Digital Video Files, Edited

These files are backed up on the Mountaineers Digital Archives disks.

Many of these edits were used to create online finding aids for selected Mountaineer films during preservation efforts circa 2009.

The editor's name and edit date are prepended to each filename. Example: "LSkoog-20081208".

20081212, Mountaineer Classic Films

File NameFilmmakerMinutesOnline Clips
LSkoog-20081208, 1920s Crags and Crevasses, long title.aviKodak Cinegraph2:36
LSkoog-20081208, 1920s Crags and Crevasses, short.aviKodak Cinegraph1:07View movie
LSkoog-20081208, 1939 Mt Shuksan.avi

Dwight Watson

3:40View movie
LSkoog-20081208, 1940 The Tooth.aviMountaineers6:11
LSkoog-20081208, 1949 Lighthouse Tower.aviMountaineers10:57
LSkoog-20081210, 1938 Eldorado Pk ski.aviDwight Watson3:51
LSkoog-20081210, 1938 Glacier Pk ski.aviDwight Watson2:41View movie
LSkoog-20081210, 1938 St Helens ski.aviDwight Watson2:21View movie
LSkoog-20081211, 1939 Olympics ski.aviDwight Watson4:14
LSkoog-20081211, 1939 South Cascade Glacier.aviDwight Watson5:07
LSkoog-20081212, 1939 Mt Rainier ski.aviDwight Watson4:25
LSkoog-20081212, Mountaineer Classic Films.aviLowell Skoog (editor)47:43

20091210, Dwight Watson shorts

File NameMinutesOnline Clips
LSkoog-20091205, Mt Baker ski traverse.avi5:35--
LSkoog-20091209, Mt St Helens ski.avi2:19View movie
LSkoog-20091210, Glacier Peak ski.avi2:41View movie
LSkoog-20091210, Mt Rainier ski attempt.avi3:21View movie
LSkoog-20091211, Eldorado ski.avi3:36View movie
LSkoog-20091211, Fanck, The White Art.avi1:04View movie
LSkoog-20091211, Olympics ski.avi3:27View movie
LSkoog-20091222, Puyallup Glacier ski.avi3:03View movie
LSkoog-20091223, Buck Creek Pass ski.avi2:12View movie
LSkoog-20091224, Silver Skis race.avi2:49View movie
LSkoog-20091226, Mt Hinman ski.avi2:58View movie
LSkoog-20100529, Mt Baker ski traverse.avi2:20View movie
LSkoog-20100529, Mt Rainier upski.avi3:15View movie
LSkoog-20100529, South Cascade Glacier.avi1:38View movie

20091225, Chuck Hessey shorts

File NameMinutesOnline Clips
LSkoog-20091225, Lyman Lake ski.avi


LSkoog-20100531, Cascade Crest Trail.avi2:28View movie
LSkoog-20100531, East to West.avi2:14View movie
LSkoog-20100531, Glacier Peak Holiday.avi2:22View movie
LSkoog-20100531, Have You Seen NCNP.avi2:17View movie
LSkoog-20100531, NCNP Affirmatives.avi2:16View movie
LSkoog-20100531, Pasayten ski.avi2:22View movie
LSkoog-20100531, Skiing Cascade Wilderness.avi2:09View movie
LSkoog-20100601, Crystal Mtn and You.avi3:38View movie

20091226, Bob and Ira Spring shorts

File NameMinutesOnline Clips
LSkoog-20091226, Skiing Above the Clouds.avi4:10--
LSkoog-20100603, Ice Climbing on Mt Rainier.avi3:05--
LSkoog-20100603, Skiing Above the Clouds.avi2:24View movie
LSkoog-20100604, Ice Climbing on Mt Rainier.avi2:19View movie
LSkoog-20100604, Ice Rescue.avi2:28View movie
LSkoog-20100604, Mountains Don't Care.avi2:23View movie
LSkoog-20100605, Paradise Ice Caves.avi2:04View movie

20100522, Mountaineers Archives clips

File NameMinuteOnline Clips
LSkoog-20100522, 1928 North Cascades.avi1:35View movie
LSkoog-20100523, 1930 Mt Rainier.avi3:13View movie
LSkoog-20100523, 1930 Snow Slopes.avi2:45View movie
LSkoog-20100525, 1932 Guardians.avi2:05View movie
LSkoog-20100526, 1933 Olympics.avi2:06View movie
LSkoog-20100529, 1936 Mt Rainier.avi2:30View movie
LSkoog-20100529, 1937 North Cascades.avi2:27View movie
LSkoog-20100529, 1940 Olympics.avi2:17View movie
LSkoog-20100529, 1940 The Tooth.avi2:29View movie
LSkoog-20100530, 1940 Mt Cruiser.avi1:50View movie
LSkoog-20100530, 1940s Tumwater Canyon.avi3:10View movie
LSkoog-20100530, 1967 Self Arrest.avi1:20View movie
LSkoog-20100602, 1949 Lighthouse Tower.avi3:12View movie
LSkoog-20100605, Wilderness Alps of Stehekin.avi2:33View movie

20111022, Charles Perryman films

File NameMinutesOnline Clips
LSkoog-20111022, 1922 Mt Rainier ascent.avi4:59View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Charles Lindbergh.avi0:35View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Denver sleet.avi0:13View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Doug Fairbanks.avi0:43View movie
LSkoog-20111023, God Bless America.avi2:05View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Kent flood.avi0:43View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Kitty Hawk.avi0:35View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Lloyd George.avi0:14View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Rodeo Indians.avi1:00View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Smith Tower jump.avi0:36View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Sunset Falls.avi0:47View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Tacoma Narrows Bridge.avi2:20View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Theda Bara.avi0:45View movie
LSkoog-20111023, Tuna fish leap.avi1:14View movie

Other Edited Films

These edits were created at various times, and are not necessarily related to the c2009 Mountaineers film preservation effort.

File NameMinutesNotes
20150414, We Are Mountaineers - YouTube [720p].mp42:32Promotional short
20171203, Fred Beckey memorial, The Mountaineers, Seattle.mp41:21:26Video record of the Fred Beckey memorial held in Seattle on 12/3/2017. This video should not be published in any form without permission of the executor(s) of Beckey's estate.
20180414, We Are Mountaineers - Updated.mp42:46Promotional short