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1. Files and materials will be transferred by The Mountaineers to the UW Libraries on an ongoing basis.   

a. Files not needed to be held by The Mountaineers, including those of individual volunteer activity committees, will be transferred, at the discretion of The Mountaineers, to the permanent physical custody of the UW Libraries.


b. The Mountaineers Executive Committee will authorize and prepare for an orderly transfer of past records and other material to the UW Libraries. The Mountaineers will collect and transfer the records and inactive files authorized for transfer from volunteer committees and officers, and will encourage transfer of Mountaineers related materials currently in private custody to the UW Libraries.


c. The Mountaineers transfer, convey and assign any literary rights, copyrights or other rights that they possess to the contents of the Mountaineers Archives (including future additions) to the UW Libraries.


d. The UW Libraries grant non-exclusive, royalty-free use of the photographs and textual materials in the Mountaineers Archives to The Mountaineers.

2. Access and limitations to the collection.

The general public shall have access to The Mountaineers records in the UW Libraries during normal working hours for Special Collections unless specific restrictions are clearly stated by The Mountaineers.

At the time of transfer specific files may be closed to standard access for a stated period of time by The Mountaineers official who signs the transfer document. (Materials with limited access may be parts of Club President files, accident files, files with privacy issues and, occasionally, correspondence between The Mountaineers Books and an author.)

Access to restricted records can be granted by a letter of permission signed by the President or Executive Director of The Mountaineers.

3. Use of the materials.   

a. Members of The Mountaineers and persons qualified to use Special Collections materials may use, publish, and disseminate any items in the Mountaineers Archives not specifically restricted by The Mountaineers.


b. In special circumstances, such as an Annual Banquet, a proposed Mountaineer sponsored publication, or other special purpose, the UW Libraries, on written request from The Mountaineers Executive Committee or the Chairman of the History Committee or designee, shall allow The Mountaineers to borrow materials from The Mountaineers collection. The borrowed material will be returned to Special Collections, UW Libraries, immediately after use.


c. The Mountaineers shall be allowed to obtain at its expense reproductions of transferred documents, photographs and slides.


d. Users of The Mountaineers Archives at the University of Washington who disseminate archival information to the public, or publish archival information, must credit The Mountaineers and the University of Washington Libraries as source of materials used.


e. The UW Libraries will give an inventory for each donation to the person designated by The Mountaineers as responsible for initiating and keeping track of transfers to the UW Libraries.

4. Duration of Agreement.

This agreement shall remain in effect as long as The Mountaineers remain operative and the UW Libraries administer The Mountaineers' records according to professional archival standards. It should be reviewed from time to time and can be amended by joint agreement of the two parties.

If the UW no longer maintains an archival repository, the materials should be returned to the Mountaineers.

If the Mountaineers no longer remains operative, the materials and rights covered in this agreement will remain the property of the UW Libraries.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this revised AGREEMENT on the date written above.