranch? 
N10Negatives15298-15323 Mt Rainier, S and E sides, wild flowers, also guided group glissading 
N10Negatives15333-15398 Cascade Pass, Mountains Don't Care, Ome Daiber 
N10Negatives15412-15448 Mt Baker, Rainier, scenics, also Mima Mounds from the air 
N10Negatives15450-15481 Spring family hike, Twin Lakes, Winchester Mtn, near Mt Baker 
N10Negatives15486-15494 Rescue on Mt Lincoln, Olympics, Ome DaiberSpring-1998-p104
N10Negatives15506-15533 Oregon Coast, probably 
N10Negatives15548-15556 Loggers, tree toppers, near Mt Rainier 
N10Negatives15588-15596 Spelunking, Cave Ridge, Snoqualmie Pass 
N10Negatives15606-15626 Sailboats, Lake Washington 
N10Negatives15635-15797 Oregon (all over), Portland, Oregon Caves, Crater Lake, etc 
N10Negatives15811-15814 Mountain lake, probably North Cascades 
N10Negatives15862-15866 Kalakala ferry, Olympia WA capitol building 
N10Negatives15871-15874 Mt Baker ski area, winter scenes 
N10Negatives15876-15886 Louis and Ruth Kirk, Mowich Lake winter ski 
N10Negatives15894-15896 Canadian Rockies, Mt Victoria 
N10Negatives15899-15901 Mt Baker, Austin Pass ski tour 
N10Negatives15913-15935 Squamish, B.C., Garibaldi Lake ski tour, Stella Degenhardt 
N10Negatives15954 Winter aerial, Chimney Rock area 
N10Negatives16000-16004 Stella Degenhardt, Gary Rose ski near Cascade Pass 
N10Negatives16011-16088 Miscellany, crop dusting, Opening Day of boating season (aerials) 
N10Negatives16116-16235 B.C. Lillooet, Tweedsmuir, Bella Coola, rural scenes 
N10Negatives16245-16277 Puget Sound, Chief Seattle's grave 
N10Negatives16290-16305 Old cabin, Hood Canal rhododendrons, misc 
N10Negatives16338-16446 NW miscellany, lakes, waterfalls, Yakima? Etc 
N10Negatives16447-16470 Mt Rainier from NW, Spray Park 
N10Negatives16474-165321957Ptarmigan Traverse, Peggy Stark etc 
N10Negatives16541-16588 Mt Olympus, Blue Glacier 
N10Negatives16601-16612 Mt St Helens, Spirit Lake, canoe 
N10Negatives16620 Climber crevasse jump, probably Ptarmigan Traverse 
N10Negatives16632-16638 Washington Pass, Liberty Bell, horse pack trip 
N10Negatives16672-16710 Mt Olympus IGY summer, Bill Fairchild's plane, skiing 
N10Negatives16721-16739 Mt Rainier south side, nice camp scenes 
N10Negatives16769-16775 Mt Olympus IGY summer, Bill Fairchild's plane 
N10Negatives16787-16839 Boats, fishing, Pacific coast 
N10Negatives16848-16889 Hurricane Ridge, Olympic Penninsula 
N10Negatives16895 Hikers and Mt Johannesburg 
N10Negatives16898-17010 Mt Baker, Artist Point area (with artist) plus old mine shaft 
N10Negatives17021-17059 Foldboating, fishing, San Juan Islands? 
N10Negatives17070-17083 Cowlitz Canyons foldboating trip 
N10Negatives17092-17141 Sheep herding, southern Cascades (near Mt St Helens) 
N10Negatives17152-17203 Mt Olympus IGY winter, LaChapelle, skiers, climbers 
N10Negatives17210-17247 Hurricane Ridge, winter, Spring family skiing, some WA coast shots 
N10Negatives17261-17289 Mt Rainier south side, including ski camp, plus misc 
N11Yellow Kodak 8x10x4 box: Photos 15005-17999 (B&W negatives) 
N11Negatives15005-15010 Trail crew, Suiattle Pass area 
N11Negatives15012-15022 Swiftcurrent Motel, Rockies? 
N11Negatives15116-15142 Civil Air Patrol, Bellingham Squadron, aerials over Mt Baker etc 
N11Negatives15150-15269 BarBQ Ranch, Idaho 
N11Negatives15270-15320 Mt Rainier, mostly near Paradise, some Sunrise 
N11Negatives15337-15401 Mtn rescue, Mountains Don't Care, Cascade Pass, Koolaid Lake 
N11Negatives15411-15420 Mt Baker, Austin Pass scenics 
N11Negatives15421-15440 Mt Rainier south side, Stevens Canyon road 
N11Negatives15457-15505 Misc, aerials from Seattle-Portland flight 
N11Negatives15528-15552 Mt Rainier south side, autumn views 
N11Negatives15558-15574 Small power boats, Puget Sound, Ballard Locks 
N11Negatives15587-15600 Spelunking, Cave Ridge, Snoqualmie Pass 
N11Negatives15603-15629 Sailboats, house boats, Seattle 
N11Negatives15653-15725 Western Oregon, Portland, Oregon Caves etc 
N11Negatives15737-15790 Western Oregon, Crater Lake NP, including pinnacles 
N11Negatives15794-15801 Western Oregon, Oregon Cascades 
N11Negatives15822 Seattle night skyline with Mt Rainier 
N11Negatives15851-15856 Canadian Club toast by fireplacecolor positives
N11Negatives15857-15870 Seattle waterfront from ferry 
N11Negatives15877-15885 Skiers at Mowich Lake in winter, cabin 
N11Negatives15891-15897 Banff, Alberta, winter, some skiers 
N11Negatives15898-15904 Mt Baker, Austin Pass scenics 
N11Negatives15911-15925 Pacific Great Eastern railway, Howe Sound, B.C. 
N11Negatives15926-15939 Garibaldi, B.C., ski camping 
N11Negatives15940-15949 Skiers in snow caves 
N11Negatives15950-15969 Winter aerials, Chimney Rock to Mt Stuart 
N11Negatives15970-15979 Fred Beckey rock climbing, Peshastin Pinnacles 
N11Negatives15980-15983 Seattle night skyline with Mt Rainier 
N11Negatives15984-15990 Seattle area boats 
N11Negatives15995-16009 Stella Degenhardt, Gary Rose ski near Cascade Pass 
N11Negatives16010-16025 Airplane crop dusting 
N11Negatives16026-16032 Kennedy Hot Springs 
N11Negatives16038-16050May 1957Springtime, Lk Washington blossoms, Orting tulips 
N11Negatives16051-16060May 1957Aerial views of University of Washington 
N11Negatives16062-16095May 1957Seattle, opening day of yachting season 
N11Negatives16117-16139 Fraser Canyon, B.C. 
N11Negatives16145-16276 Bella Coola via interior B.C. 
N11Negatives16281-16299 Harts Pass, Ruby Creek, old mine area, Pasayten country 
N11Negatives16308-16336 San Juan Island hopping via small plane 
N11Negatives16348-16353 Clear Lake, Mt Rainier (near Eatonville) 
N11Negatives16356-16400 White Pass area (and east) in summer 
N11Negatives16406-16420 Boulder Caves, Naches, WA 
N11Negatives16421-16440 Chinook Pass, Bumping Lake, summer 
N11Negatives16442-16450 Yakima, Enumclaw areas, WA 
N11Negatives16451-16465July 1957White Pass, Chinook Pass loop 
N11Negatives16466-16472 Mt Rainier, Spray Park 
N11Negatives16486-16533 Ptarmigan Traverse, climbers (a few shots) 
N11Negatives16542-16581 Olympic College outdoor training course, Mt Olympus 
N11Negatives16603-16608 Mt St Helens, scenic portraits 
N11Negatives16629-16656 North Cascades highway route on horses, apparently 
N11Negatives16671-16704 Mt Olympus IGY prep, LaChapelle, Fairchild, ski plane 
N11Negatives16728-16760 Misc, Mt Rainier road maintenance, small boats 
N11Negatives16771-16778 Mt Olympus scenic aerials, Bill Fairchild airplane 
N11Negatives16783-16830 Olympic loop, Pacific coast, fishing boats, foldboats 
N11Negatives16854-16875 Olympic loop, Hurricane Ridge 
N11Negatives16873-16894 Olympic loop, Pacific coast, sea stacks 
N11Negatives16897-16914 Mt Shuksan from Mt Baker ski area, autumn 
N11Negatives16933-16935 Twin Lakes, near Mt Baker 
N11Negatives16938-16955 Twin Lakes, Winchester Mtn, L.J. mine 
N11Negatives16957-17007August 1957Mt Baker, Shuksan, Artist Point scenics, with real artist! 
N11Negatives17008-17020Sept 1957Mt Rainier south side, autumn views 
N11Negatives17037-17090 Cowlitz Canyons foldboating trip 
N11Negatives17103-17142 Sheep shearing 
N11Negatives17151-17185 Mt Olympus IGY winter, LaChapelle, skiers 
N11Negatives17192-17255 Olympic NP misc, Fred Overly, ocean, Hurricane Ridge skiers 
N11Negatives17281-17290 Hand-made jewelry 
N11Negatives17307-17315April 1958Lake Wenatchee foldboating 
N11Negatives17332-17359 Boston Basin ski camp, Stella Degenhardt, Rev. Otmar Boesch 
N11Negatives17365-17372 Mt Rainier, Wilson Glacier ski camp 
N11Negatives17377-17395May 1958Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival, Lake Chelan 
N11Negatives17396-17400Nov 1957Columbia River sunset 
N11Negatives17403-17430April 1958Cape Flattery, Neah Bay 
N11Negatives17435-17450 Flying a sailplane in eastern Washington 
N11Negatives17461-17475 Whidbey Island, Deception Pass, etc 
N11Negatives17476-17480 Downtown parade, Wenatchee? 
N11Negatives17505-17520 Hood Canal, Mt Walker lookout, rhododendrons, etc 
N11Negatives17521-17530 Sunsets, over Puget Sound? 
N11Negatives17532-17573 Family sailboat trip, probably on Puget Sound 
N11Negatives17576-17595 Cutting wood and smoking fish 
N11Negatives17611-17629 Activities on Baker Lake 
N11Negatives17635-17651 Grand Coulee Dam 
N11Negatives17681-17684 Women's climbers camp on Inspiration Glacier, Eldorado Peak 
N11Negatives17715-17722 Flying a sailplane in eastern Washington 
N11Negatives17736 Lake Wenatchee beach sceneColor neg
N11Negatives17745-17982 Misc, no clear subject, power boats, people gathered outdoors 
N11Negatives17987-17999 Fred Beckey climbing near Garibaldi Peak, Canadian ClubSpring-1959-p48
N12Yellow Kodak 8x10x4 box: Photos 15026-19306 (B&W negatives, many seem to be culls)See indexes for other boxes with overlapping subjects
N12Negatives15026-15107 North Cascade aerials, Mt Index to PicketsFollowing subjects jump around, lightly indexed
N12Negatives15159-15214Sept 1956BarBQ Ranch, Idaho, dude ranch 
N12Negatives15231-15278 Oregon, east and west of Cascades, John Day country 
N12Negatives15306-15319 Mt Rainier, Paradise, Sunrise 
N12Negatives15395-15573 Northwest miscellany 
N12Negatives15601-15615 Sailboat racing 
N12Negatives15634-15744 Northwest miscellany 
N12Negatives15752-15858 Oregon, Crater Lake, etc 
N12Negatives15882-15900 Mt Baker skiers 
N12Negatives15956 Winter aerial, Chimney Rock area 
N12Negatives15971-15975 Peshastin Pinnacles rock climbing, Trigger Finger 
N12Negatives15995-16001 Stella Degenhardt, Gary Rose ski near Cascade Pass 
N12Negatives16012-16017 Airplane crop dusting 
N12Negatives16028-16461 Northwest miscellany 
N12Negatives16756-16838 Pleasure boats, fishing boats, marina, etc 
N12Negatives16926-16996 Mt Baker, Mt Shuksan area, summer 
N12Negatives17091-17137 Sheep herding 
N12Negatives17157-171911958Mt Olympus IGY winter, LaChapelle, skiers 
N12Negatives17330-17360 Boston Basin ski camp 
N12Negatives17369 Mt Rainier, Wilson Glacier ski camp 
N12Negatives17376-17980 Northwest miscellany 
N12Negatives17995 Fred Beckey, toasts Garibaldi Peak, Canadian Club 
N12Negatives18001-18066 Northwest miscellany 
N12Negatives18030-18069 Mt Rainier, Paradise, ice caves 
N12Negatives18070-18249 Malibu, Princess Louisa Inlet, B.C.Good coverage, not jumping around anymore
N12Negatives18271-18357 Horse pack trip, White Pass to Goat Rocks (Double-K Mtn Ranch) 
N12Negatives18372-18375Summer 1958Sekiu, Washington 
N12Negatives18395-18470Summer 1958Point of Arches, Olympic rainforest, Hurricane Ridge 
N12Negatives18481-18550 Miscellany, logger, hikers, Vancouver B.C. 
N12Negatives18552-18578 Mt Rainier aerials 
N12Negatives18598-18605 Mt Rainier, Longmire and Paradise 
N12Negatives18632-18694 Mt Rainier and miscellany 
N12Negatives18696-18705 Lake Chelan, Lucerne 
N12Negatives18715-18781 Lummi Stommish Water Carnival, Indian canoe racing etc 
N12Negatives18796-18843Aug 1958Seattle Seafair parade, hydroplace race 
N12Negatives18854-18855Autumn 1958Mt Shuksan, first snow of autumn 
N12Negatives18862-18881 Ellensburg rodeo 
N12Negatives18891-18916 Mt Baker ski areaThin coverage, jumping around again
N12Negatives18924-189611959Glacier Peak airborne ski trip (pilot Bill Fairchild) 
N12Negatives18966-18970Jan 1959Snoqualmie Summit ski area 
N12Negatives18971-18976Spring 1959Sammamish Slough speedboat race 
N12Negatives18984-18985June 1959Shelton Forest Festival, loggers 
N12Negatives18985-18990Oct 1957Mt Baker, Shuksan area, aerials 
N12Negatives19027-19036 Mt Rainier, Spring family ski camping tripMost images missing (see box N24)
N12Negatives19038-19085 Sailing yacht trip, Night Watch 
N12Negatives19091-19130 Foldboating Washington coast 
N12Negatives19136-19195 SE Washington, Chinook Pass, McNary Dam and lake 
N12Negatives19207-19306 SE Washington, Walla Walla, Clarkston-Lewiston, Snake River drive 
N13White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 17306-19999, 22001-22110, 28507-29865 (B&W negatives) 
N13Negatives17306 Mt Index from Stevens Pass highway 
N13Negatives17318-17368 Boston Basin ski camp, Stella Degenhardt, Rev. Otmar Boesch 
N13Negatives17383-17397 Wenatchee area, Lake Chelan, Ohme Gardens, Columbia River 
N13Negatives17401-17417 Cape Flattery, WA north coast 
N13Negatives17433 Whitehorse Mtn, Darrington WA 
N13Negatives17443-17452 Flying a sailplane in eastern Washington 
N13Negatives17466-17492 Whidbey or San Juan Islands? 
N13Negatives17502-17525 Hood Canal, rhododendrons, etc 
N13Negatives17534-17574 Sailing, San Juans or Puget Sound, clam digging 
N13Negatives17605-17618 Bellingham City Hall, Baker Lake 
N13Negatives17639-17656 Grand Coulee Dam 
N13Negatives17671-17705 Women's climbers camp on Inspiration Glacier, Eldorado Peak 
N13Negatives17723-17725 Flying a sailplane in eastern Washington 
N13Negatives17732-17735 Family camping at Fish LakeColor neg
N13Negatives17749-17848 Prevost Bay State Park, NW Indians in traditional dress 
N13Negatives17863-17888 Forest fire fighters 
N13Negatives17914-17934 Archaeology, arrowheads and rock carvings 
N13Negatives17941-17979 William O. Douglas wilderness beach hike, WA coast 
N13Negatives17986-17991 Fred Beckey climbing near Garibaldi Peak, Canadian Club 
N13Negatives18000-18024July 1958British Columbia, Mt Garibaldi scenics, Cultus Mtn fire 
N13Negatives18031-18064 Mt Rainier, SE side, scenics, horses, Paradise ice caves 
N13Negatives18071-18101 WA coast, Cava Alava to Cape Flattery, aerials 
N13Negatives18105-18112 WA coast, beach scenes, swimmers, walkers 
N13Negatives18138-18248 Malibu, Princess Louisa Inlet, B.C. 
N13Negatives18274-18358 Horse pack trip, White Pass to Goat Rocks (Double-K Mtn Ranch) 
N13Negatives18373-18474Summer 1958Point of Arches, Olympic rainforest, Hurricane Ridge, hot springs resort 
N13Negatives18495-18498 La Bohn Gap area, mining relics 
N13Negatives18499-18526 Alpine Lakes area, aerials, fishing 
N13Negatives18548-18550 Vancouver B.C. 
N13Negatives18556-18588 Mt Rainier aerials, glaciers 
N13Negatives18596-18638 Mt Rainier, Paradise, Klapatche Lake, hiking 
N13Negatives18655-18671 Monte Cristo family camping 
N13Negatives18676-18679 Mt Rainier, Paradise ice caves 
N13Negatives18682-18683 Hikers on WA coast, probably 
N13Negatives18695-18704 Lake Chelan, Lady of the Lake 
N13Negatives18710-18711 Baker Lake 
N13Negatives18717-18782 Lummi Stommish Water Carnival, Indian canoe racing etc 
N13Negatives18799-18844Aug 1958Seattle Seafair parade, hydroplace race 
N13Negatives18851-18853Autumn 1958Mt Shuksan, first snow of autumn 
N13Negatives18856-18883 Ellensburg rodeo 
N13Negatives18891-18895 Mt Baker ski area, Artist Point ski tourers 
N13Negatives18896-18897 Sailing, San Juans or Puget SoundColor neg
N13Negatives18898-18900 A few skiers and hikers in snowColor neg
N13Negatives18903-18916 Mt Baker ski area, lift skiers 
N13Negatives18921-189561959Glacier Peak airborne ski trip (pilot Bill Fairchild) 
N13Negatives18968Jan 1959Snoqualmie Summit ski area 
N13Negatives18972 Mini hydroplane race under a river bridge 
N13Negatives18979-18994 Hood Canal and rhodies 
N13Negatives19018-19028 Ski tour with Spring kids 
N13Negatives19040-19081 Sailing trip with Girl Scouts 
N13Negatives19092-19128 La Push, foldboating and fishing on the coast 
N13Negatives19137-19164 Longview and Vancouver, WA area, also rustic cabin unknown location 
N13Negatives19165-19180 Naches River, Chinook Pass 
N13Negatives19181-19339 Eastern Washington, Walla Walla, Palouse, Columbia River 
N13Negatives19346-19378July 1959Hurricane Ridge, some fishing, misc 
N13Negatives19386-19463 Alaska fishing boat, big glaciers 
N13Negatives19471-19507 Outboard boat to Juneau 
N13Negatives19521-19602 Tolmie Channel, B.C., totem poles, fishing boats, SE Alaska, etc 
N13Negatives19612-19645 Bicycle tour, Orcas Island 
N13Negatives19651-19657 Mt Rainier, SW side 
N13Negatives19673-19704 Mt Rainier, glacier climbers, summit crater camp and steam caves 
N13Negatives19706-19714 Blewett Pass, mine relics 
N13Negatives19715-19728 Columbia River, Chief Joseph Dam 
N13Negatives19741-19874Aug 1959NE Washington, Okanogan, Gardner Cave, Spokane, etc 
N13Negatives19881-19920 South Cascades, Packwood Lake, Goat Rocks, etc 
N13Negatives19911 Olympia WA state capitol 
N13Negatives19913-19939 More South Cascades, Mt Adams 
N13Negatives19944-19959 Pacific Beach, WA 
N13Negatives19966-19990 San Juan Island, Roche Harbor, English Camp, etc 
N13Negatives19991-19999 Chief Mungo Martin, Fort Rupert indians 
N13Negatives22001-22110c1944South Pacific islands 
N13Negatives28507-28524 Palouse wheat harvest 
N13Negatives28525-28535 Spokane, WA aerials 
N13Negatives28536-28543 Mt Rainier misc 
N13Negatives28546-28585Jan 1963Dog-sledders near Stampede Pass, some skijoring 
N13Negatives28586-28625 Dog-sledders in Teanaway Valley, some skijoring 
N13Negatives28626-28631Jan 1963Snoqualmie Summit ski area 
N13Negatives28632 Early snowmobile, Bombardier SkiDoo 
N13Negatives28635Mar 1964Snoqualmie Summit ski area 
N13Negatives28636-286501963Stevens Pass ski area, ski school class 
N13Negatives28651-28670Jan 1963Crystal Mtn ski area, also a sawmill 
N13Negatives28671-287001964Seattle, Montlake Cut, opening day of boating season 
N13Negatives28701-28735 Seattle Center, Space Needle, waterfront, fireboat ride 
N13Negatives28736-28769 Seattle waterfront, Elliot Bay to Lk Washington boat trip 
N13Negatives28761-28779 Alaska, coastal Indians in native dress 
N13Negatives28780-28795 Alaska coast, Ketchikan, Anchorage, Juneau 
N13Negatives28796-28845 Alaska, Arctic area, native people 
N13Negatives28846-28870 Alaska, Fairbanks area? 
N13Negatives28871-28880May 1964North Beach Pennisula, WA 
N13Negatives28881-28890June 1964Edmonds WA beach 
N13Negatives28896-28900Mar 1964Olympia WA, government building, capitol 
N13Negatives28902-28910 Mt St Helens, Spirit Lake canoe 
N13Negatives29001-29015 B.C. Highway 14 to Prince Rupert, totem poles 
N13Negatives29016-29030 Ketchikan, Alaska, waterfront and totem poles 
N13Negatives29031-29070 Fishing Humpback Lake near Ketchikan, Alaska (via seaplane) 
N13Negatives29071-29120 Logging and pulp mill, Thorne Bay, Alaska 
N13Negatives29121-29150 Wrangell, Alaska and Thomas Ukas, totem carver 
N13Negatives29151-29175 Ferry to Sitka, Alaska 
N13Negatives29176-29195 Aerial views of Alaska ferry 
N13Negatives29196-29230 Sitka, Alaska, including St Michael's Cathedral 
N13Negatives29231-29240 Juneau, Alaska, camping, glacier 
N13Negatives29241-29265 Haines, Alaska, waterfront, etc 
N13Negatives29266-20290 Port Chilkoot, Alaska, dancing girls, dancing Indians 
N13Negatives29291-29370 Skagway, Alaska, tourist attractions, dancing girls, museum, etc 
N13Negatives29371-29430 Point Barrow, Alaska 
N13Negatives29431-29490 Kotzebue, Alaska, eskimo village 
N13Negatives29491-29520 Kotzebue, Alaska, last day there, portraits of the people 
N13Negatives29521-29555 Nome, Alaska, town, waterfront, etc 
N13Negatives29556-29580 Nome, Alaska, King Island Village, native people 
N13Negatives29581-29610 Nome, Alaska, aerial views, dredges, etc 
N13Negatives29611-29630 Anchorage, Alaska, city 
N13Negatives29631-29665 Alyeska summer skiing, Turnagain Arm, Alaska 
N13Negatives29666-29695 Matanuska Valley, Alaska 
N13Negatives29696-29720 Katmai National Monument, Alaska 
N13Negatives29721-29750 Kodiak, Alaska, fishing boats, etc 
N13Negatives29751-29775 Columbia Glacier and Valdez, Alaska 
N13Negatives29776-29800 Seldovia, Alaska 
N13Negatives29801-298351960sOil drilling, Kenai and Cook Inlet, Alaska 
N13Negatives29836-29860 Alaska railroad 
N13Negatives29861-29865 Fairbanks, prospector (tourist attraction), Alaska Airline plane to Seattle 
N14Yellow Kodak 8x10x4 box: Photos 18901-19987, 24864-28545, 32852-34846 (B&W negatives) 
N14Negatives18901-18917c1950sSkiing, Mt Baker ski area 
N14Negatives18919-189651959Glacier Peak airborne ski trip (pilot Bill Fairchild) 
N14Negatives18967-18969 Skiing, Snoqualmie Summit 
N14Negatives18996-19000 Hood Canal and rhodies 
N14Negatives19038-19090 Sailing trip with Girl Scouts 
N14Negatives19091-19135 La Push, foldboating on the coast 
N14Negatives19167-19175June 1959Longview and Vancouver, WA area 
N14Negatives19167-19175 US-99 and Naches RiverRedundant numbering
N14Negatives19379-19385July 1959Hurricane Ridge 
N14Negatives19386-19469 Alaska fishing boat, big glaciers 
N14Negatives19470-19520 Outboard boat to Juneau 
N14Negatives19613-19639 Bicycle tour, Orcas Island 
N14Negatives19689-19697 Glacier climbers, Mt Rainier 
N14Negatives19756-19840 NE Washington, Okanogan Valley, Nighthawk, "Z" Canyon 
N14Negatives19852-19855Aug 1959Mt Spokane, chairlift 
N14Negatives19876-19880Aug 1959Spokane, WA 
N14Negatives19881-19890 Packwood Lake 
N14Negatives19918-19929 Summit Lake memorial cabin 
N14Negatives19943-19965 Ocean beach car camping 
N14Negatives19972-19987 Outboard boating, San Juans 
N14Negatives23162 Versailles, France 
N14Negatives24864-24890 Valdez, Alaska and vicinity 
N14Negatives24920-24950 Anchorage, Alaska and vicinity 
N14Negatives25001-25045 Tokeland to Westport, WA beaches, glass balls and driftwood 
N14Negatives25046-25095Aug 1959Tokeland to North Beach, WA, on US-101 
N14Negatives25096-25137 More WA coast pictures 
N14Negatives25173 Mt Rainier aerial 
N14Negatives25386-25397 Baker Lake dam 
N14Negatives25403 Canadian Club piton pasteup (falling climber) 
N14Negatives25425-25475c1960Ski areas, Mt Baker, Snoqualmie, Stevens, Kurt Beam 
N14Negatives25523-25902 Rivers and woods, misc 
N14Negatives25931-26060 Puget Sound area aerials 
N14Negatives26081-26125 NPS Student Conservation Program, WA coast 
N14Negatives26150-26199 Mt Rainier, Little Tahoma climbers, crevasses and seracs 
N14Negatives26203-26238 Junior Mountaineers trash cleanup at Copper Lake 
N14Negatives26267-26285 Group hike, Snow Lake (Snoqualmie Pass) 
N14Negatives26310-26364 Water skiing, groups, tricks, jumping 
N14Negatives26365-26410 San Juan Islands state parks 
N14Negatives26496-26504 White Pass, ski campout? 
N14Negatives26520-26523 Snoqualmie Summit ski area, lodge, tows, tractor 
N14Negatives26524 Snoqualmie Summit, Webb Moffett skis rope tow 
N14Negatives26525-26535 Snoqualmie Summit ski area, lodge, tows, tractor 
N14Negatives26537 Mt Shuksan from Austin Pass in snowColor neg
N14Negatives26544-26558 Ocean beach hike 
N14Negatives26576-26577c1962Seattle center, Space Needle 
N14Negatives26624 Skiers near Mazama Ridge, Mt Rainier 
N14Negatives26632-26646 Mt Rainier, Paradise snow plowing operations 
N14Negatives26681-26705 Junior high school biology, ocean beach 
N14Negatives26724 Snoqualmie Summit ski area 
N14Negatives26733-267401962Seattle World's Fair 
N14Negatives26910 Klapatche Park family hike 
N14Negatives27017-27045 Climbers, crevasse prusik practice 
N14Negatives27347-27392 Glacier climbers, Sahale, Rainier, Olympus 
N14Negatives27406-27439 Diablo Lake, Sourdough Mtn 
N14Negatives27480-274821962Seattle World's Fair 
N14Negatives27491-27503 Salmon jumping 
N14Negatives27520-27526 Edmonds ski school, Stevens Pass? 
N14Negatives27564-28009 Mt Rainier, Paradise ski area, operations, skiers 
N14Negatives28296-34416 Misc hikes, ocean and mountains 
N14Negatives34418-34419 USFS airplane 
N14Negatives34509-34846 Logging operations 
N15White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 25886-28498 (B&W negatives) 
N15Negatives25886-25909 Hoh River elk, Olympus ranger station 
N15Negatives25911-25930May 1961Sky Meadows Guest Ranch, near Cle Elum WA, horse riding 
N15Negatives25931-26053 Seattle, Puget Sound, aerial views 
N15Negatives26061-260801961Arlene Brandal, Tiger Mountain lookout 
N15Negatives26099-26126 North Washington coast, walkers and fishermen 
N15Negatives26127-26149 Justice Wm O. Douglas, probably around Goose Prairie, WA 
N15Negatives26150-25188 Mt Rainier, Little Tahoma climbers, crevasses and seracs 
N15Negatives26200-26219 Junior Mountaineers trash cleanup at Copper Lake 
N15Negatives26223-26240 Tabor-Crowder and families on Glacier Peak (USGS) 
N15Negatives26242-26259 Boat on Diablo Lake (Diablo II), Skagit tours 
N15Negatives26255-26264 San Juan ferry, aerial views 
N15Negatives26265-26289 Group hike, Snow Lake (Snoqualmie Pass) 
N15Negatives26290-26309 Junior Sportsmen, hunting, fishing, outdoor education 
N15Negatives26310-26357 Water skiing, groups, tricks, jumping 
N15Negatives26365-26400 San Juan Islands state parks 
N15Negatives26425-26428 Logging (log hauling) near Mt Rainier 
N15Negatives26429-26435 Big Four Mtn, Mountain Loop highway area, probably 
N15Negatives25436 Columbia River, near Hood River 
N15Negatives26442-26445 Dr. Collier sailboat 
N15Negatives26446-26454 Fish migration upstream, jumping 
N15Negatives26455-26459 Hood Canal Bridge, Mt Shuksan, skiers, misc 
N15Negatives26460-26490 Climbers low on Mt Rainier, probably winter 
N15Negatives26494-26495 Pheasant hunter 
N15Negatives26496-26505 White Pass skiers, snow shovelers 
N15Negatives26536-26538 Mt Baker winter cabin, jumping skiercolor negs
N15Negatives26539-26572 Washington coast, beach hikers 
N15Negatives26595 NY City Eastman Kodak mural with Spring photo of Mt Rainierseveral shots
N15Negatives26596-26600 Ferry sunset, probably Edmonds, WA 
N15Negatives26601-26620Mar 1962Deception Pass bridge, Whidbey Island, Arlington big tree stump 
N15Negatives26621-26622 Stevens Pass ski area 
N15Negatives26623-26655 Ski touring near Paradise, Mt Rainier, also snow plow at work 
N15Negatives26656-26670Feb-May 1962Seattle World's Fair, Space Needle etc 
N15Negatives26671-26690 Surf and rocks, Washington coast 
N15Negatives26706-26717 Snow campers among trees, goofing off 
N15Negatives26721-26725Jan 1962Snoqualmie Pass ski area 
N15Negatives26726-26730May 1962Opening day of boating season, Montlake Cut, UW 
N15Negatives26731-26750May 1962Seattle World's Fair, Space Needle etc 
N15Negatives26753-26763 Fisherman on a river 
N15Negatives26766-26775 Hood Canal Floating Bridge 
N15Negatives26776-268651962Oregon coast, shipwreck, headlands, light houses, roads, redwoods 
N15Negatives26867-26930Jul 1962Klapatche Park family hike 
N15Negatives26932-26970Jul 1962Olympic Penninsula, forest, Cape Alava, Cannonball Island 
N15Negatives26971-26975 Hurricane Ridge, summer 
N15Negatives26977-27000 Kitsap Penninsula, Chief Seattle's grave, Hood Canal, Poulsbo 
N15Negatives27001-2706419621963 American Everest Expedition, equipment testing on Mt Rainier 
N15Negatives27066-27075Aug 1962Orcas Island, ferry and bicycles 
N15Negatives27076-27083 Mt Rainier, Paradise area, horses and hikers 
N15Negatives27084 Paradise Ice Cave 
N15Negatives27089-27099 Mt Rainier, Paradise, Yakima Park, Tipsoo Lake 
N15Negatives27100-27105Sep 1962Mt Shuksan from NW 
N15Negatives27106-27175 Idaho, including (probably) Redfish Lake, Sawtooths (water skiing) 
N15Negatives27176-27229 Family hike with burro, location unknown (Idaho?) 
N15Negatives27230-27245 Wheat harvest 
N15Negatives27252-27275 Hiking, scrambling with kids, Gerry Cunningham 
N15Negatives27276-27339 Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, WY 
N15Negatives27340-27369 Rappeling, climbing, Pinnacle Peak, Mt Rainier, Lute Jerstad 
N15Negatives27370-27396 Mt Olympus climb, Dick McGowan 
N15Negatives27402-27429 Diablo Lake, Ross Dam, Sourdough Mtn family hike 
N15Negatives27430-27436 Orcas Island, Mt Constitution, bicycles 
N15Negatives27437-27448 Mt Rainier, logging trucks, USFS "multiple use" sign 
N15Negatives27450-27470 Skagit canoe trip 
N15Negatives27471-27477Oct 1962Mt Shuksan, deer in forest 
N15Negatives27478-27490Oct 1962Seattle World's Fair, Space Needle etc 
N15Negatives27492-27504Oct 1962Salmon falls, Sol Duc River (fish migration upstream) 
N15Negatives27505-27519 Mt Rainier in winter, some skiing 
N15Negatives27550-27555 Ski school at Stevens Pass 
N15Negatives27560-27606 Mt Rainier, Paradise in winter, skiers, ski patrol 
N15Negatives27607-27610 Opening day of boating season, Montlake Cut, UW 
N15Negatives27611-27645 Lady figure skaters (who?) 
N15Negatives27646-27651Jan 1962Alaska state ferry, Malaspina 
N15Negatives27652-27654 Christmas ship in Ballard Locks 
N15Negatives27657-27666Dec-Jan 1962-63Puget Sound sunsets 
N15Negatives27667-27670Dec 1962Realto Beach, WA coast 
N15Negatives27674-27687 Night skiing in snow storm, with flaming torchesMostly print negs
N15Negatives27700-27715 Alta, Utah skiing 
N15Negatives27716-27755 Figure skating, mostly pairs 
N15Negatives27756-27765 Mt Alyeska, Alaska skiing 
N15Negatives27766-27795 Flight to Aleutian Islands, Alaska 
N15Negatives27796-27855 King crab fishing from boats, Alaska 
N15Negatives27856-27900 Crab fishing boats, Alaska (Adak) 
N15Negatives27901-27920 Fur Rendezvous, dog sled races, Chilkat and eskimo dancers 
N15Negatives27921-27923 Ezra Meeker statue 
N15Negatives27925-27935 Sea foam on coastline 
N15Negatives27936-27947 Mt Rainier, Paradise winter, some skiers 
N15Negatives27948-27990 Snake River, Hell's Canyon, some boating 
N15Negatives27991-28010 Mt Rainier, Paradise skiers, rope tow 
N15Negatives28012-28055 Cruise ship off British Columbia coast, to Alaska? 
N15Negatives28056-28095 Skagway and White Pass railroad, Alaska 
N15Negatives28096-28109 Indian village, traditional arts and clothing 
N15Negatives28110-28140 Haines and Juneau, Alaska 
N15Negatives28141-28158 Airplane flight in Alaska 
N15Negatives28159-28170Apr-May 1963Alaska trip on Malaspina ferry 
N15Negatives28171-28192 Haines, Alaska fishing wharf 
N15Negatives28193-28195 Mt Rainier and stars, time exposure (south side) 
N15Negatives28196-28229 Pothole Lakes, aerial views and boating 
N15Negatives28230-28260 Grand Coulee Dam, Soap Lake, central WA 
N15Negatives28261-28264 Seattle ferrys and waterfront, UW aerial views 
N15Negatives28265-28322 Tofino, Vancouver Island west coast 
N15Negatives28323-28391 Yellowstone, geysers, river canoeing, fishing 
N15Negatives28395-28416 Trans-Canada highway, some Banff, mostly Rogers Pass 
N15Negatives28419-28425 Valley of Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake, Canadian Rockies, canoe 
N15Negatives28428-28434 Orcas Island ferry 
N15Negatives28438-28440 Climbing practice on Mt Rainier, Pinnacle Peak rappeling 
N15Negatives28441-28464 Mt Rainier, south side scenes 
N15Negatives28465 Jim Whittaker celebratory reception, by ski school? 
N15Negatives28466-28498 Family wheat farming 
N16White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 23908-25722, 30001-34000 (B&W negatives) 
N16Negatives22492-22499c1944South Pacific, color photosSpring-1998-ch4
N16Negatives23693 Chamoix in the Alps, plus a few more misc images 
N16Negatives23749 Kids and the Matterhorn, AlpsColor
N16Negatives23908-24840 Alaska and Richardson Highways 
N16Negatives24841-24863 Valdez, Alaska 
N16Negatives24891-24919 Coastal town, aerials (unknown location) 
N16Negatives25100-25110 Megler to Nasselle, WA on US-101 
N16Negatives25112-25150Aug 1959North Beach Peninsula, WA, aerials 
N16Negatives25152-25154 Mt Rainier from Sunrise area 
N16Negatives25349-25370 Okanogan cattle drive 
N16Negatives25381-25385Nov 1959Duckabush Farm, Edmonds sunset 
N16Negatives25387-25400 Baker Lake dam, aerials 
N16Negatives25401-25402 La Push, coastal pictures 
N16Negatives25404-25415 Bellingham, Mount Vernon area, aerials 
N16Negatives25416-25434Feb 1960Mt Baker ski area, chairlifts, skiing 
N16Negatives25436-25465June 1960Mountain Rescue Conference, Paradise, Mt Rainier 
N16Negatives25467-25470 Ski Acres ski area, Snoqualmie Pass 
N16Negatives25473-25480 Stevens Pass ski area, chairlifts, avalanche cleanup 
N16Negatives25481-255001960Opening day of boating season, Montlake Cut, Seattle 
N16Negatives25630Sep 1960Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho 
N16Negatives25631-25650Sep 1960Sawtooth Mtns, Redfish Lake, Idaho 
N16Negatives25652-25665Sep 1960Mt Rainier, fall color (Paradise area) 
N16Negatives25669-25695Oct 1960Burning trestle, Simpson (with a train on it!) 
N16Negatives25696-25703 Rock climbers (looks like Shawangunks, NY) 
N16Negatives25711 Hurricane Ridge skiing 
N16Negatives25714 Snoqualmie Summit ski areaSpring-1968-p8
N16Negatives25715-25722 Mt Baker skiing with Peggy and Willy StarkSpring-2004 page xvi
N16Negatives30001-31785 Japan (lots of pictures) 
N16Negatives31900-32083 Thailand (via Hong Kong) 
N16Negatives32093-32098 Taj Mahal, India 
N16Negatives32110-32205 Egypt, Greece, etc 
N16Negatives32401-32730 Yellowstone National Park 
N16Negatives32751-32780 Homeward from Yellowstone (Montana, Idaho, Pullman WA) 
N16Negatives32781-32800Aug 1964Rocky Reach Dam 
N16Negatives32801-328091964Mt Bachelor, OR, skiing 
N16Negatives32810-32847 Seattle skyline, Space Needle, including night shots 
N16Negatives32848-32865 Wallace Falls, near Index WA 
N16Negatives32868-32869 Space Needle, Seattle 
N16Negatives32870-32872 Farm near Orting, WA 
N16Negatives32875-32892 Mt Hood, Timberline Lodge, skiing 
N16Negatives32893-32914 Mt Pilchuck ski area 
N16Negatives32915-32929 Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival 
N16Negatives32930-32999 Logging operations, Simpson Co. 
N16Negatives33000-33025 Saw mill operations 
N16Negatives33030-33041 Car camping, unknown location 
N16Negatives33081-33140 Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC 
N16Negatives33141-33170July 1965Victoria, BC 
N16Negatives33171-33200July 1965Vancouver Island 
N16Negatives33201-33229 Strawberry harvest 
N16Negatives33230-33254 Mt Baker, Coleman Glacier studies 
N16Negatives33255-33263 Farm near Orting, WA 
N16Negatives33264-33280 North Cascades Highway construction 
N16Negatives33296-33301 Cascade Pass 
N16Negatives33302-33321 Mountain goats, lookout, and hikers at a lake 
N16Negatives33322-33330 Mt Baker, Coleman Glacier studies 
N16Negatives33331-33338 Climbers at Cascade Pass, Koolaid Lake, Magic Mtn 
N16Negatives33339-33385 North Cascade mountains, aerials, summer 
N16Negatives33386-33415 Methow Valley, smoke jumpers, Slate Peak lookout 
N16Negatives33417-33420 White River tree farm 
N16Negatives33421-33480 Marblemount, Hidden Lake Pk, Lookout Mtn, Diablo Lake, etc 
N16Negatives33427-33441 Lookout Mountain (near Eldorado Pk) 
N16Negatives33501-33522 Boundary Dam, Pend Orielle River 
N16Negatives33555-33564 Mt Jupiter, Olympic Mtns 
N16Negatives33566-33599 Entiat Valley church hike 
N16Negatives33600-33639 Apple growers 
N16Negatives33640-33674 100 Hikes, Snoqualmie Pass area 
N16Negatives33675-33699 100 Hikes, Stevens Pass area 
N16Negatives33700-33714 100 Hikes, north and east of Mt Rainier 
N16Negatives33715-33725 100 Hikes, Cle Elum area 
N16Negatives33726-33750 100 Hikes, Mountain Loop highway area 
N16Negatives33751-33759 100 Hikes, Mt Baker, Park Butte 
N16Negatives33781-33816 Mish-mash of hiking, logging, canoeing (Cascades, Tetons) 
N16Negatives33821-33850Sep 1965Douglas trail ride (horses), Randle to BlankenshipWilliam O. Douglas?
N16Negatives33851-33875Sep 1965Douglas trail ride (horses), Little Caroline Lake 
N16Negatives33876-33900 Douglas trail ride (horses), Ewing Basin 
N16Negatives33901-33930Summer 1965Bumping River camp trip, plus Chinook Pass 
N16Negatives33931-33960Aug 1965Tipsoo Lake, Crystal Mtn, Colorama trip with Burtons 
N16Negatives33961-34000Aug 1965Skagit River kayaking, below Gorge powerhouse 
N17White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 34031-36720 (B&W negatives) 
N17Negatives34031-34048 Mr Willgress fishing in Stillaguamish Riverprint negs only
N17Negatives34054-34105Jul 1965San Juan Island, ferry, sights 
N17Negatives34106-34120Mar 1965Orting daffodils, etc 
N17Negatives34200-34245 Snoqualmie Pass ski areas, aerials, night skiing, ski touring 
N17Negatives34246-34270 Garibaldi, Whistler Mtn ski area, B.C., gondola, some aerials 
N17Negatives34271-34300 Mt Shuksan, Mt Baker ski area, other North Cascades, aerials 
N17Negatives34301-34314 Mt Pilchuck, Stevens Pass ski areas, aerials 
N17Negatives34315-34375 Crystal Mtn, White Pass ski areas, misc North Cascades, aerials 
N17Negatives34382-34399 Seattle and Vancouver B.C. aerials 
N17Negatives34400-34430 Smoke jumpers, probably Twisp, WA 
N17Negatives34431-34449 Ape Caves, near Mt St Helens 
N17Negatives34450-34459 Ocean scenes in winter, sea stacks 
N17Negatives34460-34479 Mt Shuksan climbers, including Helga 
N17Negatives34480-34485 Fishing Stillaguamish River below Mt Index 
N17Negatives34486-34508 Mt Rainier, south side scenes including alpine campground 
N17Negatives34510-34539 Loading logging trucks, Cascade mountains near Darrington 
N17Negatives34540-34559 Mt St Helens, water skiing on Spirit Lake 
N17Negatives34560-34570 Camping at Price Lake, Mt Shuksan 
N17Negatives34571-34624 Logging, river log drive 
N17Negatives34625-34649 Palouse country, rivers and canyons 
N17Negatives34650-34679 Snake River, Hell's Canyon, by boat 
N17Negatives34686-34687 Hikers on Polallie Ridge (or thereabouts), view to Chimney Rock 
N17Negatives34688-34714 Beacon Rock, OR 
N17Negatives34715-34755 Lake Chelan, Lady of the Lake, Stehekin, sights and road 
N17Negatives34756-34785 Boston Basin mountaineering class, Sahale Pk climb, helicopter 
N17Negatives34780-34785 Snoqualmie River falls 
N17Negatives34786-34839 Whatcom Pass, Mt Challenger, climbers, camp sites 
N17Negatives34842-34859 Family christmas tree cutting 
N17Negatives34860-34869 Poison plants in forest 
N17Negatives34870-34880 Forest, river and waterfall 
N17Negatives34885-34894 Autumn and Mt Shuksan, from Mt Baker ski area 
N17Negatives34897-34909 Cooper Lake, Lake Wenatchee, autumn 
N17Negatives34916-34919 Nooksack River area, petrified leaves? 
N17Negatives34920-34936 Mt Rainier, various sides, not closeup, often from roads, trails 
N17Negatives34937-34969 Olympic Mountains, mostly forests or distant views, autumn? 
N17Negatives34970-34987 Skagit River area, car camping? 
N17Negatives34996-34998 Flowers 
N17Negatives34999 Multnomah Falls, OR 
N17Negatives35001-35085 Blaine Peace Arch, Vancouver Island, B.C Ferry, Prince Rupert 
N17Negatives35089-35175c1966SW Alaska, towns, Juneau Ice Cap 
N17Negatives35306-35346 Alaska, Muir Inlet, Glacier Bay, plus misc (not many shots) 
N17Negatives35388-35420 Alaska Ferry, Juneau to Wrangell 
N17Negatives35434-35470 Haines, Alaska 
N17Negatives35471-35510 Port Chilkoot, Alaska, Indian art school and dancers 
N17Negatives35511-35555 Nome, Alaska, Eskimo blanket toss and dancing 
N17Negatives35557-35580 Eskimos, kayaks, and beluga whales 
N17Negatives35581-35605 Noma, Alaska, eskimo portraits and reindeer 
N17Negatives35606-35645 Alaska (Nome area?) Engstrom's gold panning, mine 
N17Negatives35646-35660 Kotzebue, Alaska, Eskimo village 
N17Negatives35661-35700 King Island, Diomede Island, mostly aerial shots 
N17Negatives35751-35775 Alaska, highways to Anchorage and Fairbanks 
N17Negatives35776-35800 Stern wheel boat, old town, near Fairbanks, Alaska? 
N17Negatives35801-35850 Dawson, Yukon Territory, roads to and from 
N17Negatives35851-35920 White Pass Railroad, Whitehorse, Skagway, Yukon-Alaska 
N17Negatives35921-35940Oct 1966Alaska Airlines, Boeing 727 inaugural celebration 
N17Negatives36001-36041 Canada, NW Territories, Seattle to Edmonton flight, Hay River 
N17Negatives36042-36075 Canada, NW Territories, Mackenzie River, Alexandra Falls 
N17Negatives36076-36125 Canada, NW Territories, to Fort Rae and Yellowknife 
N17Negatives36126-36155 Canada, NW Territories, Norman Wells 
N17Negatives36156-36185 Canada, NW Territories, Inuvik 
N17Negatives36186-36235 Canada, NW Territories, Tuktoyaktuk 
N17Negatives36236-36255 Canada, NW Territories, Aklavik 
N17Negatives36256-36287 Canada, NW Territories (probably), location unknown 
N17Negatives36516-36537 WA Cascades, Darrington area, Verlot, Mtn Loop, Glacier Peak 
N17Negatives36538-36547 Stevens Pass corridor, photos from camping books 
N17Negatives36548-36555 Wenatchee, Leavenworth camping 
N17Negatives36556-36572 Chelan, Methow Valley camping 
N17Negatives36590-36600 Aerials, Crystal Mtn ski area, Mt Shuksan, etc 
N17Negatives36601-36609 Mission Ridge ski area, etc 
N17Negatives36610-36628 Crystal Lake, Summerland ski tours, Goat Rocks aerials 
N17Negatives36629-36635 Stevens Pass, Heather Ridge ski guide, plus misc aerials (e.g. Shuksan) 
N17Negatives36636-36650 More Stevens Pass, Mt Townsend, ski guide book 
N17Negatives36651-36665 Mt Hood, Oregon, ski areas and some aerials 
N17Negatives36666-36690 Extra skiing (Crystal Lake, Summerland) and ski related aerials 
N17Negatives36692-36720 Snoqualmie Pass area, camping books, plus miscellany 
N18White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 50000-50879, 51500-52499 (B&W negatives) 
N18Negatives50000-50879c1967-68Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland 
N18Negatives51500-51529 Western Washington, camping quick? 
N18Negatives51530-51549 Washington ocean coast 
N18Negatives51560-51567 Naches and Snoqualmie Passes, camping 
N18Negatives51568-51578 White Pass, Packwood, Randle area camping 
N18Negatives51581-51607 Berry fields to Lewis River camping 
N18Negatives51609-51634pre-1980Mt St Helens, Spirit Lake area, White River and Mt Rainier 
N18Negatives51635-51670c1968Mt Baker ski area, chairlifts, avalanche control, Otto Trott 
N18Negatives51671-51683 Suiattle River, mainly forest 
N18Negatives51685-51690 Mt Rainier forest 
N18Negatives51699-51759c1968Lou Whittaker, Mt Rainier serac climbing, aid, jumps, rappels 
N18Negatives51760-51819 Kayaking, Skykomish river touring, whitewater 
N18Negatives51820-51859 North Cascades heli aerials, Ragged Ridge to Pickets, etc 
N18Negatives51860-51889 Washington coast, fishing, beaches, lighthouse 
N18Negatives51890-51929 Southern Washington, Columbia River 
N18Negatives51930-51941 Clam bake and seafood restaurant 
N18Negatives51948-51956 Mt Rainier, Paradise visitor center, ice caves, Sunrise 
N18Negatives51957-52034 Alpine wild flowers in spring 
N18Negatives52035-52041 Thornton Lakes, Trappers Peak 
N18Negatives52066-52089 Junior mtn work party, Mt Baker area, glaciers 
N18Negatives52090-52129 U.S.-Canada border area, Skagit River B.C. 
N18Negatives52090-52109 Mt Rainier photo assignment, old forest, ParadiseDuplicate numbering
N18Negatives52130-52154 Washington-Idaho border area 
N18Negatives52155-52179 Igloo building and living 
N18Negatives52180-52193 Mt Rainier, south side hikes, low and high 
N18Negatives52194-52209 Mt Rainier, north side hikes, Mowich and Mystic Lakes, Willis Wall 
N18Negatives52210-52235 Mt Rainier, east side hikes, White River, Sunrise etc 
N18Negatives52236-52269 Mt Rainier, south and SE side hikes 
N18Negatives52270-52335 Alpine wild flowers 
N18Negatives52350-52390 Ocean breakers, shipwreck 
N18Negatives52391-52399 Arctic snowmobile rider, Point Barrow, AK 
N18Negatives52401-52436c1968Mt Rainier, Paradise ski area, transition to snow play area 
N18Negatives52451-52499 Puget Sound area lowland hikes, for Footsore books? 
N19White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 54151-57618 (B&W negatives) 
N19Negatives54151-541801970Winter scenes, Paradise, rivers, etc 
N19Negatives54181-54199 Horsethief Lake State Park, Columbia River 
N19Negatives54200-54219 Moses Coulee, Columbia River 
N19Negatives54220-54245 Northern California Mtns, Mt Shasta, etc 
N19Negatives54251-54314 Oregon Mtns, Crater Lake to Mt Hood, etc 
N19Negatives54315-54322 Columbia Gorge, waterfalls etc 
N19Negatives54323-54347 Oregon, Smith Rocks, Stein's Pillar, etc 
N19Negatives54348-54399 Oregon, mostly inland locations 
N19Negatives54400-54420 Idaho mountains, probably western Idaho 
N19Negatives54421-54479 Wyoming mountains, Tetons, Wind Rivers, some rock climbers 
N19Negatives54663 Mt Waddington, B.C. aerial photo 
N19Negatives54480-54549 Montana mountains 
N19Negatives54550-54609 Canadian Rockies, Assiniboine, Temple, Robson, etc 
N19Negatives54610-54699 B.C. mountains, Bugaboos, Rogers Pass, Garibaldi, Waddington aerials 
N19Negatives54700-54749 North Cascades aerials, mostly Pickets to Eldorado, snowy 
N19Negatives54750-54829 Washington photos for Byron Fish books 
N19Negatives54830-54849 Mount Si 
N19Negatives54850-54855 Logging trucks near Darrington, WA 
N19Negatives54856-54870 Hoh Valley, Olympic Penninsula 
N19Negatives54871-54890 Migrating geese 
N19Negatives54890-54905 Nordic ski tour, Gary Rose and others, Hurricane Ridge 
N19Negatives54906-549171972Winter scenes, including top of Alpental ski area 
N19Negatives54918-549251972Ocean scenes in winter 
N19Negatives54926-549501972Big Beaver Valley rain forest 
N19Negatives54951-54971 Idaho wilderness, Sawtooths etc 
N19Negatives54972-55016 Wyoming mountains, Tetons, etc 
N19Negatives55017-55048 Montana mountains 
N19Negatives55056-55080 Horseshoe Basin, Pasayten wilderness 
N19Negatives55081-55121 California, Redwoods, etc 
N19Negatives55122-55179 Oregon, mostly Cascade mountains 
N19Negatives55180-552291973Unsoeld family on Eldorado PeakSpring-2004-p45 similar
N19Negatives55265-55334 North Cascades, esp. Hwy 20, WA Pass, Easy Pass, Winthrop 
N19Negatives55335-55340 Olympic mountains, backpacking 
N19Negatives55358-55410 Europe, Alps, AthensMost negs are missing
N19Negatives55412-55625 Africa, animals, people, placesMany negs are missing
N19Negatives55630-55651 Ocean, sea stacks, Washington coast 
N19Negatives55656-55675 Eastern Washington farms, some aerial views 
N19Negatives55676-55699 Farming, also Highway 9 
N19Negatives55700-55703 Mt Index, Skykomish River 
N19Negatives55710-55789 Southwest U.S., canyons, Mesa Verde 
N19Negatives55790-55799 Ocean whales spouting 
N19Negatives55800-55819 Tumwater Canyon, road level scenes 
N19Negatives55820-55849 Leavenworth rock climbing, Classic Crack, Castle Rock, Trigger Finger 
N19Negatives55850-56002 Flora and/or logging 
N19Negatives56010-56085 Mt Rainier, south side, some Spray Park, scenes, flora/fauna 
N19Negatives56086-56189 Olympic mountains, Mt Olympus, High Divide, goats etc 
N19Negatives56190-56219 Grand Coulee area and dam 
N19Negatives56220-56259 Glacier National Park 
N19Negatives56260-56339 Gifford Pinchot forest, mostly flowers 
N19Negatives56350-56499 Gifford Pinchot forest, Mt Adams, Mt St Helens, logging, summit climb 
N19Negatives56500-56509 Ocean, shipwreck trail 
N19Negatives56521-56657 Mostly flowers 
N19Negatives56730-56749 Rocky Mountains, Colorado? 
N19Negatives56750-56772 Forests and Mt Shuksan, summer 
N19Negatives56780-567991973Nordic skiing, Stuart Lake, etc 
N19Negatives56800-56809 Two Captains area, SE Washington 
N19Negatives56810-56816 Commonwealth Basin 
N19Negatives56816-56829 Tolt pipeline trail, trees and light 
N19Negatives56830-56879Jan 1974Pacific coast beaches 
N19Negatives56880-56910 Birds 
N19Negatives56911-56945 Yellowstone winter, mostly animals 
N19Negatives56946-56949 JanSport packs, tents, etc 
N19Negatives56950-56999 Tule Lake wildlife refuge, California 
N19Negatives57000-57035 Crater Lake in winter, lava beds 
N19Negatives57036-57091 Eastern Washington birds, flowers 
N19Negatives57092-57179 Eastern Washington scenes, various, some aerials 
N19Negatives57180-57229 Redwoods, California4x5 negs
N19Negatives57230-57314 Redwoods, California120 size negs
N19Negatives57315-57329 Oregon Caves, inside and outside 
N19Negatives57330-57400 Sawtooth recreation area, Idaho 
N19Negatives57401-57499 Crater Lake in summer, Oregon 
N19Negatives57501-57590 Crater Lake, plus flowers and critters 
N19Negatives57591-57618 Ocean shoreline, forest with light beams, birds 
N20White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 52500-54147, 57617-58699 (B&W negatives) 
N20Negatives52500-52608c1969Puget Sound area destinations, mostly lowlandsToo many to list
N20Negatives52611-52630 Elk feeding, winter, Oak Creek wildlife area 
N20Negatives52631-52699 Flowers 
N20Negatives52711-52724c1968Mt Rainier, Paradise, inn, visitor center, hiking, ice caves 
N20Negatives52730-52769 Mostly flowers (a few birds, marmots) 
N20Negatives52770-52809 Mt Rainier aerials, closeup (glaciers, summit, climbers, Paradise) 
N20Negatives52811-52835 Mt Rainier climbers (Lou Whittaker, crevasses, seracs, Camp Muir) 
N20Negatives52852-52879 Vantage petrified forest (Edmonds school field trip) 
N20Negatives52880-52899 UW biology field trip (Easton?) 
N20Negatives52900-52920 Naches Trail to Puget Sound 
N20Negatives52921-52950 Making fiberglass kayaks, running river slalom 
N20Negatives52951-53089 Point Barrow Alaska, Eskimo life, focus on kids 
N20Negatives53090-53103 Trees and bark, Mt Rainier NP 
N20Negatives53110-53127 100 Hikes, North Cascades (Baker, Shuksan, Ruth, Snowking) 
N20Negatives53128-53159 100 Hikes, North Cascades (various) 
N20Negatives53160-53229 Stehekin WA in winter 
N20Negatives53230-53250 Hawaii? (tropical, volcanic) 
N20Negatives53258-53280 100 Hikes, Mountain loop, Glacier Peak area 
N20Negatives53281-53302 100 Hikes, Lake Wenatchee to Napeequa area 
N20Negatives53306-53345 Ocean pictures, Oregon-Washington coast 
N20Negatives53346-53360 Helicopter skiing, Mt Cashmere 
N20Negatives53362-53365 100 Hikes, North Cascades (Stehekin Horseshoe Basin) 
N20Negatives53366-53389 100 Hikes, North Cascades (mostly east side) 
N20Negatives53390-53420Apr 1970Puget Sound water pollution (visually dramatic sources) 
N20Negatives53421-53440 Oak Creek wildlife area, elk 
N20Negatives53443-53488 Canadian interior ranges (some shots of Mt Robson) 
N20Negatives53491-53519 Climbers, Lou Whittaker, crevasse jumping, tyrolians, etcWhittaker-1994 cover, similar
N20Negatives53520-53529 Ocean Shores, Catala shipwreck 
N20Negatives53530-53557 100 Hikes, Olympic Mtns, Enchanted Valley, Mt Anderson, etc 
N20Negatives53558-53570 100 Hikes, Lake LaCrosse, Olympic Mtns 
N20Negatives53590-53613 100 Hikes, Southern Cascades, Goat Rocks, Mt Adams, etc 
N20Negatives53614-53641 100 Hikes, Southern Cascades, Mt St Helens, etc 
N20Negatives53642-53669 Forest flora 
N20Negatives53676-53692 100 Hikes, Alpine Lakes (Mt Index, Pratt Lake, etc) 
N20Negatives53693-53722 100 Hikes, Alpine Lakes (Mt Daniel, Lemah Mtn, etc) 
N20Negatives53723-53737 100 Hikes, Alpine Lakes (Ingalls Lake, Mt Stuart, etc) 
N20Negatives53742 100 Hikes, Bandera Mtn 
N20Negatives53743-53747 100 Hikes, Mt Stuart, Stuart Lake 
N20Negatives53763-53791 100 Hikes, Enchantment Lakes 
N20Negatives53810-53850 Kobe, Japan 
N20Negatives53851-53979 Japan, more 
N20Negatives53996-54000 Hong Kong 
N20Negatives54006-54034 Hawaii 
N20Negatives54042-54090 Miscellany, Puget Sound, Pacific Coast, etc 
N20Negatives54101-54147 Yellowstone NP, wildlife, elk, bison, etc 
N20Negatives57617-57684 Redwoods, California (lots of flora, fauna shots) 
N20Negatives57685-57734 N Cascades aerials (esp. Baker/Shuksan, Pickets, Eldorado) 
N20Negatives57735-57801 Olympic Mountains, mostly wildlife and flora 
N20Negatives57805-57829 Olympic Mountains, lakes and peaks 
N20Negatives57833-57865 Eastern Washington, mostly lake scenes 
N20Negatives57866-57879 Robin Lake, Mt Daniel 
N20Negatives57880-57949 Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, scenics, glaciers, logging 
N20Negatives57950-57999 Rocky Mountain scenes and animals 
N20Negatives58000-58050 San Juan Islands 
N20Negatives58060-58099 Mt Baker (Park Butte), North Cascades Highway, Black Peak, etc 
N20Negatives58100-58292 Rocky Mountain flowers, geyser 
N20Negatives58300-58319 Nordic ski touring 
N20Negatives58320-58359 Skagit River eagles 
N20Negatives58360-58360 Olympic game farm, elk, bison 
N20Negatives58400-58410 Mt Baker crater steaming (plus other stuff) 
N20Negatives58411-58420 Beach wildlife (from Redwoods trip?) 
N20Negatives58421-58471 South Cascade Glacier studies, plus White Rock Lakes 
N20Negatives58480-58529 Potholes lakes or reservoir, eastern WA 
N20Negatives58530-58569 Oak Creek wildlife area 
N20Negatives58570-58634 Wildlife, mostly birds and flora 
N20Negatives58635-58699 Misc wildlife 
N21White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 58700-60994, 63736-64042 (B&W negatives) 
N21Negatives58700-58710 Misc wildlife (probably Oak Creek area) 
N21Negatives58710-58725 North Cascades, Cascade Pass, mostly critters 
N21Negatives58726-59199 Wildlife and habitat, locations unspecified 
N21Negatives59200-59224 Wildlife and habitat, Yellowstone and Europe 
N21Negatives59270-59329 Wildlife and habitat, California 
N21Negatives59330-59379 Wildlife, Northwest Trek 
N21Negatives59380-59434 Wildlife and habitat, Yellowstone and Tetons 
N21Negatives59435-59479 Wildlife and habitat, Point of Arches 
N21Negatives59480-59639 Europe, Alps, hiking, wildlife 
N21Negatives59640-59709 101 and 102 Hikes book photosPoorly labeled
N21Negatives59710-59750 Ocean, Washington coast, beaches, sea stacks 
N21Negatives59750-59839 Mexico, whales and other ocean shore wildlife 
N21Negatives59840-59920 Wildlife areas, Oregon, California? 
N21Negatives59921-60020Feb 1977Wildlife, Southwest U.S. 
N21Negatives60021-60193 Photos for western WA hiking books, e.g. Footsore seriesGenerally well labeled
N21Negatives60200-602691979Europe, Alpine countriesGenerally well labeled
N21Negatives60271-60516 Washington and Oregon, no apparent organizationPoorly labeled
N21Negatives60520-60565 Methow Valley nordic skiing, Don and Sally Portman 
N21Negatives60580-60693 Western WA hiking, including Ptarmigan TraverseGenerally well labeled
N21Negatives60700-60733 Europe, Alpine countriesGenerally well labeled
N21Negatives60734-60881 Mostly wildlife and habitat, Washington?Poorly labeled
N21Negatives60885-60994 Washington lookouts, including historic copy negativesGenerally well labeled
N21Negatives63736-63916 Photos for western WA hiking books, e.g. Footsore seriesGenerally well labeled
N21Negatives63931-64042 Mostly western WA hikes, but also some Asia, New Zealand, etcGenerally well labeled
N22White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 22091-22331, 24405-25735, 63000-63542 (B&W negatives) 
N22Negatives22091-22120c1944Manilla, Philippines 
N22Negatives22121-22125 Mindanao, Philippines 
N22Negatives22121-22125 New Guinea 
N22Negatives22151-22190 Admiralty Islands 
N22Negatives22191-22210 Guadalcanal 
N22Negatives22211-22220 Northern Solomon Islands 
N22Negatives22221-22331 More South Pacific, probably Philippines 
N22Negatives24405-24495 Camp Denali, Alaska, working on lodge 
N22Negatives24496-24535 Fairbanks, Alaska, ground scenes 
N22Negatives24536-24560 Fairbanks, Alaska, aerials 
N22Negatives24561-24585 Fairbanks, Alaska, Golden Days 
N22Negatives24586-24640 Fairbanks, Alaska, Eskimo Olympics 
N22Negatives24641-24675 Fairbanks, Alaska, MS Discovery, stern wheeler 
N22Negatives24676-24720 Fairbanks, Alaska, gold dredging operations 
N22Negatives25171-25177 Mt Rainier aerials 
N22Negatives25190-25200Aug 1959Cle Elum, WA, ranch area 
N22Negatives25201-25215 Potholes Reservoir, central WA 
N22Negatives25216-25230 The Potholes, central WA 
N22Negatives25231-25245Sep 1959Dry Coulee area, Summer Falls, central WA 
N22Negatives25246-25348 Backcountry cattlemen on horseback, Okanogan, WA 
N22Negatives25501-25510July 1960Everett, WA 
N22Negatives25511-25520 Japanese Teahouse, probably Seattle Arboretum 
N22Negatives25521-25525 Fishing in a water carved river bed 
N22Negatives25526-25560July 1960Seafair Parade, Seattle 
N22Negatives25561-25602Aug 1960Seafair hydroplane race, Seattle 
N22Negatives25603-25605 Edmonds, WA, sunset 
N22Negatives25606-25622 Sun Valley, Idaho, summer 
N22Negatives25732-25735 Ira Spring selects photos for "This Is Washington" book 
N22Negatives63000-63148c1980sPhotos for western WA hiking books, e.g. Footsore seriesGenerally well labeled
N22Negatives63149-63159 Vicky Spring photos from Africa, some Europe 
N22Negatives63171-63218c1980sPhotos for eastern WA hiking booksGenerally well labeled
N22Negatives63219-63225c1980sBritish Columbia hikesGenerally well labeled
N22Negatives63226-63229c1980sCalifornia hikesGenerally well labeled
N22Negatives63230-63232c1980sMontana hikesGenerally well labeled
N22Negatives63233-63241c1980sMore western hikes, Oregon, Wyoming, Idaho, MontanaGenerally well labeled
N22Negatives63250-63542c1980sHiking photos, Cascades, Olympics and western WAGenerally well labeled
N23Brown 12x14x6 Sierra Trading Post box: Photos 61003-63732 (B&W negatives) 
N23Negatives61003-61019 Mostly Cascade lookouts 
N23Negatives61050-61070 Mt Rainier, Paradise in winter (snowshoers, tubers) 
N23Negatives61071-610891978Nordic ski touring, Mountain Home ski area 
N23Negatives61090-61105 Mt Baker, Shuksan, Chain Lakes 
N23Negatives61120-61153 Western WA miscellany 
N23Negatives61161-61172 Skagit River eagles 
N23Negatives61175-61199 Miscellany, no common subject or theme 
N23Negatives61200-61231 Spain and France? 
N23Negatives61240-61269c1980Movie production, mountain rescue, Cascade Pass area 
N23Negatives61270-61309 Mountain goat research, Olympics 
N23Negatives61310-61311pre 5/18/1980Mt St Helens preliminary eruption 
N23Negatives61390-61396 England, a few pictures (not in cities) 
N23Negatives61420-61529 Scenes throughout Pacific Northwest (for ASHCAP book?) 
N23Negatives61530-61559 Yosemite Valley, more California 
N23Negatives61560-61562c1980sParadise ice caves, roof collapsing 
N23Negatives615631980Mt St Helens from Mt Rainier, post-eruption 
N23Negatives61570-61588 Ocean beach, sea stacks 
N23Negatives61590-61595 Western WA rivers 
N23Negatives61626-61638 France, Mont Saint-Michel 
N23Negatives61664-61678 Glacier Peak area, Lyman Lake, Buck Pass, Image Lake etc 
N23Negatives61683-61752 Misc western Washington, for Trips/Trails and Footsore books 
N23Negatives61771-61784 Mountain goats and their removal 
N23Negatives61786-61809 Yellowstone 
N23Negatives61840-61843 UW Arboretum, including bridge jumping 
N23Negatives61850-61907 Tetons, Wyoming in winter 
N23Negatives61920-620121982Oregon coast, many locationsGenerally well labeled
N23Negatives62012-62019 Tetons, Wyoming in winter 
N23Negatives62020-62025July 1982Mt St Helens, devastated area 
N23Negatives62040-62069 Flora and fauna, misc 
N23Negatives62073-62075 Mt St Helens, devastated area 
N23Negatives62080-62099 Panama, school, canal, birds, etc 
N23Negatives62100-62105 Switzerland 
N23Negatives62261-62266 Mono Lake, CA 
N23Negatives62275-62322 Southwest U.S. (Utah, Colorado, Arizona) 
N23Negatives62323-62401 Alaska: Sitka, Ketchikan, Wrangell, Skagway, Glacier Bay 
N23Negatives62440-62442 Mt Shuksan from Lake Ann 
N23Negatives62443-62725c1980sMisc Cascade/Olympic hikes (all over the place, a few random pics)Generally well labeled
N23Negatives62771-62838 B&W copies of older color pics (mostly South Pacific) 
N23Negatives62874-63597c1980sMisc Cascade/Olympic hikes (all over the place, a few random pics)Generally well labeled
N23Negatives63601-63610 B&W copies of older color pics (mostly Europe) 
N23Negatives63720-63732 Puget Sound area parks 
N24Brown 8x11x16 box: 4x5 B&W negatives (grouped by subject)Box contains many "select" images. As of 4/28/2014, this box is still held by John Spring (TBD).
N24Negatives  Rock climbing 
N24Negatives  Glacier climbing 
N24Negatives  Alpine climbing (mixed snow and rock environment) 
N24Negatives  Mountain safety/rescue 
N24Negatives  Fishing and hunting 
N24Negatives  Ocean, marine subjects 
N24Negatives  Animals and wildlife 
N24Negatives  Glaciers 
N24Negatives  Lakes and boats 
N24Negatives  Europe (mostly tourist sites, fine photos) 
N24Negatives  Travel, Europe 
N24Negatives  Travel, Japan 
N24Negatives  Travel, Alaska/Canada 
N24Negatives  Travel, Western U.S. 
N24Negatives  Travel, Pacific Northwest 
N24Negatives  People (some nice outdoor portraits) 
N24Negatives  Spring family (including extended family) 
N24Negatives  Backroads and bikes 
N24Negatives  Scenic, volcanos 
N24Negatives  Scenic, not volcanos 
N24Negatives  Hiking and camping 
N24Negatives  Skiing, resort 
N24Negatives  Skiing, backcountry 
N24Negatives19004-19038c1959Mt Rainier, Spring family ski camping trip 
N24Negatives52044-52065c1968Hannegan Pass, Harvey Manning family hike 
N24Negatives  Seattle, miscellany 
N24Negatives  Kids, miscellany 
N24Negatives  Miscellany 
SP01White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 9-6551, 22503-23491, 23916-24917 (8x10 B&W show prints) 
SP01Prints 8x109-69c1940sSeattle area, boats, UW, aquarium, public market 
SP01Prints 8x10109 Farm scene, eastern Washington 
SP01Prints 8x10123-128 Seattle waterfront 
SP01Prints 8x10725 Oldest apple tree in WA 
SP01Prints 8x10855-876 Washington scenes, misc 
SP01Prints 8x10894-910 Climbing on Mt Shuksan, rock and ice, Fisher Chimneys area 
SP01Prints 8x10927-963 Mt Rainier, skiing at Paradise 
SP01Prints 8x10987-1130 Logging and milling operations, fiberboard (Simpson Co.) 
SP01Prints 8x101141-1145 Farm scenes 
SP01Prints 8x101160-1165 Central WA College, petroglyphs, archaeology 
SP01Prints 8x101183-1196 Seattle, Olympia, Puget Sound area scenes 
SP01Prints 8x101202-1233 Misc NW scenes, including Portland flood 
SP01Prints 8x101238-1241 Rural scenes, Duckabush Valley 
SP01Prints 8x101242-1253 Washington coast 
SP01Prints 8x101261-1267 Mt Shuksan, Heather Meadows area 
SP01Prints 8x101271-1274 Logging, farming, Darrington 
SP01Prints 8x101286-1336 Mt Rainier, climbers on Emmons, Winthrop glaciers 
SP01Prints 8x101347-1361 Mt Rainier, south side, flowers 
SP01Prints 8x101362-1375 Eastern WA, Columbia River, wheat farming 
SP01Prints 8x101380Aug 1948Mt Rainier, Paradise, ice caves 
SP01Prints 8x101384 Ira Spring gives ice axe belay on Mt St Helens 
SP01Prints 8x101386-1398 Mt St Helens, Spirit Lake, plus critters 
SP01Prints 8x101415-1434 Logging and milling operations 
SP01Prints 8x101480-14841948Mt Baker ski area, skiing 
SP01Prints 8x101494 Boy and dog (Snead) 
SP01Prints 8x101501-1502 Tumwater Canyon rock climbing, Castle Rock 
SP01Prints 8x101509-1520 First Baptist Church, Montlake crew race 
SP01Prints 8x101524-1558 Sandra Foss tugboat 
SP01Prints 8x101575-1589 Mt Baker ski area, Artist Point skiing 
SP01Prints 8x101606-1615 Deception Pass bridge, misc 
SP01Prints 8x101623-1625 Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
SP01Prints 8x101633 Flower fields 
SP01Prints 8x101642-1694 Gingko Petrified Forest, Vantage, petroglyphs, etc 
SP01Prints 8x101702 Olympic Mtns ski trip, Mt Gladys areaSpring-1998-p23
SP01Prints 8x101706-1723 Olympic Mtns, misc images 
SP01Prints 8x101750-1760July 1941Mt Rainier, Nisqually Glacier, crevasses and climbers, Camp Muir 
SP01Prints 8x1017611938Climbing, Ingraham Glacier, Paradise ice cave 
SP01Prints 8x101762-1763 Mt Rainier, Cowlitz Glacier and Willis Wall, aerials 
SP01Prints 8x101766 Snow scenes above Paradise, Mt RainierSpring-2004-p6
SP01Prints 8x101772-1775 Mt Olympus vicinity, aerials 
SP01Prints 8x101777-17821940Home Sweet Home ski trip, OlympicsSpring-1998-p30
SP01Prints 8x101783-17901938-40Flapjack Lakes skiing and cabin, OlympicsSpring-1998-p29
SP01Prints 8x101793-1794 Upper Lena Lake, Boy Scouts? 
SP01Prints 8x101797, 1820 Camp Muir 
SP01Prints 8x101801-1812 Lake Cushman dam, Olympics, misc 
SP01Prints 8x101824-1991 Misc Washington scenes, plus flowers, critters, rocks 
SP01Prints 8x102004 Mt Stuart 
SP01Prints 8x102010-2017 Ellensburg rodeo 
SP01Prints 8x102104-2112 Mt Hood, Timberline Lodge, skiers 
SP01Prints 8x1021261946Ice Follies, skating 
SP01Prints 8x102152-2206 Olympic Mountains, Duckabush Valley, Deer Park, misc 
SP01Prints 8x102239-2260Winter 1946-47Mt Baker ski area, skiers 
SP01Prints 8x102251 Patricia Spring with skis at Mt Baker 
SP01Prints 8x102286-22891947Mountaineers climbing class, Monitor Rock 
SP01Prints 8x102322-23351947Columbia River geology, probably Gingko Petrified Forest 
SP01Prints 8x102357-2379 Spokane, Wenatchee areas 
SP01Prints 8x102391-2394 Climbing Mt Shuksan, Fisher Chimneys 
SP01Prints 8x102413-2454 Olympic rain forest, misc 
SP01Prints 8x102463-2480 Figure skaters 
SP01Prints 8x102488-2499 Lake Chelan bicycle touring 
SP01Prints 8x102519-2549 Puget Sound area, men working, maritime 
SP01Prints 8x102554-2589 Lake Chelan, Lady of the Lake 
SP01Prints 8x102600-2686 Misc Washington scenes 
SP01Prints 8x102687-2695 Hoh Indians smelt fishing 
SP01Prints 8x102709 Lady skiers at Chinook PassSpring-1968-p152
SP01Prints 8x102720-2737 Crab fishing by boat, wheat farming 
SP01Prints 8x102763-2770 Foldboating, river touring 
SP01Prints 8x102783-2798 Snoqualmie Pass in winter (snowplows, etc) 
SP01Prints 8x102806-2938 Miscellany, western Canada 
SP01Prints 8x102946-2996 Holmes Harbor herring fishing, Whidbey Island 
SP01Prints 8x103001 Lake Cushman dam 
SP01Prints 8x103007-3032 Spring hike to a shelter, Olympics 
SP01Prints 8x103042-3084 Old-fashioned logging in Olympic Mountains 
SP01Prints 8x103101-32171946Mountaineers summer outing around Mt Rainier, some climbing 
SP01Prints 8x103253-3339Aug 1946Mt Olympus climb, Olympic Peninsula scenes 
SP01Prints 8x103375-33941949Rock climbing, Lighthouse Tower, The Chisel, Cashmere CragsSpring-1951-ch3
SP01Prints 8x103417-3510 Victoria, B.C., Vancouver Island, lake fishing, log cabin 
SP01Prints 8x103531-3583 Olympic Penninsula, fishing, Indians, some logging, more 
SP01Prints 8x103591-3597 Columbia River near The Dalles 
SP01Prints 8x103610-2620 Puget Sound area scenes 
SP01Prints 8x103627-3631 Fire lookout, Miners Ridge 
SP01Prints 8x103634-3679 Mountaineers Summer Outing, Lyman Lake, Glacier Peak climbSpring-2004-p75
SP01Prints 8x103705-3763 San Juans, sailing cruise 
SP01Prints 8x103781-3792 Maryhill Castle, southern WA 
SP01Prints 8x103806-3827July 1949Climbing Mt Baker from the east 
SP01Prints 8x103841-3853 Mt Baker skiing, Artist Point 
SP01Prints 8x103857-3862 Snow in Skokomish Valley 
SP01Prints 8x103902-3947 Misc WA scenes, tugboat, Mt Rainier, totem pole, misc 
SP01Prints 8x103987-3994 Van Trump Park, igloo, ski trip 
SP01Prints 8x104003-4029 Logging operations 
SP01Prints 8x104399-4441 Misc WA scenes 
SP01Prints 8x104507-4518 Old fashioned shake splitting 
SP01Prints 8x104531-4546 Salmon fishing (boats) and cannery 
SP01Prints 8x104549-4558 Seattle waterfront, ships 
SP01Prints 8x104608-4633 Logging, log drive 
SP01Prints 8x104669-4691 Goldendale sheep, Ft Walla Walla 
SP01Prints 8x104718-4792 Canada misc, Victoria to Lake Louise 
SP01Prints 8x104831-4626May 1950Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
SP01Prints 8x104902 Mt Baker, young girl on skis with dog 
SP01Prints 8x104911-4919 Removing snow from Paradise Inn roof, skier watchesSpring-2004-p87
SP01Prints 8x104925-4926 Climbers, crevasse work 
SP01Prints 8x104938-4946 Columbia River, Oregon border 
SP01Prints 8x104954-5017 San Juan island hopping 
SP01Prints 8x105031-5047 Mt Rainier climbers, Spring family portraitSpring 2004-p20
SP01Prints 8x105061-5067July 1950Foldboating, river touring 
SP01Prints 8x105081-5116 San Juans Islands, Seattle aerials 
SP01Prints 8x105131-5199 Canadian Rockies, Mt Robson, etc 
SP01Prints 8x105231-5236 Goat Rocks 
SP01Prints 8x105275-5299 Mt Rainier, Klapatche Lake, "little valley pounder" 
SP01Prints 8x105341-5348 Climbers on a glacier, Pinnacle Peak rappel 
SP01Prints 8x105350-5371 Hiking Pasayten country, Holman Pass etc 
SP01Prints 8x105404-5408 Thanksgiving dinner 
SP01Prints 8x105417-5418 River fishing 
SP01Prints 8x105442-5496 Mt Rainier winter, Paradise, ski tourers 
SP01Prints 8x105498-5506 Crab fishing by hand, at night 
SP01Prints 8x105516-5534 Skier jumping at Paradise, carrying child in backpack 
SP01Prints 8x105543-5551 Seattle scenes, goats, porcupine 
SP01Prints 8x105553-5561 German exchange student skis on Mt RainierSTimes-1951-May-13, Spring-1968-p17,32
SP01Prints 8x105572-5582 Tandem foldboats, Skykomish River running 
SP01Prints 8x105599-5626 Shelton Forest Festival (loggers) 
SP01Prints 8x105631-5632 Hood Canal rhododendrons 
SP01Prints 8x105650-5682 Cattle ranch, cattle drive 
SP01Prints 8x105711-5756 Logging, log drive 
SP01Prints 8x105766-5795 Washington coast, beaches and headlands 
SP01Prints 8x105801 Patricia Spring rappels on Pinnacle Peak 
SP01Prints 8x105807-5832 Mt Rainier climbing, crevasses and seracs, Whittaker twins 
SP01Prints 8x105869-5892 Ocean beach, clam (geoduck) digging 
SP01Prints 8x105902-5906 Mt Rainier, Klapatche Lake 
SP01Prints 8x105929-5943 Darrington WA, logging festival 
SP01Prints 8x106018-6024 La Push, WA, fishing 
SP01Prints 8x106030-61291951Mountaineers Summer Outing, Olympics, glacier climbing 
SP01Prints 8x106164-6176 Fishing at La Push, hooks not nets 
SP01Prints 8x106191-6221 Washington coast, Indian fishing from motorized canoes 
SP01Prints 8x106230-6244July 1951Mt Rainier, Reflection Lakes camping 
SP01Prints 8x106270 Woodland Park Zoo 
SP01Prints 8x106274-6284 Logging in the Olympic Mtns 
SP01Prints 8x106291-6292Fall 1951Glacier Peak scenes 
SP01Prints 8x106303-6333 Cattle ranch, sheep farm (Goldendale) 
SP01Prints 8x106367-6370 Seattle, Elliott Bay tugboat race 
SP01Prints 8x106380-6382 Beacon Rock, Oregon 
SP01Prints 8x106389-6391 Mt Rainier, Reflection Lakes camping 
SP01Prints 8x106392-6400 Pheasant hunting, eastern WA 
SP01Prints 8x106408 Fred Beckey rock climbing, Tyrolean traverse 
SP01Prints 8x106412 Logger at work 
SP01Prints 8x106427-6444 Christmas tree harvesting 
SP01Prints 8x106453-6497 Mt Baker, ski cabin and skiers 
SP01Prints 8x106507-6513 Mt Rainier, seracs and ice pinnacles, ice climber 
SP01Prints 8x106522-6526 Crab fishing by hand, at night 
SP01Prints 8x106532 Young John Spring 
SP01Prints 8x106533-6534 Mt Baker, Artist Point skiers 
SP01Prints 8x106538-6551 Canadian Rockies, Mt Assiniboine skiing, ski plane 
SP01Prints 8x1022503-234911960sSpring family sojourn in Alps (Europe) 
SP01Prints 8x1022697 Ira Spring portrait near Grindelwald, Switzerland 
SP01Prints 8x1023916-24917 Alaska, Mt McKinley national park 
SP02White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 6551-8022, 12754-17199 (8x10 B&W show prints) 
SP02Prints 8x106551-6569 Canadian Rockies, Mt Assiniboine skiing, ski plane 
SP02Prints 8x106580 Banff ski area, chairlift 
SP02Prints 8x106586-6607April 1952Mt Baker (Mountaineers Lodge?), kids and snow play 
SP02Prints 8x106613-6712 Logging, log drive, Clearwater River, Idaho 
SP02Prints 8x106723-6738 Shelton Forest Festival, loggers 
SP02Prints 8x106741-6744 Football players, closeup action 
SP02Prints 8x106747-6783 Mt Adams, hiking, fishing, lave tube, ice cave, some logging 
SP02Prints 8x106792-6796 Problem bears, Mt Rainier 
SP02Prints 8x106806-6815 Mtn rescue, Nisqually glacier crevasse training 
SP02Prints 8x106837-6901 Mountaineers Campcrafters, Canadian Rockies, camping, glacier climbing
SP02Prints 8x106916-6944 Wheat farming, eastern Washington 
SP02Prints 8x106951-6955 Indian kids in traditional dress 
SP02Prints 8x106961-6968 Columbia River along Oregon border 
SP02Prints 8x106975-6983 Hood Canal people, logging 
SP02Prints 8x107044-7726 SE Alaska 
SP02Prints 8x108001-8022Sept 1952Grand Coulee, Roosevelt Lake, with Byron Fish 
SP02Prints 8x1012754-12847 Columbia basin, Ephrata, Grand Coulee, Sun Lakes 
SP02Prints 8x1012861-12872 Mt Rainier, Tahoma and Puyallup Glacier, climbers 
SP02Prints 8x1012878-12900 Youth hostels, Canadian Rockies, bicycles, lakes 
SP02Prints 8x1012903-12905 Southern WA, sheep, probably Goldendale 
SP02Prints 8x1012907-12908 Mt Rainier bears out of hibernation 
SP02Prints 8x1012912-12954 Seaplane on Trapper Lake, North Cascades, fishing 
SP02Prints 8x1012962-12963 Crop dusting apples, eastern WA 
SP02Prints 8x1012971-13000Sept 1955California, Mt Whitney, horses, climbersSpring-1959-p49
SP02Prints 8x1013001-13110 Columbia River, Puget Island, Astoria, Dalles 
SP02Prints 8x1013126-13150 Climber on Nisqually Glacier for Canadian Club ad, crevasse falls 
SP02Prints 8x1013153-13217 Deer hunting, autumn with snow, Methow Valley 
SP02Prints 8x1013233-13259 Tug boats and logs, also Deception Pass bridge 
SP02Prints 8x1013277-13287 Wenatchee area, apple harvest 
SP02Prints 8x1013296-13334 Feather-weight hikers, Cle Elum River, Cathedral Peak, Deep Lake 
SP02Prints 8x1013346-133721955Seattle, ship canal, Ballard locks, waterfront 
SP02Prints 8x1013403-13521Sept 1955Canada, foldboating, Kootenay and Columbia Rivers 
SP02Prints 8x1013550-13593 Rock climbing, Cathedral Rock, Mt Daniel, aid, pitons, boltsSpring-1959 frontispiece
SP02Prints 8x1013626-13661Aug 1955Morton loggers jubilee 
SP02Prints 8x1013694-13714 Logging, lumber mill, Trout Lake, WA 
SP02Prints 8x1013763-13800 Silver smelter near Trail, B.C. plus people shots 
SP02Prints 8x1013826-13860 Log drive, loggers, Priest River, Idaho 
SP02Prints 8x1013861-13863 Mt Rainier, winter aerials, clearcuts 
SP02Prints 8x1013920-13925 Mt Baker, Slush Cup ski party 
SP02Prints 8x1013946 Snoqualmie Pass ski area 
SP02Prints 8x1014003-14141May 1956Oregon Coast, including Sea Lion Caves 
SP02Prints 8x1014153-14154 Lake Washington floating bridge 
SP02Prints 8x1014160-14185 Puyallup Valley flowers, Hood Canal 
SP02Prints 8x1014205-142101955Seattle Seafair Gold Cup hydroplane race 
SP02Prints 8x1014310-14317 Mt Rainier, winter, some skiers 
SP02Prints 8x1014320-14324 Stevens Pass snow ranger, skiing, avalanche safety, Frank Foto 
SP02Prints 8x1014344-14358 Logging near Mt Rainier 
SP02Prints 8x1014361-14384 Mt Baker, Black Buttes, ski mountaineering trip 
SP02Prints 8x1014399-14406 Tree farm aerial views 
SP02Prints 8x1014425 Mt Rainier aerial, from SE 
SP02Prints 8x1014436-14439 Tree farm 
SP02Prints 8x1014459-14587 Family explorations along the Oregon Trail 
SP02Prints 8x1014636-14664 Olympic Mountains near Flapjack Lakes, summer 
SP02Prints 8x1014763-14886 Glacier National Park, MT 
SP02Prints 8x1014926-14945 Horseback trip to Buck Creek Pass, Glacier Pk area 
SP02Prints 8x1014966-150011956Mining activities on Miners Ridge, Glacier Pk area, helicopter 
SP02Prints 8x1015027-15110 North Cascade aerials, Monte Cristo to Pickets 
SP02Prints 8x1015157-15214Sept 1956BarBQ Ranch, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, dude ranch 
SP02Prints 8x1015239-15277 Oregon, east and west of Cascades, John Day country 
SP02Prints 8x1015300-15315 Mt Rainier, mostly near Paradise, flowers, group glissades 
SP02Prints 8x1015334-15366 Cascade Pass, Koolaid Lake, climbers on Magic Mtn, scenics 
SP02Prints 8x1015367-15398 Mtn rescue, Mountains Don't Care, Cascade Pass, Koolaid Lake 
SP02Prints 8x1015412-15440 Mt Baker, Shuksan, Rainier scenics 
SP02Prints 8x1015445-15447 Mima Mounds, WA, aerial views 
SP02Prints 8x1015450-15482 Mt Shuksan, hikes near Twin Lakes, Nooksack River area 
SP02Prints 8x1015486-15494June 1956Mt Lincoln (Olympics) rescue 
SP02Prints 8x1015501-15556 Western WA misc, especially coast 
SP02Prints 8x1015558-15574 Small power boats, Puget Sound, Ballard Locks 
SP02Prints 8x1015587-15600 Spelunking, Cave Ridge, Snoqualmie Pass 
SP02Prints 8x1015601-15617 Sailboats, racing 
SP02Prints 8x1015634-15739Sept 1956Western Oregon, Portland, Oregon Caves, Jacksonville, etc 
SP02Prints 8x1015752-15801Sept 1956Western Oregon, Crater Lake to McKenzie Pass 
SP02Prints 8x1015812-15814July 1956Goat Lake near Monte Cristo 
SP02Prints 8x1015865-15866 Olympia, WA, capitol building 
SP02Prints 8x1015876-15889 Skiers at Mowich Lake in winter, cabin (Ruth and Louis Kirk) 
SP02Prints 8x1015894 Skiers below Mt Victoria, Canadian Rockies 
SP02Prints 8x1015898-15900 Mt Baker, Artist Point, skiers 
SP02Prints 8x1015920-15935 Garibaldi Lake ski trip, B.C. 
SP02Prints 8x1015950-15963 Winter aerials, Chimney Rock to Mt Daniel 
SP02Prints 8x1015970-15975 Fred Beckey rock climbing, Peshastin Pinnacles 
SP02Prints 8x1015983 Seattle night skyline with Mt Rainier 
SP02Prints 8x1015990 Seattle area boats 
SP02Prints 8x1016001-16006 Stella Degenhardt, Gary Rose ski near Cascade Pass 
SP02Prints 8x1016013-16016 Airplane crop dusting 
SP02Prints 8x1016027-16030 Kennedy Hot Springs 
SP02Prints 8x1016042-16080May 1957Seattle scenes, UW, opening day of yachting season 
SP02Prints 8x1016141-16224 Bella Coola via Bluff Lake, interior B.C. 
SP02Prints 8x1016245-16272 Puget Sound area boating 
SP02Prints 8x1016281-16296 Chancellor, Ruby Creek, old mine buildings, Pasayten country 
SP02Prints 8x1016309-16338 San Juan Island hopping via small plane 
SP02Prints 8x1016350 Clear Lake, Mt Rainier (near Eatonville) 
SP02Prints 8x1016362-16365 White Pass ski area chairlift in summer 
SP02Prints 8x1016374-16460July 1957White Pass, Chinook Pass loop, Yakima 
SP02Prints 8x1016468-16470 Mt Rainier, Spray Park 
SP02Prints 8x1016476-165571957Ptarmigan Traverse, climbers 
SP02Prints 8x1016567-16588 Olympic College outdoor training course, Mt Olympus 
SP02Prints 8x1016602-16612 Mt St Helens, scenic portraits 
SP02Prints 8x1016618-16621 Mt Rainier, Cowlitz Glacier ice climbing (probably) 
SP02Prints 8x1016638 North Cascades highway survey party on horses, Washington Pass 
SP02Prints 8x1016678-16706 Mt Olympus IGY prep, summer, skiing 
SP02Prints 8x1016721-16727 Mt Rainier, south side, scenic family camp 
SP02Prints 8x1016730-16765 San Juan Island, Friday Harbor, boats, etc 
SP02Prints 8x1016768-16775 Mt Olympus IGY prep, Bill Fairchild's airplane 
SP02Prints 8x1016779 Mt Rainier, Klapatche Lake, scenic camp 
SP02Prints 8x1016790-16827 Washington coast, Westport 
SP02Prints 8x1017068-17085 Cowlitz Canyons foldboating trip 
SP02Prints 8x1017099-17107 Sheep drive to Mt Adams 
SP02Prints 8x1017187 Climber high on Mt Olympus, winter IGY project 
SP02Prints 8x1017123-17141 Sheep drive to Mt Adams 
SP02Prints 8x1017151-17199 Mt Olympus IGY winter, LaChapelle, skiers 
SP03White 10x12x15 file box: Photos 8025-12799, 50007-52143 (8x10 B&W show prints) 
SP03Prints 8x108025-8224Sept 1952Eastern WA, mostly Columbia River, Grand Coulee, and farther north 
SP03Prints 8x108257-8260 Loggers, Skykomish River 
SP03Prints 8x108265-8272 Mountaineer Players 
SP03Prints 8x108282-8293 Grand Tetons, Wyoming 
SP03Prints 8x108294-8299 Fishing in mountain stream, Washington 
SP03Prints 8x108305-8306 Mountain rescue (body recovery), Mt St Helens 
SP03Prints 8x108310-8342 Indian fishing, Celilo Falls, Columbia River 
SP03Prints 8x108366-8378 Christine Willgress, little girl 
SP03Prints 8x108466-8515 Winter ski camp near Camp Muir, Mt Rainier 
SP03Prints 8x108532 Sun Valley, ID, Peter and Karol Kennedy, skaters 
SP03Prints 8x108587-8603 Mountain Rescue Council founders, esp. Ome Daiber 
SP03Prints 8x108625-8656March 1953Shelton Forest Festival preparations 
SP03Prints 8x108690-8692 Mt Index, Skykomish River, trout fishing 
SP03Prints 8x108801-8933May 1953Clearwater River, Idaho, log drive, loggers 
SP03Prints 8x108951-8954 Helicopter rescue, Snoqualmie Pass 
SP03Prints 8x109010-9018 Mt Index, Skykomish River, trout fishing 
SP03Prints 8x109026-9040c1953Skiing Above the Clouds, Mt Rainier, Paradise-White River traverse 
SP03Prints 8x109057 Norma (Mrs. Bob) Spring 
SP03Prints 8x109074-9100June 1953Chilco Lake, B.C. flight, fishing 
SP03Prints 8x109116-9161 Teenage climbers on Mt Rainier, ice climbing, Tatoosh rappeling 
SP03Prints 8x109177-9363 Glacier National Park, MT, Indians in costume 
SP03Prints 8x109364-9366 Mt Rainier, south side, with horses 
SP03Prints 8x109381-9385 Grand Coulee Dam 
SP03Prints 8x109412-9508 Mt Rainier, south and east sides 
SP03Prints 8x109543-9544 Glacier climbers, Paradise Ice Caves 
SP03Prints 8x109560-9572 Johannesburg mine, mine-to-market road 
SP03Prints 8x109672-9714Sept 1953Cape Alava, Cannonball Island, Washington coast 
SP03Prints 8x109724-9727 Mt Shuksan from picture lake 
SP03Prints 8x109744-9747 Mountain Rescue Council, memorial truck 
SP03Prints 8x109756-9777July 1953Foldboating, San Juan Islands 
SP03Prints 8x109802-9830 Oregon Coast 
SP03Prints 8x109891-9941 Juneau Icefield research project, Maynard Miller 
SP03Prints 8x109945-9975 Holden Mine operations, winter 
SP03Prints 8x1010010 Ski camp and traverse, southern Cascades 
SP03Prints 8x1010022-10076 Christmas tree yards, Puyallup, WA 
SP03Prints 8x1010083 Skiers on Denny Mtn, Snoqualmie Pass 
SP03Prints 8x1010096-10110 Mt Baker ski area, kids, Austin Pass ski views 
SP03Prints 8x1010143-10152 Christmas tree farm, cutting 
SP03Prints 8x1010162-10167 Mt Baker ski area skiing 
SP03Prints 8x1010200-10206 Bill and Stella Degenhardt, ski touring, Canadian Rockies 
SP03Prints 8x1010220-10222Apr 1954Mountain rescue, Bill Degenhardt, Mt Snoqualmie 
SP03Prints 8x1010300-10301 Seattle waterfront 
SP03Prints 8x1010316-10330 West Coast Airlines, aerial shots 
SP03Prints 8x1010338-10341 Wenatchee apple blossoms 
SP03Prints 8x1010348-10365May 1954Columbia River, Hood River area 
SP03Prints 8x1010372-10376 Seattle waterfront, fishing boats 
SP03Prints 8x1010389-10419May 1954Shelton Forest Festival, loggers, daredevil tree-toppers 
SP03Prints 8x1010471-10575May 1954Foldboating club, Nason Creek slalom, Lk Wenatchee surf 
SP03Prints 8x1010578-10585 Seattle waterfront, fishing boats 
SP03Prints 8x1010595-10613 Climbers on Eliot Glacier, Mt Hood 
SP03Prints 8x1010622-10670 San Juan Islands, ferries 
SP03Prints 8x1010712-10758 Mt Baker, Coleman Glacier climb, teenagers (also Mt Hood) 
SP03Prints 8x1010778-10781 Mt St Helens, Spirit Lake 
SP03Prints 8x1010793-10811 Mt Rainier, Paradise, various scenes and activities 
SP03Prints 8x1010883 Mt Pilchuck, mountain rescue 
SP03Prints 8x1010906-10908 New Hurricane Ridge road, lodge 
SP03Prints 8x1010913-10924 Washington coast 
SP03Prints 8x1010953 Mt Rainier, Paradise ice caves 
SP03Prints 8x1010978-10999 Wooden boat building 
SP03Prints 8x1011033-113231954Brooks River, Katmai, Alaska, fishing by bush plane 
SP03Prints 8x1011353-114041954Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Alaska 
SP03Prints 8x1011439 Flight to Alaska, mountain aerial 
SP03Prints 8x1011651Jan 1955Mt Baker ski area, Pan Dome chairlift 
SP03Prints 8x1011707-11786 Mt Rainier, teenage climbers, camp, crevasse work 
SP03Prints 8x1011827 Nordic ski jumping, probably Leavenworth, WA 
SP03Prints 8x1011833-11867 ACC ski camp, Rogers Pass, BC 
SP03Prints 8x1011887 Ira Spring with camera astride a crevasse 
SP03Prints 8x1011907-11948 Snake River, boating, dam sites, via small plane 
SP03Prints 8x1011974-11975 Opening day of boating season, Seattle, aerials 
SP03Prints 8x1012006-12035 Logging operations 
SP03Prints 8x1012047-12051 Lake Cushman, WA 
SP03Prints 8x1012057-12058June 1955Mountain rescue conference, Stevens Pass 
SP03Prints 8x1012065-12090 Lummi Indians, ceremonial dress, longboat races 
SP03Prints 8x1012137-12140 Death Valley, CA from Dante's View 
SP03Prints 8x1012215-12290 Yosemite, rock climbers, Mt Whitney aerials 
SP03Prints 8x1012308-12374 Northern California 
SP03Prints 8x1012401-12404 Mt Rainier, Carbon Glacier ski trip 
SP03Prints 8x1012406-12437 Logging operations, Enumclaw WA 
SP03Prints 8x1012449-12480 Longs Peak, CO, climbers 
SP03Prints 8x1012491-12536 Grand Teton guides, Paul Petzoldt, Willi Unsoeld 
SP03Prints 8x1012555-12567 Helicopter weed spraying, forest 
SP03Prints 8x1012573-12583 Mt Rainier, Winthrop Glacier, Curtis Ridge, ice worms 
SP03Prints 8x1012587-12602 Logging, Olympic Mtns 
SP03Prints 8x1012609-12623 Climbers, Tyrolean traverse, Canadian Club ad, Canadian Rockies 
SP03Prints 8x1012631-12671 Log tugboats 
SP03Prints 8x1012675-12677 Cache col, climbers, scenic 
SP03Prints 8x1012679-12681 Tugboat men 
SP03Prints 8x1012697-12718 Mt Rainier, Paradise and Sunrise, flowers 
SP03Prints 8x1012726-12727 Gran